View Full Version : Output Wad isn't outputting

12th Nov 2002, 14:00
Im working on the house level, as I expand the level I save it and Output the wad, but now when I do It just Freezes and doesnt Output , Im just wondering what causes this , There are a lot of doors and theres nothing wrong with the Wad or Textures

if the problem was too many doors i would think that the level converter would crash or the level just wouldnt play, so i a I can guess is the prj has become corrupt , if it has im not too worried as Ive saved every stage along the way so I have about 50 backups so far , I will try prj fixer to see if that sorts it out.

so anyone had this problem?

12th Nov 2002, 14:39
Like coastal ruins, it should finish outputting. Just wait a bit to see if it does.

12th Nov 2002, 21:29
I think your talking about the actual Level Converter , Im talking about setting the prj to outpud wad in the editor , but I changed the wad i was using in the level and it worked, strange how it would make a difference :confused:

14th Nov 2002, 04:35
Sometimes I use our computer network to do some of my LE work while on one of the other comps. When I come back to my original LE comp, I have the similar problem, but if I try outputting it again, it works. (BTW if the LE freezes, just hit alt+enter a couple of times)