View Full Version : Tr5 sound conversion ?.

Croft Nut
14th Nov 2002, 23:02
Is there any way to convert the sound from a TR5 object, to the level editor format?.

I have tried using windows recorder, to convert the file to pcm 22,050hz 15 bit mono format. Then replacing one of the sounds in the samples folder, with the new file (which has the same name).

I then use the dos commands to make new files & then place them in the wads folder, as the instructions in the manual, and run the level convertor again.

But when I try to run the level the game crashes to the desktop and locks up.

Croft Nut

14th Nov 2002, 23:12
I believe they need to be 16bit and not 15bit

15th Nov 2002, 00:35
For samples: Microsoft RIFF Wave, PCM, 22050Hz, 16 bit Mono
For music: Microsoft ADPCM 44,100 Hz 4bit Stereo

Croft Nut
15th Nov 2002, 16:57
Windows sound recorder only lists PCM not Microsoft RIFF Wave, PCM, 22050Hz, 16 bit Mono
but the PCM format can be set to 22050hz 16 bit Mono is this the same as the Microsoft RIFF Wave.?

Croft Nut

15th Nov 2002, 17:58
No idea, but here are some other programs you maybe can use:

gap (http://www.fortunecity.com/campus/electrical/81/samael.html)

cdex (http://www.cdex.n3.net/)

And then there's also Sound forge (http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Multi-Purpose_Player_and_Editors/Sound_Forge.html) (demo download, I don't think it's free ware :confused: ) which was used to make the samples (aktrekker told me).

I don't know if gap and cdex will do the trick, but you might want to try them.....

Croft Nut
15th Nov 2002, 19:07
I tried Gap and Cdex both were no good, the sound forge link does not work and the demo version on the sound forge web site will not allow saves. Also tried the software which came with my sound card. I need someone to send me a copy of sound forge if thats possible.

Croft Nut

16th Nov 2002, 05:26
Originally posted by Croft Nut
I need someone to send me a copy of sound forge if thats possible.

That'd be illegal!

However, you could try any number of free editors. Try here (http://www.k7v.com/nonags/auedit.html) and here (http://www.indezine.com/products/sound/) for starters. These were just two sites I found on Google (http://www.google.com/search?q=free+sound+editors&sourceid=o).

Good luck!