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12th Nov 2002, 23:42
Don't forget to include your brief descriptions and ratings along with the link to your submission. Only one submission per person.

Crystal Dynamics

18th Nov 2002, 02:58
Discription: You are Raziel and this is your life.
Rating: PG
link: http://members.lycos.co.uk/reaper007

Feel free to PM feedback!


19th Nov 2002, 03:05
Raziel's Past told by Rahab
rating: pg or pg13

uh tell me what you think..please?

20th Nov 2002, 13:00
here's my fic
about kains death, but not though his eyes.
rating PG

What Price Death? (http://www.angelfire.com/retro/monkey24/CAYJ810H_2.htm)


lots of thanks to Umah for converting this file for me :)

1st Dec 2002, 17:37
I just thought I'd breathe some life back into the competition!

Here is my entry...i hope you all enjoy it!

The description: This great story is set in Nosgoth, soon after Blood Omen, and is narated by the almighty Kain. Be warned, there are several graphic scenes, but nothing too harsh. The rating is therefore semi-mature, but it is suitable for readers younger than 17 years of age.

Enjoy it, and please feel free to contact me. Please give me your opinion!

Kain's Progeny (http://atedius.tripod.com/novel/id5.html)

A special thanx to Blincoln and Azrael for the help that they gave me! I don't know how to thank you guys enough!?! (you can both have an Ice Tea!)

The Kain that arrives from the future...is from far into future...way beyond any of the games...

3rd Dec 2002, 21:12
Heres my fic! Worked ages on it, but could have done better but there was a limit to chapters >_< here it be, I hope its okay. The story picks off from the ending of Soul Reaver 2 and introduces a new character ^_~ I also thought Id add some fic art to it to give the reader more of an idea to the stories characters and scenes, here goes! Rating: PG.

Legacy of Kain: White Lightning (http://www.angelfire.com/goth/bloodmoons/almiraslegend.html)

Umah Bloodomen
6th Dec 2002, 01:56
Dago - You need to edit your link. It goes to directly to your other story not your fan fic.

For future reference, when submitting fan fics from an already existing website, please link directly to the page that the entry is on. Otherwise you are subject not to be judged.

7th Dec 2002, 00:24
Description: Story's from a Vampire Hunter
Rating: 15 (I think)
Link: http://ad_od.tripod.com/thevampirehunter/index.html

My First Fan Fic I hope you guys enjoy it as mush as I loved writing it :)

PS: Thanks to Preacher for hosting my entry and Sokar for his opinions!

10th Dec 2002, 22:50
Description: Legacy Of Kain: Dark Omen

This fanfic is the story of Raziel throughout all 1000 years of his vampiric life!! This is by far the only piece of writing that I have ever finish. It's a bit long, but it's all 1000 years! Hope you all enjoy it.

Rating: PG-13
Link: http://home.planet.nl/~shard/darkomen/

Many thanks to Dylan for posting my fic on his server, for I am totally illiterate to website desigining. :o :p :D :mad: :confused:


Wise Man Domingo
11th Dec 2002, 01:35
Well, here's mine. I wanted to write something new, but I ended up having to use something I wrote already. I had to merge the prologue and epilogue into the story to squeeze it down to 10 chapters, but they're both very short, so it doesn't matter.

Link: http://wise_man_domingo.tripod.com/index/id2.html

Title: Dawn of an Empire

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe

Description: This is the tale of Gyrin, newborn Razielim Vampire, and one of the first vampire soldiers in Lord Kain's army, and how he saved the vampire army from a traitor...

The disclaimer and author's note are in the first chapter. Hope you like it!

(Edit) Some time after posting my entry, I read through the story to make sure I hadn't missed any mistakes and- I found a few typos. Such as, I missed one word in the last chapter, and I somehow or other misspelled "through" and put it down as "threw" in some places. But I can't change it now. Ah, well. My mistake...

Also, to return to the chapter selection page, you must push the browser's "Back" button, as there is no link back to the page from the chapters.

One final note, for some reason two of the chapters (I forget which ones) are displayed in a small font size, possible making it difficult to read. Again,. the rules say I cannot change this, so I cannot.

11th Dec 2002, 04:45
Alright... I don't have the time to finish up a new story so here's mine. S'short but that's because it was done as an assignment for school and we had to write between 300 and 500 words. (damn I hate resictrictions :rolleyes: )

Link: http://www.dreamwater.net/ranmyaku/damned_one.html

Title: Damned One

Rating: I think I can safely say G

Description: Set just before the ending of Soul Reaver. The missing lieutenant sits, awaiting for the end, thinking on the past.

There is no disclaimer on this version, since it's altered and does have any of those notes, but really, would I be writing fanfics if I owned the series? Exactly.

13th Dec 2002, 00:01
Okay, here's my submission. It's short, consisting of three chapters and an epilogue... but hey, short and sweet, eh? ;)

Title: Shrouds of Grey

Rating: Well, I'll say "U". In the UK that stands for "Universal". Basically, "U" is "Disney" level! Lol

Description: This is set minutes before Raziel enters the Sanctuary of the Clans to meet Kain. She reflects on her life whilst she was alive and her current situation.

Link: http://www27.brinkster.com/razieluk/default.htm

Just click on "Shrouds of Grey" and you'll be taken straight there... ;)

13th Dec 2002, 11:35
Okay *takes a deep breath* here we go...

Wraith: Prelude to Dark Chylde (http://www.geocities.com/studio_plink/Dark_Chylde.html)

PG-15 for some violence and psychotic themes

Set a few days before the rebirth of Raziel as the Soul Reaver, Prelude concerns a curious mission to the centre of the Human Citadel, where festering at its heart is the cult of the Vampire Worshippers, led by it’s vicious Priestess.
Sent by Kain, Wraith, his last fledgling, is forced to come to terms with the nature of the human soul, the desolation of her home, and the sheer bloody mindedness of really ugly fish people. But has Kain gone to far? Is his faith in Wraith’s abilities…both as a vampire, and as a sympathiser, a little too much? Is Turel just jealous, or does he genuinely hate his little sister?
Have I, the author, gone to far?
*shrugs* I dunno.

There's art on the page too, but geocities was playing up when I was working on it, so if it doesn't work, be a sport and TELL ME!! Please tell me if I HAVE gone too far.


Lady Kreliana
14th Dec 2002, 07:03
Sins of a Savior (http://www.geocities.com/nosgothsavior/soas.HTML)

Rated: PG-13

A fictional account of what Raziel might have been like as a human. This story is told through his younger sister, Andrielle's, point of view.

Ardeth Silvereni
14th Dec 2002, 18:22
It's very short compared to some of the others, but here's my submission: :)

A Matter of Time (http://www.angelfire.com/realm/silvereni/mattertime.html)
A short story focusing on the aftermath of the events of Soul Reaver 2. It assumes that one of the more popular LoK fan theories is correct - that Hash'ak'gik and the Elder God are the same entity.
Rating - PG

15th Dec 2002, 09:49
Title: Successsions of the Past

Rating: PG-13 (Language and Violence)

Description: When Pillar Guardians from the past go into Nosgoth's future to aid Kain in restoring Balance, they realize that somebody else accompanied them on the way to Nosgoth's future, and that somebody wants Nosgoth for himself.

Successions of the Past (http://www.freewebz.com/dragonkid/SOTPTheSignal.htm)

15th Dec 2002, 16:18
Cutting parts off it took more time that writing this thing.

Title: The Mistake
Rating: circa PG-13, I'd say, though no idea as to that
The Mistake (http://istari.republika.pl)

As stated in the Foreword: beer, flowers and hunting.
Plus: vampire Raziel, boredom and madness.
But generally, it's just on one hand loose scenes from the vampire courts, on the other hand simple wordplay, as in Eccl., 1:8-1:10.

It ain't too good... at least it was fun writing.

(Edit, because I forgot to add this: although some of the chapters are slightly longer than they should be, there are fewer chapters overall. Hope its all right, since I tried to do things otherwise and it didn't come out too well.)

Devil You Know
15th Dec 2002, 17:11
It seems I just made the deadline:D

My untitled fanfic is set in the pre-soul reaver time, but goes into some events during soul reaver. each chapter is from the perspective of a different vampire; kain, raziel, turel, dumah, rahab, zephon, and melchiah.

the rating is PG, i guess. it gets a little graphic during melchiah's chapter


16th Dec 2002, 00:14
Title: Kain's Empire

Link: http://www31.brinkster.com/kain7/

Rating: PG-13

This is my version of what happened between the end of Blood Omen and the start of Soul Reaver 1. My thanks to Sokar who was a huge help.

16th Dec 2002, 00:21
Link: http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/riovanes/One_Mistake_Too_Many..htm

Synopsis: A young thief decides to screw with one of Kain's few remaining human servants during the time of Kain's conquest of Nosgoth (post Sarafan Lord), but rapidly discovers he's bit off more than he can chew.

Rating: PG-13 for some language and sexual suggestions.

Note: I did this in about two hours today, and the quality of the work is reflective of that. I'm really just entering to see how my short story hand performs against the work of others, as I've been very busy with my own novel, and haven't had time for some of the epics that have been written here. Good luck to all.


Umah Bloodomen
16th Dec 2002, 01:20
I was contacted by a new member (Sokar) who was having problems with his account and is not able to post anything in the forums. He sent me the link to his submission, along with a description and rating and I am posting it on his behalf.

Title: Legacy of Kain: A Time-Streamer's Tale

Rating: 15 or PG-13

Author: Sokar

Description: The cold blooded murder of Ariel and the subsequent corruption of the Circle of Nine is one of the most tragic events in the history of Nosgoth. But who was responsible for this calculated assasination? Moebius takes us back to the events leading up to the murder in order to find out.


16th Dec 2002, 10:52
I thought i had until the 16th please accept my entry...

Title : Final Knight
rating : PG

Description: The story of a vampire hunter that is enrolled into a secret human city bent on destroying the vampire kin that has kept humanity locked out of the light for so long.


16th Dec 2002, 19:50
Thanks to all who entered the Fan Fiction contest. Since Dec. 15 fell on a Sunday, I did tell a few people they could still submit until Dec. 16th. At this point the contest is now closed. If for some reason there is someone out there that has not entered their submission and still plans to, please contact me through e-mail and I'll see what I can do. We will post the results in 1 month. Thanks again.
Crystal Dynamics