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11th Nov 2002, 21:36
If we do a RPG, its a good idea to know who you're dealing with. This thread will deal with character profiles. Here is what you might want to include:

Name: The name you want to use, can be something different from your username.

Age: How old you are in whatever calander you're using :D

Race: What race you are

Date of Birth: When you were born, if you use a different calander, explain what you're talking about.

Birthplace: Where you were born

Current Residence: Where you currently are

Currently assigned ship: What ship you are serving for/commanderring

Military alliances: If you are part of any navy, specify here

Background: The largest section, try to give as much detail as possible.

For clarity, i'll do mine:

Character profile for JSWY

Name: JSWY
Age: 15 (Human years)
Date of Birth: 19th August 3087 (Sol Calandar)
Race: Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Birthplace: Dadelus orbital complex, orbiting Mercury
Current residence: Ixphelos Alpha Orbital Platform, 42nd Dimension
Currently assigned ship: GM Hypernova
Military Alliances: None
3087 - Born in Dadelus Orbital complex
3090 - Taken to school at age three in the Sirius system
3097 - Due to the complexity of schooling, JSWY graduates in Fleet Command skills at age 10
3100 - JSWY is assigned to the Terran Navy in the Encia cival war, gets promoted to ship captain of the TN Hades within the month.
3101, Febuary 15th - JSWY leaves Terran navy and they grant him the use of the S3MW Supernova
3101, June 31st - JSWY discovers Waystation Zeta-Plural and is accepted into the community
3101, November 5th - The Great War breaks out
3101, December - Ghyron captures the Galactic seat of power, JSWY outlawed in all sectors
3102, January - Ghyron ousted, many lives lost, the Star is named Plenone. JSWY returns to Zeta Plural
3102, August - Zeta Plural destroyed by Solar maelstrom from Eidos
3102, September - Base on Aurora 2 sucked into 42nd Dimension after accident in planetary lab, only a interdimensional transmitter remains

There you go, try something like that :D

11th Nov 2002, 23:35
Name: Davidg

Age: 347 (Earth Years)

Race: Targ

Date of Birth: 2755 (Sol Calander)

Birthplace: Clik

Current Residence: Station Alpha 473, sector 002 (personal station, like a mansion in space)

Current Starship: ITS Dreanaught EXPT-01-A, and ITS Hermes EXPT-01-A-01

Millitary Alliance: Royal Targ Imperial Navy (1st Fleet, 1st Battalion, 1st Wing, Command Squad)


2755 - Born, Imperial City, Clik
2770 - Enroled, Imperial Science Academy
2780 - Graduated, Imperial Science Academy
2781 - Promoted, Ensign
Assigned, Royal Targ Imperial Navy, Science Division, ITS Beaufort NCC-2342
2785 - Promoted, Lieutenant
Assigned, Chief Science Officer, ITS Beaufort, NCC 2342
2786 - Battle of Maxia, Commanding Officer killed, Lieutenant Davidg takes command.
Promotion - Captian
Reassigned - Royal Targ Tactical and Command Academy
2790 - Graduated with Honors - Royal Targ Tactical and Command Academy
Assigned - ITS Centauri
2800 - Battle of Sirius Major, Victory - Targ
2880 - Reassigned - ITS Lira
2900 - Promoted - Admiral
2940 - Battle of Felanius - Victory - Targ
3100 - Reassinged - ITS Manu Intiraymi
3102 - Defeat - ITS Manu Intiraymi Destroyed
Reassinged - ITS Dreadnaught
3102 - Eximus Crisis
Karmarama 14 Crisis

12th Nov 2002, 10:14
Name: Sunrise
Age: 11
Race: Human
Date of birth: 20th March 3083
Birthplace: On Cargo ship JKL-649 inside the void
Current Residance: PLuto ( Desiging New Ship)
Current Starship: Designing New Ship


3083: Born on cargo ship JKL-649
Little of past known due to severe amnesia and parents deaceased.
3093: Won jovian Lottery (Triple Rollover)

12th Nov 2002, 15:00
Age: 1400 (unknownian age)
Race: Unknownian
Date of birth: somewere in the 1900(Sol calendar). Lived to long to remember exactly.
Birthplace: Sweden, Earth.
Current residence: In my sphere-ship.
Ship: The Black ?(questionmark)
Fleet: None yet. Only one ship.
Sol year 2000- fell throught a secret megauniversal-hyper-super-special- etc. etc. etc. Gate and got thrown to the planet of unknown(First i called it unknownica but then people could think it had anything to do with the planet with the same name in the games starkingdoms and galaxies ablaze. I started that but let it over to a friend).
Unknownian year 1-Arrived to the planet.
5-freed the planet from evil shadow beasts
10-started the first city.
25-Got elected to king of the planet.
100-The shadow beasts returned but got killed by the unknownian soldiers. MR? got the first shadow cloaking system.
500-MR? helped in the research of shadow cloaking systems MK II but they got forbidden after the researchers realised that they turned the wearer into a shadow beast when worn for a to long time.
1000-MR! arrived to the planet.
1050-MR? and MR! begun the first unknownian wars.
1250-MR? won over MR!
1300-MR! returned and destoryed the whole universe. MR? fled to waystation zeta plural.
1325-left the station for to do other things.
1350-Returned to find the whole station destroyed.
1375-found the new station and colonized a asteroid.
1390-rebuilt the asteroid to a big black sphere with a white ? on.

12th Nov 2002, 21:57
Name: Arctic Wolf
Race: Arctanian
Age: 47(Arctainian Solar Rotations)
DOB: 227th Day of the year 1751
Place of Birth: Susex Berthing Centre, Imperia Complenix
Current Residence: Asguard Construction Station, V.I.P Quaters
Current Occupation/s: Denfence Minister of the Arctanian Socialist Parliament

1751: Arctic Wolf was Born in Imperia Complenix
1752: Begins Basic Education in Imperia Compenix
1760: Passes Basic Education, First of Institute
1760-1: Tours each race's Capital Planet
1761: Begins Advanced Education
1765: Passes Advanced Education, First of Institute
1768: Begins Phsychic Training after discovering his Telepathic and Telekinetic abilities.
1770: Passes Phsychic Training, Second of Institute
1773: Applies for ASC Training
1773: ASC Training aproved and is Admitted to the Academy
1777: Passes Academy Training, First of Institute
1777: Given Rank, Commander, and Assigned to K.C.S.V Breten
1779: Assigned to T.C.S.V Koleski
1779:Fought in Battle of Yinto against Gors.
1780:Captured Gor Capital ship in Battle of Gromeck and forced Peace Treaty.
1780: Promoted to Admiral and Assigned to G.S.C.V Vallient
1780: Invited to join Socialist Shadow Cabinet as War Secretary, Accepted.
1784: Socialist Parliament Voted in, Arctic Wolf elected Minister of Defence
1788: Invited to be Party Leader, Declined.
1789: Promoted to Supreme Commander
1790-1793 Period of Heavy Warfare, Records recieved damage. Though G.C.S.V was destoyed so the S.C.S.V was hurredly completed with Supreme Commander Arctic Wolf assigned in Command. Lots of Battles then War over.
1795: Commemerative Statue of Arctic Wolf set in Orbit of Arctanius


Ship: S.C.S.V Valient
Fleet: Arctanian Exploratory Fleet: 2 Medium Cruisers and 1 Support/Hanger Craft;
T.C.S.V Valencia
T.C.S.V Enfield
K.C.S.V Sherman

22nd Nov 2002, 17:55
Name: Senor
Race: Spanish Salthogs
Age: 82 (Salthog working years)
Date of Birth:11th of the year 5000 (working years)
Place of Birth: War outpost Valencia, planet Spanisha
Ship: TCSV Valencia
Occupations:Engineer of the SCSV Valient/Commander of the TCSV Valencia
Military Alliances: Arctic Wolf (who i encountered by trying to sell him some goods, later my ship was incorporated into the GCSV Vallient's hull)
5000: Senor is born
5010: Begins basic trading and maintainence skills
5012: Finishes course and is assigned to military outpost La Coruna and participates in the Spanisha civil war Senor becomes war hero
5025: After three failed joinings(marriages) Senor decides to become Trader
5040: Senor watches many wars and decides to search for great space hero Arctic_Wolf
5059: Senor finds a strange being called Ghyron and his ship is destroyed, Senor is flung many lightyears towards Spanisha
5060: Is assigned command to the Trade ship Toledo.
5062: Encounters strange Grey with meddling powers and trades AI's with him
5069: Senor finally finds Arctic_Wolf and is appointed as engineer
5069: Senor participates in the great war against Ghyron
5070: becomes Captain of the TCSV Valencia