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17th Nov 2002, 15:19
Will the bodies stay in the game.... Would be nice if this was an option for those of us with 128 mb video cards and over 1.5 gig of memory.... Also can you pause and give orders and will you release an editor and can you mod the game....... Thanks Curt.

5th Feb 2003, 01:39
Will the bodies stay?????

Maximus Dominicus
5th Feb 2003, 17:10
I agree. Watching those barbarians, rain of flaming arrows and... and... :( few more days.

5th Feb 2003, 18:43
Can we mod this to make it happen?

5th Feb 2003, 20:30
I have all your mods for commandos series....

5th Feb 2003, 22:32
I have. Sorry I thought some of the mods I got for the c cbcd c2 were from you from these sites. I really look forward to this game. These guys to great work.