View Full Version : Thief and the Santa Cruz

11th Nov 2002, 15:18
To any taffers using the TB Santa Cruz sound card for playing Thief(preferably with a 4-speaker system): do you use any of this card's bells and whistles or "preset" combinations thereof? Do you notice much of any difference, and if so, what combination seems to give the most pleasing result?

13th Nov 2002, 06:45
I had a TB Santa Cruz, and it did not play Thief 2 properly. Many sounds were muddled and too low in volume, e.g., footsteps, but other sounds were loud. Others had similar problems. I traded it in on a SB Audigy. I really hated to do that, but that was the reality of it. I was using only two speakers (2.1).

13th Nov 2002, 18:57
Actually I am a newbie to multispeaker setups, I am still trying to learn what they can do. This is a brand new 'puter, with which I bought the "cheapo + 1" sort of speakers; I am using them strictly as rear speakers. For front speakers I am using what I had before, namely an old home stereo amp and speakers (which are *ancient* but do the job).

But I am interested to hear about sound problems with T2. My experience has been that pretty much everything except Garrett's voice is too soft. I have to crank it way up -- and then I jump out of my chair whenever he speaks. :p I originally wondered if it could be an EAX issue, but I have done some non-EAX FMs and had the same problem. It could still be a hardware issue: my old 'puter also had the same problem, but it also had a TB card. Did the Audigy make that much difference?

20th Nov 2002, 02:16
Sorry, I am a little behind in my posting. Yes, the Audigy made a big difference in the balance of the sounds in Thief 2. The overall volume is still less than in Thief 1 (it always was, regardless of sound card). I think Creative's support software stinks, however, so I deinstalled the control panel leaving just the bare bones drivers in place.