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27th Jan 2013, 18:00
The day of April 1st is almost upon us. On April 1st 2003, Squaresoft and Enix merged to become Square Enix. These two legendary companies were known for their great games, particularly in the RPG genre.

And here we are! Ten fantastic years later to find Square Enix sticking to their roots and producing top of the line games. Lets look at some of the most loved games and products Square Enix has produced in the last ten years:

- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
- Front Mission 4
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Kingdom Hearts II
- Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
- Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
- Final Fantasy XII
- Odin Sphere
- The World Ends With You
- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
- Star Ocean Series
- Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
- Dissidia: Final Fantasy games
- Just Cause 2
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
- Hitman Absolution
And so much more...

We as a fandom have so many games to look forward to, like:

- Tomb Raider
- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
- Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII
And much, much more...

So lets celebrate the last ten years of great titles produced by Square Enix and their partners around the world. Let Square Enix know what your favorite product was in the last ten years and let us know what your looking forward to in 2013 and beyond!

Happy 10th Anniversary Square Enix!!

22nd Feb 2013, 22:59
Squaresoft IS the rpg company so is Enix.

So a merger should be amazing and bring in tons of money for everyone involved.

FF is the biggest US rpg brand and DQ is the biggest Japan one. So whats the problem.

Maybe its all the substandard mainstream games they keep trying to release, overpriced mobile ports or the awful mobile fake games (FF ATB etc) and the money bleed which is theatthrythm ios.

2013 should be a huge year for Square heres what the lineup could have been.

DQ7 portable port
DQ10 for the wii/wii U bringing the first RPG to the amazing system and the final rpg for the wii.
A PSN release of final fantasy type 0
A PSN classic of FF13
Bravely Default Flying Fairy continuing the trend of 2013 the year of the rpg revival.
Hell the ability for me to throw my money at you guys for the star ocean 1 and 2 PSP ports or even crisis core for my vita would be nice.

Not to mention not even bothering to release a 25th anniversary final fantasy box set or anything other than a digital sale which didn't even include FF3.

January Namco gave us Ni No Kuni a amazing game that caused scandals by being sold out everywhere when it was first launched. Nintendo then in february got massive sales with Fire Emblem. Etrian Odyssey will send tons of money Atlus' way and later in the year theres a new tales game new games in the shin megami franchise and much more. Not to mention Pandora's tower the final of the operation rainfall of two and soon to be 3 of wiis biggests hits. Even the nichier series like atelier and hyperdimension neptunia are getting new games. A class of heroes PSP game that got 3000 pledges of physical copy orders within a week.

There was a massive success of the Pier Solar HD kickstarter.They almost doubled their goal of 130k. This year is stacked but the biggest competitor in the rpg market is staying at home.

Instead of all that we're getting barely nothing. A promise for a PS4 ff (no duh) a single character FF lightning game that noone seems very hyped about. I play wow and I love FF but a FF mmo just doesn't appeal to me. Atleast we are probably getting the HD remakes of Kingdom Hearts.

I just don't understand why I am not excited about a company who ignores what made them famous in the first place and would rather spend 20 days hyping a new tomb raider which will most likely come out to sub par reviews and be found in a bargain bin 4 months from now. A hitman game which gets middling reviews from players despite a high reviewer score. Heroes of Ruin a substandard ds diablo clone.

Come on square. Get it together.

23rd Feb 2013, 01:08
I'm going to go ahead and assume the worst case scenario:

None of those unlocalized games will come to the west.
None of the games that should be on PSN will be.
The only games we'll get in 2013 besides Lightning Returns are cheap iOS cash grabs.
The PS4 game they said was under development is a port of Final Fantasy XIV Online.

They have done little to prove that they will do otherwise.

23rd Feb 2013, 09:36
Just my thoughts based on my observations:

We get DQ games usually at least a year after the Japanese release, so I don't think DQ7 3DS will be released this year outside Japan. PS1 port? Probably not since DQ is mostly a Nintendo thing now.

DQ10, I highly doubt it will come, it costs a lot to even run the game's servers and I don't think there are enough people who will be paying monthly fees for it, especially on the Wii. In fact, even in Japan where this series actually sells, there isn't a huge playerbase.

Type-0, they already mentioned they have no plans to bring the PSP one. Maybe they'll release an enhanced version for Vita, that's the only possibility.

PSN classic of FF13? What does that mean? If you mean a downloadable FF13, that could happen but the fact that PS4 will be released soon and it WON'T have the same PSN downloadables, it reduces the chances of such release.

Bravely Default Flying Fairy, that may happen, there's a lot of demand for it, I don't see why it won't get localized. In fact, it could be a system seller for RPG fans, so Nintendo should also consider helping.

Star Ocean 1 & 2 PSN releases, I wonder why they haven't made them yet earlier. For Crisis Core, some people say it's because of a song featured in the game during the ending that Square no longer has the rights to publish. Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong, no UMD-only PSP game released by any company in North America prior to Vita's release was made available on the PSN after Vita was out for the first time. Maybe this issue is from Sony's side.

Seeing as Square usually announces games months or years before release, I don't think any of these will be released this year unfortunately. Still, these are just my thoughts, I could be wrong.

23rd Feb 2013, 10:13
2013 the world should be square umm not.

Square enix is facing severals problems with employees, online buys,copyrights,

They are slowing killing Final Fantasy Rpg

They are now gonna do

Tomb raiders,Hitmans,Deus ex-humans.

23rd Feb 2013, 19:28
SE has gotten a lot of flack in the past (and present) for announcing games waaaay too early in their production cycles, so I'm hoping they have just learned their lesson, and are going to pull a hat trick, and surprise us with a few games this year. I know that sounds highly unlikely, but I'm clinging to hope. Last year's E3 showing from SE was awful, it would be near impossible for them to do worse this year.

25th Feb 2013, 14:25
well we got Kingdom Hearts coming. Thats one down atleast.

25th Feb 2013, 14:28
Yeah, at least we have that now. I've played both of the original games, but I'm looking forward to trophies and bonus content.

25th Feb 2013, 21:19
well we got Kingdom Hearts coming. Thats one down atleast.

Now we just need Final fantasy Type-0 and Bravely default, for the Final fantasy side of things. Please localize these Square, I LOVE YOU!! /tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-kiss.gif

31st Mar 2013, 12:57
SQUARE ENIX 10th Anniversary

~2003 - 2013~

Website - www.jp.square-enix.com/10thAnniversary/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/10thAnniversary/)

31st Mar 2013, 13:21
So, what to expect? Share your thoughts.

31st Mar 2013, 13:42
I expect awesome things this year. Mostly because they need to be awesome to make some money this year. I hope they do a special 10th anniversary thing for members though!

31st Mar 2013, 13:50
Happy Anniversary! A great 10 years, and great years to come!

2nd Apr 2013, 03:51
Translation khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Opens-10t... (http://khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Opens-10th-Anniversary-Site-3264)

5th Apr 2013, 07:37
i.imgur.com/xWrvL.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/xWrvL.jpg)

Lol, that's a bug/typo that I'll request to have fixed. We don't intend to call ourselves just Square.

-Three months later-

Will 2013 be the year when we see an Enix added to the View All Square Updates? na.square-enix.com/ (/)

7th Apr 2013, 00:01
Another month passes the prez steps down and still no news. Rumours of Bravely Default flutter around. Personally really hoping for the DQ7 3DS since that would sell ridiculously well given their partnership w nintendo if advertised right. DQ`10 I'm not caring about too much but would still want to see.

21st Apr 2013, 08:14
This will do the trick: na.square-enix.com/squareenixmembers/go/... (http://na.square-enix.com/squareenixmembers/go/article/view/262403/members_rewards_announcement)

"As a result of this unification, when the migration has completed, the Square Enix North American site and the Square Enix European site will be a joint effort, where the style, use and structure will mirror each other and be modeled after the current Square Enix European site design which you can view here (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/home)."

22nd May 2013, 13:39
The website is back up and running: www.jp.square-enix.com/10thAnniversary/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/10thAnniversary/)

gematsu.com/2013/05/square-enix-reopens-... (http://gematsu.com/2013/05/square-enix-reopens-10th-anniversary-countdown-site)

"As of April 1st we&rsquo;ve reached our 10th anniversary! We hope you&rsquo;ll continue supporting us going forward as well!

Well, last time on this site we said &ldquo;we are thinking about various things.&rdquo; Now, we are working on a lovely (and a tad heartwarming) site.

As soon as preparations are in order, the counter will start moving. Please wait a little longer. ROCK&rsquo;N ROLL!"

22nd May 2013, 14:55
When it closed it lead people to believe it was an April Fools joke Haha!

I wonder what they have planned.

23rd May 2013, 01:21
the countdown has started on the page....

it lists 15 hours (at the time I looked at it)

a twitter post from sqaure enix events said earlier

tomorrrow is when I finally stop teasing everyone, and our new booth addition is announced! exciting.

I wonder if the two are connected.

ok, maybe not ........

the site now has no counter but instead has a link to a trailer for bakusou yankee tamashi which was released ten years ago..... today i guess....

23rd May 2013, 02:39
Man that was so exciting!

Well worth the wait because today I learned a valuable lesson: Don't ever expect a countdown from SE to deliver on the hype. Thanks SE for another awesome trolling.

23rd May 2013, 04:11
Square Enix...Yantama? ROCK'N ROLL! ? www.jp.square-enix.com/yantama10th/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/yantama10th/)

24th May 2013, 17:54
The dissapointment... It hurts...