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Kurtis Trent
16th Nov 2002, 18:50
For my new series, Im gonna need some wild and mysetirous locations. First off, here's the storyline:

(I need to think of a bad guy:p) captures Lara's Soul and banishes her back to the age of 16. So what the bad guy wants is articfacts, so as Teen Lara (Im using TenChen's teen Lara with guns:)) you must travel to locations and get the artifact there, thus restoring bits of Lara's Soul.

So far, for locations I have:

1. Alaska
2. Morocco

Those thanks to C5. And C5 is helping me a lot! with this series, so a big thanks to him!:) If anybody has any suggestion to the storyline, I'll gladly take a look at them, and if you have any location ideas I'll pay attention to them too, thanks everybody!:)

17th Nov 2002, 00:41
hope i will be the one who get banished....

17th Nov 2002, 02:16
An abandoned pre-WWII hospital in Japan (creepy!! :p)

Cliffs in New Zealand (that would make for spectacular scenery! :))

In the hospital, Lara must find something that was stolen from a museum in Tokyo by an international crime lord, and is now being hidden deep in the decrepit hosptial.

In New Zealand, Lara must find an ancient religious symbol of the Masori (??). The artifact is rumored to contain the spirit of a legendary warrior. But there's a curse that will fall upon whoever opens the artifact.

Kurtis Trent
17th Nov 2002, 04:43
Wow Aquaruis!! I woulda never thought of the hospital idea, I'll try it!:) As for the cliffs, the idea is brillant, but I've tried making outdoor levels, it just doesnt work out for me lol. Thanks!!:)

17th Nov 2002, 05:22
In the hospital, you could have huge sections of floors that are break-away tiles (sort of like the part on the roof of Opera House). And it would have to be complicated precision jumping.

There could be something that occurs in the morgue......like a secret room that you can reach by crawling through a vault, and this would lead to the artifact being hidden there by the crime lord. Of course, this room, would be completely done up as to reflect wherever the artifact came from (India, Peru, Rome, Greece, wherever). But it'd have to be booby-trapped too. Can't make it to easy to get of course. And it couldn't hurt to have a few 'helpful' zombies pop out in the morgue. :D

I think I remember hearing something about the 7th floor in hospitals in Japan, being the equivalent of the 13th floor in America. So that could always be a grotesque idea to work with. :p :eek: ;)

More ideas for the hospital will come to me later.

New Zealand:

Of course you have to have waterfalls, it's what New Zealand's famous for.......well sheep too, but that'd be much harder to work with.

The cliff itself could be full of crawlspaces, and hidden ledges. Make Lara do some serious rock climbing. And you'd have to work in one of the twisting somersaults between one side of the cliff and the other side. Of course, it'd have to be way up high, to make it more perilous as the ground will be far below. Misty areas up further would be an awesome effect. :) What about once you reached the top of the cliffs, there was a jump jump that could be made only with a vehicle? Hmmm........that could be an incredible camera angle. (reminded of the Jeep course in Lara's Coastal Home)

Maybe a few pesky birds on the way up the cliff to make the climb a little more taxing. There could be a part too, somewhere in the middle of the climb, where Lara'd have to climb in behind a waterfall.

So much to work with in New Zealand! :D

The artifact itself, it would have to be atop of the cliffs, on a huge elaborate alter. I'm talking like a three story alter. :p Ahh, evilish idea. Not only 1 'boss' to deal with, but what about three?? The hammer gods from TR: Chronicles perhaps? Re-textured of course, to look more Aboriginal (or Maori, or Masori, whichever it is!!)

Sounds good so far, or do you need more?

17th Nov 2002, 14:38
here's an idea that no-one used it yet:
the dead sea of Israel.
it's a big...weird sea in the middle of a beautiful desert.
and a few miles away from there there's this river which is dry in most days of the year- and if you walk around in there you can see that there are many many many little caves and some of them end up on high mountains (and you can see the land of Jordan from there)...and the others end up in errr....nobody knows for sure.
also there's this area near that river which it's mounts. aren't from sand and all- it's made of some special salt.
well, I could go on about this forever, but I think that some pictures will do a better job then I do. ;)
...so I'll just look for pictures for you- if you're intrested. :)
I think it's a great idea for Lara to find some africat in there since there aren't so many living forms in there (besides humans and 99.99% of them are tourists).

edit: I ment that she'll just find the africat and kill some enemies, but most of the level could be some cool puzzels in those caves.

Kurtis Trent
17th Nov 2002, 19:09
Thanks for the info Shirl and Aquarius. Like I said, Im not great at outdoor levels, but I will try these ones!:)

Aquarius, the rock climbing would be awesome!! I'll make sure not to forget any of these ideas, as first will come Alaska and Morocco, then The Hospital, and if I get better at outdoors I will try the cliffs and the dead sea.:) Thanks guys!!:) :)

17th Nov 2002, 19:50
you're welcome :)
if you need any pictures of that area, just give me your e-mail addy and I'll send some to you, I think you need those pictures for the textures and all. it doesn't look like the Nevada desert on TR3 at all.
and the most important thing- good luck with your levels!

(sometimes I wish my LE could work)

Kurtis Trent
17th Nov 2002, 22:19
Thanks Shirl, but it will most likely take me a while to make the first couple, but I'll keep it in mind!:)

18th Nov 2002, 03:20
You're welcome :)

If you need any ideas for a level, like how to set it up, or scenery and likewise, just e-mail me. (as I'll be disappearing again during the week.


18th Nov 2002, 17:40
Originally posted by Kurtis Trent
Thanks Shirl, but it will most likely take me a while to make the first couple, but I'll keep it in mind!:)

ell, as I said earlier- good luck with it :)
when you'll need any help from me, you can e-mail me to this addy (I might be away because of school and stuff): go_to_hell123@hotmail.com