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11th Nov 2002, 04:06
I'm sure this has been discussed but how come it appears that William the Just/Nemesis' (some of) soldiers appear to be carrying soul reavers? They look identical to the one William wields?

Umah Bloodomen
11th Nov 2002, 04:15
I believe it was customary for militartistic forces to follow their leader, both in uniform and weaponry. Although there are obvious differences (such as tokens of rank in today's military) and maybe with William the Just, his armor was a different color and his sword was the actual reaver, it merely serves as a symbolic gesture of support.

We also nede to remember Moebius was pretty tight with Billy Boy and perhaps the Legions of the Nemesis were throwing it in the faces of others that they can take ancient principles and weild them for their own dark and genocidal purposes (both against humans and vampires - who originated from the Ancients responsible for the reaver - alike).

11th Nov 2002, 04:31
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11th Nov 2002, 05:18
Actually, when I saw the swords they used I was reminded of the landesknecht sword. The wavy blade is called flamberge. I think SK relied heavily in ancient history for inspiration (at least it got me inspired)


11th Nov 2002, 05:32
I have the same problem when I try accessing the website while I'm under a different screen name. I just get fustrated and switch screen names back.

11th Nov 2002, 16:12
I too think it may have been some sort of Flamberge type sword, they were using.
I am no expert, but eclipse_reaver's links explain some basic things about the sword nicely, especially the first one.

But the Reaver itself while maintaining some sort of similarity with this sword(wavy blade), is too short too be a flamberge-type sword, and the blade is too broad, I think. More like a crossover between flamberge(wavy shape of the blade) and bastard sword(length, structure). In that aspect it is more alike some Kris daggers.

12th Nov 2002, 00:44
I've heard a lot of people experiencing problems with XP. I'm still using Windows 2K Pro on my home computer and never experience any problems. I doubt I ever switch any time soon.