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12th Nov 2002, 15:29
Altough i have win2000 I played through the first two training missions without any problems but then on "Night of the wolf" my computer crashed to the desktop after having loaded halfway.

What can be the problem ?

12th Nov 2002, 16:02
i'm trying out directplay 8.2 from microsoft. And i've updated my drivers from Nvidia to yesterdays update.

12th Nov 2002, 16:20
Have you installed the patch? If not click the link in my sig.

12th Nov 2002, 17:33
The stupid thing is that i can play the previews of the two fothcomming missions. I've tried everything now. :mad:

13th Nov 2002, 07:49
Does it crash everytime you try to load the level or did it just happen once. My Commandos 2 game crashes too, sometimes, especially when I'm running, someone's shooting at me and I press CTRL+L to quickload. When I rerun the game and load the save game again, everything's fine again.

13th Nov 2002, 09:48
It happens every time !

14th Nov 2002, 00:40
i wonder if there is a problem with directplay 8.2?

Your the first person i've heard of who's using 8.2

14th Nov 2002, 00:41
also maybe the install was corrupted, you may wish to reinstall

14th Nov 2002, 16:22

14th Nov 2002, 19:35
There have been many problems with win2k, mostly it were people who could not play mission 9 or 10 though.