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15th Nov 2002, 16:29
In my script.txt file the Horizont is enabled. And there is i SKY_GRAPHICS in my object wad.... I have textured my roof and upper walls with the upper left black color in the colorpad. But still no sky? It only appears black..? What to do? I have searched this forum for simular topics but not found anything... Please help!

15th Nov 2002, 16:37
Is this enabled into your script?
Layer1= 128,96,64,7
The first number is for red, next is blue, third is green (I believe that's the order). The last number is for speed and direction.

15th Nov 2002, 16:43
Yes, that line is in my script file... anything else?

15th Nov 2002, 16:45
Did you build the script?
BTW do you use easylife?

15th Nov 2002, 16:47
Yes a bulid the script and copied it into the trle folder. So there shouldent be anything else to to?

Whats BTW? Easylife?

15th Nov 2002, 17:37
BTW means by the way and Easy Life is a program that builds the script and english files properly

15th Nov 2002, 20:36
Easy life also automatically adds the files to where the need to go. (Available in the TRLE FAQ and Community)

16th Nov 2002, 08:59
Billy, did you make the upper left black color Transparent when you textured your ceiling?


16th Nov 2002, 14:48
Originally posted by Billy
I have textured my roof and upper walls with the upper left black color in the colorpad

I believe he has, shroom. ;)

16th Nov 2002, 23:10
Aye, I forgot to myself the first time I tried an outside leval :)