View Full Version : 'Party On' level driving me nuts! Please Help!!!

10th Nov 2002, 18:07
I've tried this one several times now.

No matter what I do or what I give them when they ask, I can only ever get my rating up to 3 stars and my population went as high as 281 at one stage.

I tried everything from closing the amusement arcade, spa and casino so that they would go to the disco's, party boats and clubs but I can only ever get my party people to about 100.

What am I doing wrong? I can't find any help anywhere for this game apart from here :confused:

Coconut Kid
12th Nov 2002, 14:39
Did you change the brand of beer? It sounds as if you are doing everything else correctly.

The default beer is Grimleys which would depress a recorded laugh track. You must use either Smileys or Cape Horn.

BTW, when you say "spa" I take it you mean what the game calls Jacuzzi. If you are going to close it, better close the Hotel Pool also. :cool:

12th Nov 2002, 15:19
Hi :)

Thanks for that. I'll try again when I'm over the tiredness of the last session on it (12-7am trying to get it right, lol).

I don't even think I changed the beer in that scenario. There were others where I did, but not this one.

And yes..... this Aussie says Spa for Jacuzzi cause it's what they are here :D

Coconut Kid
12th Nov 2002, 15:48
Here a spa is a fancy facility with exercise machines, steam rooms, and attendants. A jacuzzi is a trade name for a pump that circulates the water in old folk's bath tubs. The thing pictured in the game is a hot tub, part of the mating ritual in some parts of society. Well, that part that has leisure time anyway.

12th Nov 2002, 16:13
I guess I don't have long to go with this game, so I am wondering if should sell it on Ebay when finished or hold on for add-on's etc? :D

Btw - a spa to you would be like a retreat to us.... not that we really have many here in Aus, lol.

Coconut Kid
12th Nov 2002, 16:22
The way they have it set up, I'd bet on some add-ons.

When they did locking, sequential scenarios, they must have known that 75% of the buyers would be done with it in one run through. If they don't come out with an add-on (and soon) the market will be flooded with used copies. :rolleyes:

12th Nov 2002, 16:26
So true. Compared to other building sims such as the Impression series', Roller Coaster Tycoon and the Sims - it leaves a lot to be desired as far as length, overall difficulty and value for money goes.

I wish the website had been completed for the game. Perhaps some extra downloadable scenarios wouldn't go astray until they release an add-on?