View Full Version : Help needed from a Fly by Wizard !

16th Nov 2002, 21:54
Well ok may be not a wizard but someone who understands them enough to help me with a very special project

Its a fairly simple procedure but of all my TRLE knowlege Cameras are the worst
I want Lara to trigger a camera in another room Instantly ( not fly from lara to the other room)

That camera to fly 1 space forward and trigger an animating object

Then after a 10 seconds

Flash back to Lara as if she was that animating object

......seems easy but I suck at it lol
When Ive done that I will upload this project for everyone to use in their levels :D

(Rolf Harris Voice) Have ya guessed what it is yet?

17th Nov 2002, 01:12
Don't know if it's possible but here's my guess for getting started (it's been a long time since I did the flyby thing):
For the first camera use a normal camera or a fixed one (cam1). Make cam1 heavytrigger a flyby camera (cam2) (I'm not sure if you can heavytrigger with a non-flyby camera) on the same square, the same height, etc.... Put a new flyby camera on the next square (cam3) and set the timer of cam3 to 3000 (I think you have to multiply the number of second by 300, or maybe it's 30? :confused: ) and put a heavytrigger on the square for the object and use the right ocb code of the camera (you can find it in the manual). How to flash back..... I have no idea. You can't use a flyby ('cause you will fly towards Lara), and you can't use a fixed/normal camera, 'cause you can shut it off and you can move Lara....

For the first movement (instead of the heavytrigger) you can also use a timed trigger for cam2. Put the trigger for the fixed camera a square together with a trigger for a boulder in some room. Under the boulder a timed trigger for cam2 of 1 second or something (the time difference won't be noticeable, I think).

Don't know if it does any good, but I thought I might try.... ;)