View Full Version : Custom Levels (can anybody help me)

15th Nov 2002, 00:20
Hello everybody,

I finally found the CD of TRC and Level editor CD (It is a little bit late everyone played all of the levels :( ...)

I download 2 of them. Now, I would like play the custom levels.
Should I need anything else to download besides these CDs and where can I download the custom levels?

If anybody help me I would be very appreciate it.

Thank you very much for co-operation.

Greetings from Turkey


15th Nov 2002, 00:29
You can find a whole list of custom games at the Prager site (http://www.mprager.de/TombRaider_IV/Level_Index/level_index.html) or at Lara's level base (http://www.laras-levelbase-guest.at.tf/) or at TRchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/dynamic/levels/features.cgi).

To install games, you should read the 'README' file (you usually download it with the game).

15th Nov 2002, 00:33
If you ever get into creating levels, check out the TRLE FAQ and Community for expanded tutorials and downloads.

15th Nov 2002, 04:10
Look on my website (background will look REALLY messed up since you aren't viewing it through the frames...)