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16th Nov 2002, 13:21
For those who cannot use 'Meta' or 'Rhino' for whatever reason, you may like to take a look at this one AC3D (http://www.ac3d.org/)

16th Nov 2002, 14:50
Or look at my meta tutorial in the TRLE FAQ and Community (http://brmpages.homestead.com/files/trlefaq/trn/meta.htm). ;)

16th Nov 2002, 15:18
That is excellent MDN :) , however as you may know, when I run Meta, it does not show up the text, so I do not know what is what, and this can be especially difficult when smaller windows open. :(

16th Nov 2002, 15:28
Have you tried contacting the creator?

16th Nov 2002, 17:02
Its looks nice Data

I found a good one too it is completely free has an animator, bone system, and particle effects too its called openfx havent played with it much but It seems really easy to use here is the link.http://www.openfx.org/
and if you dont feel like downloading the 40 megabyte big install that has textures and tutorials and stuff you can get the tiny version that doesnt have the textures and tutorials. The link on the site for the tiny version was dead so I did a google search and found one that works. http://http://download.recoil.org/pub/openfx/1.0/

click the one that says openfx-tiny-1.0.zip. this is the one I downlaoded and it seems pretty cool.

16th Nov 2002, 17:05
Originally posted by MountainDewNut
Have you tried contacting the creator?

I did indeed, however after 2 months, still no answer, although I believe he did state that he would not answer such calls for help, unless you had the full paid for version. :(

Cornchild, I will take a look, thank you. ;)

16th Nov 2002, 20:11
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Data
For those who cannot use 'Meta' or 'Rhino

For an awsome step by step Rhino Tutorial I HIGHLY reccomend Tommy Tomb Raider's Mesh Tutorial at his website

/me salues his lost mentor "