View Full Version : Vote for level of the month on my site! :)

14th Nov 2002, 03:10
Ok, I got it narrowed down to 5 levels/series of levels.

Originally I decided on Lost Acropolis, (which will be next month's default if it's not voted this time, because it's probably my favorite series :D) but I wanted to have a poll about it.

So, which do you pick? :)

Be sure to check the Level of the Month page on my site in a few days. This poll is set for a week ;)

14th Nov 2002, 18:15
The Sanctuary of Fire/Ice/Water- by Piega!!!!!!

Alias 56

14th Nov 2002, 20:03
I voted for Piega even if the best one is the last level by psiko, that is not in your list....:p

14th Nov 2002, 20:21
I've played COTW but it's not on my faves list, way way too hard for me, but a really well done series nonetheless. :)

It seems Piega's level is winning, but I'll have to finish all the levels to be able to get screens from them :( any walkthroughs available? I'm still stuck on the first level...:D

15th Nov 2002, 06:25
COTW is not the latest, R-A -Rhatech is brand new ....:)

15th Nov 2002, 21:45
Yes Yes....

I've seen the screens and they look amazing no doubt, but still just as hard as COTW

Kurtis Trent
15th Nov 2002, 21:52
Im guessing we have to play the levels?:D j/k. Hopefully i'll get to playing at least one level someday:D......

Lara's Soul
18th Nov 2002, 00:38
I voted for The Sanctuary of Fire/Ice/Water. This and COTW are the best levels I have seen so far.

19th Nov 2002, 06:39
by the way, Chronicles5, please can you tell me where can I get any help for Lost Acropolis? I'm stuck at the beginnning of the second level, where you run chased by skeletons and arrive to a nice city...all the doors are closed!!!:)...(I've searched the site, but there are no answers to my question ...what to do when I get to the level?)

19th Nov 2002, 12:08

Go there, join the forums and you'll get all the help you need with custom levels :)

19th Nov 2002, 12:50
thank you, I'm already in that forum, but nobody could help me!!!:(

19th Nov 2002, 14:34
Hmm, you could try searchin the old threads there (there should be some) or e-mail the author :(

19th Nov 2002, 20:08
You have to go into the building thats on the left with the nice little staircase. There is a boulder trap, if you see that your in the right place ;)

Continue from there, feel free to ask for help I've played them :D

20th Nov 2002, 16:50
thank you, I've searched all the forums, but nobody got stuck where I am now!! I've just left the jeep after a long ride, and I'm climbing/jumping over inclines to reach a door, but it's too far and I slide and die on the spikes down below...any hints ??:confused: