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15th Nov 2002, 02:58
where can I get textures from Lara's house?

15th Nov 2002, 03:18
http://www.leveleditor.com/cgi-bin/dtracker/dtracker.cgi?file=tr1textures.zip for all the TR1 textures
http://www.leveleditor.com/cgi-bin/dtracker/dtracker.cgi?file=tr2textures.zip for all the TR2 textures
http://www.leveleditor.com/cgi-bin/dtracker/dtracker.cgi?file=tr3textures.zip for all the TR3 textures.
These are all from www.leveleditor.com

15th Nov 2002, 03:18
Well, you could rip them yourself with Jack the texture ripper. Check the TRLE Faq and community fo it, d/l masks new tool that has a list of all the tools available (and d/l links), or post your email and I'll send it to you.
[edit: slow typing skills :D ]

17th Nov 2002, 14:56
I've just uploaded TR2 and TR3 house textures :)

(TR2 house) http://www.leveleditor.com/cgi-bin/dtracker/dtracker.cgi?file=tr2housetextures.zip

(TR3 House) http://www.leveleditor.com/cgi-bin/dtracker/dtracker.cgi?file=tr3housetextures.zip

17th Nov 2002, 21:07
Maybe it's a good idea to check the TRLE Search Engine (http://trsearch.tripod.com/cgi-bin/TRSearch.cgi). It's a growing database that has a lot of downloads. I found some good (tested) textures here:
http://trsearch.tripod.com/cgi-bin/TRSearch.cgi?action=getitem&dbitem=15. It's also has some other textures added.

18th Nov 2002, 00:57
I can't seem to load the house texture when I'm using the LE. Almost all the other texture sets that I downloaded have been working. Any help for this frustrating problem?