View Full Version : Christmas is coming ~ Holiday ~ help on buyers guide :)

13th Nov 2002, 12:49
It is so hard for me to pick all the upcoming games for PS2,gamecube, and the PC! What game is so post to be really good? Out of the list of games I mention, for each game listed under a game system, which game do you think I would really enjoy playing(its a hard question for me) ;)


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Kingdom Hearts


Unreal Tourament 2003
tomb raider angel of darkness

the prob. with trAOD is that is got delayed and I can get that anytime after christmas. But I'm not sure if ut2003 is all that great, whats it like? Does it come with a cool level editor?

13th Nov 2002, 13:46
Maybe you would want to fill us in which games you already like...... It's pretty hard to predict if it's likely you're going to like a game or not, if we don't know your preferences......