View Full Version : Alias outfit #3 has been released!

14th Nov 2002, 23:47
That is correct. The ever so lovley Alias #3 has been released. I would have released it sooner, but I wanted to release a second one with it. However, due to complications, I won't be releasing it for a while.

Kurtis Trent
15th Nov 2002, 01:05
OMG!!!! Awesome!!! Very nice job on her hair! The shirt is awesome too!!

Blind Intentions
15th Nov 2002, 01:42
That hair mesh looks great! And real too. Truely your best Alias outfit yet ;)

15th Nov 2002, 02:44
i love alias.... and the outfits keep improving every time you release a new one! great work!

15th Nov 2002, 21:24
Wow! Looking even better.

I'm still waiting for it to appear in the Outfit Top 10 (http://trsearch.tripod.com/cgi-bin/TRSearch.cgi?action=outfittop10), directly above version 1.