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15th Nov 2002, 03:32
It was an unseasonably warm Saturday morning. Plans have been made all week. It's what I was thinking about off and on for days, wondering, what would it be like? Would I be able to see what I want to see? Is it going to be nice weather? Well I had my answers last Saturday morning.

Hearing on the Discovery Channel about a month ago, a place not too far from me. It supposedly has thee best, Burrick, er I mean Dinosaur foot prints, in the WORLD, yes the freaking WORLD! How can I pass that up?! In a little place, about 73 miles, SW of here, a placed called Glen Rose Texas. Dinosaur Valley State Park. I was exicted. I wanted to see it.

There were signs pointing me to the right direction, Dinosaur tracks, that a way. OK, is this for real? I parked, ate my sandwich, and watched the wind blow the leaves in a whirl wind dance, blowing and heading towards the river. Almost beckoning me to follow. :) OK, lets go. Grabbed my new walking stick I just purchased at the gift shop. ;) Reading the signs along the way, a guy walked up, with a similiar walking stick. Aaaahh you bought one too aye? Yeah, do I look blind to you? He asked me. Ahh no? Well, I just had a lady ask me if I was blind. Ahh OK. New type of walking stick then I see. Ha. Where's the red tip? We kinda chuckled at one another. As we walked down, I looked at my walking stick, well I hope this compass works, I said. It had a little tiny compass in the tip of it. Kinda cool. Which way is it pointing? He asked. Well, looking up at the sun, the direction it was heading. We are heading south, he said, my wife would say we are heading north. No matter what direction, we are heading north. We both laughed. Have a good time I said, and headed off in the other direction.

Burrick hunting at it's best!! Hehe. I mean just look at the size of that footprint!! The area was beautiful. The leaves were turning colors, I brought my backpack with my camera. Remind me not to bring a BLACK back pack. I was sweating my arse off. :p At one point, I took off my boots, and let the minows nip at my feet. Tickle Tickle!! Little tiny frogs hopping everywhere. OK. Off in the distance, you could see area's roped off a bit. I was a bit worried, we have had a lot of rain, the tracks are down by the river. If the river was too high, you wouldn't see them. But, no everything was fine.

In this particular area, one spot was covered with water, you could just make out a round type of track. This species was a plant eater. But, the other area that was visible, was in plain sight. Thinking, is this for real? Climbing, and hoping from one large rock to another, almost a path leading across the river, it was perfect. There it was. I jumped and landed on the highest rock, and looked down. There were people hovering around the area. I waited till they left. I wanted right down there.
I stared at it, and again, said to myself, "Is this for real?" This is totally different, than seeing something in a museum. A surreal experience. Almost zen like. How can after all this time, these prints exist? In it's natural state. I felt lucky to view this. I knelt down and touched it, as if to get a sense of it's history. By feeling it, would I pick up something. But, to actually touch that was AWESOME!!!

The Dino in question is a Acrocanthosaurus. A type of carnosaur, related to the Tyrannosaurs. With it's 3 clawed toes. 120 MILLION years ago. My god. They were usually 40 feet long, and 13 feet high. Eat you, and rip you to shreds basically.:eek:
There was another guy there, with his son. I asked him, would you mind taking a picture? So, I took one of him and his son, and he took the one of me.

I continued to walk around for a long time, up and down the river, breathing in the air. I kept looking down at the rocks, maybe to pick up a fossil perhaps? Ha. That was my exictment for that day. It was great. There was another whole entire area, that I missed. So, I need to go back. I pushed it a bit, had been sick the week, so not quite up to going to the other area. Just another incentive to go back. :)

15th Nov 2002, 03:54
And here's a picture of what the little beastie looked like...


Great story Broken. I just wish there was such an abundance of dino stuff over here. :(

Oh well, at least I have my cool Ammonite fossil I found a few years back. :)

15th Nov 2002, 04:08
Well GumDrop, you'll just have to pay a visit to good ol Texas sometime. ;) I can be the tour guide.
And thanks for your help too. :)

It was something else to see, one of those moments, if you will.

15th Nov 2002, 15:38
I know this is a large picture, I am sorry for that. I can just leave the link up later, but, I think some are missing the link. I will take down the picture later, and leave the link.

15th Nov 2002, 15:57
Wow! Great pics! It's a good thing that a few million years separated you from that footprint! :)

15th Nov 2002, 16:03
No kidding Yubetcha. Can you imagine meeting him? :eek: :eek: We lead such easy complacent lives now. Hard to imagine they exist. Look where man is today. If they wouldn't of been wiped out, hhmm, who would be the ruler of the earth? Would they still be around? Interesting thought. Thank god they aren't. Then again, if the population is thinned out a bit, we wouldn't have some of the problems we do today. We would only have another set of problems. Ha. Man or beast. Who is the true ruler of the world? Only the strong survive. Sheesh. We can debate about this can't we. ;)

15th Nov 2002, 18:16
Shorts and a t shirt? Here I am buried under a sweater, thermal tights and a winter coat and facing 27 F tonight. Not fair. :(

I have heard about that dino site since my hubby is from West Texas. I just gotta get down there....keep your walking stick handy BA! :)

I agree. I don't think we could have out competed dinosaurs. They were around a lot longer than we have been and didn't smoke cigs.....at least I don't think they did. :)

Grey Mouser
15th Nov 2002, 18:39
Very cool, BA.

That must have been one...huge...Burrick-a-Saur! The print does rather remind one of one's place in the universe does it not? Today...talkin' to taffers and friend to felines. 120 million years ago...lunch!

Thorin Oakenshield
15th Nov 2002, 19:14
I hear BA cries when she see's a fossil:( Cos' she remembers it when it used to be alive:D Thorin Runs as fast as his little legs will carry him :p

15th Nov 2002, 19:22
Ahhh no problem Thorin, no bones about it, you must be talking about your bones, when I get through with you. :p

15th Nov 2002, 20:37
Originally posted by littlek

They were around a lot longer than we have been and didn't smoke cigs.....at least I don't think they did. :)

Sounds like a Far Side cartoon... a good one, too. :)

19th Nov 2002, 18:54
Originally posted by Grey Mouser
Very cool, BA.

That must have been one...huge...Burrick-a-Saur!

LOL!!!! I like that GM. Burkasaur!! :D ;) :p

22nd Nov 2002, 18:12
Pretty cool!

As for who would win, I subscribe to the ancient manuscripts that say the creator gave man dominion over the earth. ')

I also go with "brains over brawn!" :)