View Full Version : Switches help needed

17th Nov 2002, 13:09

I have made timed switch and door puzzle in one of my levels.
(Sophia's bunker Ver 2: Christmas Directors Cut)
I have the timed bit working the way I wan't it to.

My problem is there is no way to reset the puzzle as the switches stay pressed in so they can't be used again.

I am using Switch type 1 is that my problem ?

Whats the best way to resolve this problem ?


17th Nov 2002, 13:25
You need to use a switch that resets itself and not all of them do that. In my experience it is only the 'pull down switch' (looks like a 'T' shape protruding from the wall) that will reset itself, however there must be others.

Also ensure you have not made it 'one shot'.