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14th Nov 2002, 21:28
Do we have permisson to add outfits in the TRLE Search engine even if they are not our outfits? Cuz I know a lot of outfits that have not been added that I'ed like to see there but it's just not there. So I'ed like to add thoughs peoples outfit if its ok...

My outfits were add without prmisson, I did'ent mind but know I add them myself.
Alias 56

14th Nov 2002, 22:20
If this was directed at TRWad in view of the TRLE Search Engine, it may have been better to use private messages, however if it is just a general inquiry to anyone, I would imagine as long as the author is aware and they get full credit, there would not be a problem.

14th Nov 2002, 22:22
The author has to give permission for you to add the outfits. Also I believe that you have to have an option enabled to your account so that you can do that (something only the Administrators can do).

15th Nov 2002, 21:11
Well, the original meaning was that the webmaster was allowed to register all outfits on his/her site. Cause your outfits were on trtailor, they were added under that site. But I'm maybe going to change this in the future. I'm thinking that members will then be able to register their own work, no mather on which site it's hosted.