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Grey Mouser
14th Nov 2002, 19:12
Just a note that Eidos US is re-releasing Thief TDP and Thief II as a special dual-pack under the Eidos Platinum Series collection, meaning they will contain no printed manual but have manuals in .pdf format on the CD's.

The release will contain Thief TDP v1.33 (sadly, not Thief Gold) and Thief II v1.18 and I believe will be budget priced at $19.95 or so.

Although Thief Gold will remain unpleasantly rare, at least there will now be some Thiefly goodness available for those taffers-to-be who have yet to experience the joy that is Thief.

Yours in tafferness,
Grey Mouser

(oh yeah, there will be a Tomb Raider 4 + 5 + Level Editor pack, and Commandos BEL and C2 pack as well...as in "You've played the Best, now what about the rest?")

14th Nov 2002, 19:17
Too bad about the decision not to do Gold. But KUDOS for what I imagine were strenuous efforts on your part to have it be Tgold and T2 instead.

And, in passing, thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.

Grey Mouser
14th Nov 2002, 19:34
Originally posted by theBlackman
But KUDOS for what I imagine were strenuous efforts on your part to have it be Tgold and T2 instead.

Boy, you got that right! Alas, to no avail. Maybe next time...

14th Nov 2002, 19:50
It's too bad that it's not Thief Gold, but it's terrific that they're re-releasing them! We'll see lots of new taffers showing up here and at TTLG. :)

14th Nov 2002, 19:58
Cool news GreyM :) Yea good idea for some new Taffers to get aquainted with our Garrett and his world of taffiness :D I also agree about the failure to use TG ILO TTDP but guess they had more copies of the original and less of TG to re-distribute, LOL?

For the "other" disks...welllll, ha ha, I guess some folks will appreciate those as well ;)

Thanks for your efforts in this venture and Good Taffing all around to everyone! :)

14th Nov 2002, 21:27
Cool, now I can have a back-up copy of T2. Already have a bac-up T1P.

15th Nov 2002, 01:36
I wonder why it's not Gold. I'm really curious about that. Perhaps there were just a million old TDP discs already burned or something. But if they are making NEW TDPs, WHY??? Some Eidos exec might be able to answer, who knows.

15th Nov 2002, 02:45
be prepared to answer questions about baffords :D

15th Nov 2002, 03:02

16th Nov 2002, 00:38
Hrmm Nice, Ill have to pick it up so I have backups. My Thief II CD is getting rather poor looking.