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11th Nov 2002, 17:33
In this month I have been a member of the eidos commandos community for one year!!

11th Nov 2002, 17:50
In this month I've been a member for 3 years! :p
...and moderator for 1 year! (and so has @m) :D

11th Nov 2002, 19:19
Who were moderators before you?

(and I registered on the forums in 1999, just forgot my username and password, didn't care much about it)

12th Nov 2002, 02:48
The mod was "anubis" AFAIK he was a pyro worker...

Buggered if I can remember when I first joined, it would've been when CBEL came out in 1998 under the name Jagd Adler or something along those lines, then dissappeared and came back as me :)

12th Nov 2002, 07:52
I've been around since october/november '99. So that makes this my third anniversary. I used to visit the Final Fantasy forums (still do now and then, but that place is near death). Since I recently restarted playing Commandos 2 (hoping to finish it this time) I decided to check this place out.

12th Nov 2002, 17:53
I've been here about 14 months and Anubis was EIDOS i believe.

13th Nov 2002, 06:16
I can only recall ANUBIS posting two or three times and I think that was before C2 was released

definately better to have active moderators

Thanks Xcom/@m you've done good :D

13th Nov 2002, 22:30
I cannot recall how far back was I here... must have been December 1999... still I love you guys...:D

though I have a long time to post here...

Iakovos :)

14th Nov 2002, 00:36

Iakovos, i didn't know you knew Yoda :D

14th Nov 2002, 03:47
till the summer when commandos came out i didnt knew about these forums.found about it in ctf:)