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10th Nov 2002, 16:26
Hi I never wrote this story below, but I can not find it again anywhere on the forum. But I though that you might like to read it or finnish it. Once again I take no credit for this story. I didn't write it ! Enjoy.

The big sleeping pod door opened, and Wayne walked out.
"Well, another wonderfull day begins."
And with that, he walked out of the sleeping pod, and strolled past a security droid checking on the berth. Wayne emerged from the room, and looked arround. The immense size of the station never ceased to amaze him. He headed over twords the lavatron to freshen up before work.
Wayne looked just like any other gray that passes through the port of Waystation Omega-6. Unlike the other gray's that worked there, he didn't work in the sick bays. He didn't even have any skill in the feild of medicine.That's probably why the mannager of the station put him on Litter duty.
Sure, he got laughed at with his satchel and his litter stick. He wanted a mini-transporter like the scuzzers used, but the budget wouldn't allow for it. It didn't even allow for any new scuzzers, which is why he was hired.
"The first gray in history" thought wayne to himself as the spray of the cleansing mist washed arround his exterior, "to become a janitor."
And with that, the door to the lavatron opened, and Wayne walked out. He went over to the employee lockers and grabbed his stick and satchel. He also took down his gun and placed it in it's inviso-holster.
As he put the holster on, he thought to himself "Mabye today i should keep the gun visible, so mabye people would give me more respect". But then his better judgement kicked in, and he pressed the small on switch.
Wayne closed the locker, and went over to the dine-o-mats to start working. As he worked, he contemplated shooting himself with his gun, to end all his worries. Then he pushed that out of his mind.
Two clicks later, he thought about shooting all the snobby Gem slugs on the station instead. That brought a small grin to his face, but then realized that the gray nature in him would never let him go through with it.
So he continued on with his mundane tasks, hating every minute of it. The quote from that morning still hanging, like a venusian whore, from the top of his pear shaped head.
But if only Wayne had known what would be in store for him that day.

Chapter 1:
"Put your hands up Wayne, your surrounded, put your satchel and stick down slowly". Shouted a gruff, threating voice from behind Wayne.
Slowly, but surely, Wayne put his satchel and stick down onto the cold hard metal floor, and then raised his hands. He had no clue why security could be busting him. He figured that they may have gotten him confused with another gray. This happens often, being as gray's are all exact copies of each other, at least on the outside.
"What ever it is, i didn't do it, i swear!" exclaimed Wayne in panic.
Wayne did so
Wayne did so
"Chuk is god, and i'm........hey wait a second!!!!" Wayne stammered
He got up, and turned arround to find his three best friends standing there laughing their apendages off.
Wayne was not the only non-scuzzer on litter duty. There were three other aliens, who were not hired because of their individual skill, because they had none. They were hired because the managment needed cheap labor to pick up garbage while there was no energy to buy scuzzers. They were Monty the Salt hog, Beepzeep the targ (who everyone called BZ), and Chuk the Gor. All four had met the first day of work, and they had all taken a liking to each other from the start. They were perfect for each other. Chuk was the joker, Wayne was the one to keep everyone grounded, Monty was the brains, and BZ was the lackey who did grunt work, and laughed at whatever Chuk happened to do.
"Dude, you should have seen yourself when Chuk first yelled at you. You jumped 3 digits into the air!" exclaimed BZ, rolling arround in the air, his tiny targ wings fluttering about.
"You know, I don't care whatever you guys say, that was in NO way, shape, or form; FUNNY!" Exclaimed Wayne in protest.
The three didn't even hear Wayne over the sound of their own laughter.
Just as the three practial jokers settled down, a security scuzzer waddled over in it's penguin like way, and addresed the four.
"You four are to report to Security Control station 3 now." It said in it's robotic, monotone voice.
"Awe great, just when we're having a good time, it's back to work, i guess they caught our little joke, and are gonna throw us out of the station." reported Monty.
The four walked over to the SC and were confronted with the captain of the Security Force.
"Gentlemen, this is of the utmost importance. There is a security scuzzer out of power on Rec Deck section 7, and we need you four to go retrieve it." stated the Gor Captain.
"Why can't you have a couple mk3's go and get him if he's just out of power?" asked Monty.
"Probably cause there's no room in the budget for it" whispered Chuk. BZ found this of funny as **** and tried to stop laughing, but couldn't help it.
"This is no laughing matter Mr. Zeep" Stated the Gor. "The problem is that the scuzzer was carrying a bomb planted by a terrorist. Now we need you four to go and restart the scuzzer so he can difuse the bomb. Most improtantly, the rest of the station can't know about this. We don't want a panic. And we can't send in any scuzzers because we don't have any to spare. Budget, you know."
"Great" thought Wayne "A suicide mission. I knew i should have shot myself today."
Chapter 1: Part 2!
The ride up to the rec deck was quiet. Not like there's any time to talk during the ride, but i just thought i'd mention that.
The four friends stepped off the elevator, and peered arround Waystation Omega-6's huge rec-deck. Anything one could ask for, was here. It was very beautiful, in an industrial, New York City kinda way. The four scanned the area, and saw the poor little security scuzzer. Shut down, right in probably the most important part of the station, holding about 10lbs. worth of explosives.
The four walked over to the scuzzer, and made a small circle arround it so the on-lookers couldn't interfere.
"Man, of all the places for a scuzzer holding a bomb to break down. It just has to be here." Stated Monty.
They were all standing within 3 feet of the entrances to the biggest Love nest, the biggest Slugpartments, and the biggest Rough Bar in the station.
"Something is too fishy about this." Said Wayne. "The probability of a scuzzer breaking down here is way to high, and with a bomb no less. Some one planned this."
"Why would any one want to do this? I mean, there are plenty of other places the person could have put the bomb, why right here?" asked BZ.
"Simple" answered Monty "If this bomb blows up, then three races will be affected: The slugs, the sirens, and the gors. The casulties of this bomb would be huge. The slugs, sirens, and the gors would not stand for such heavy casulties. They would come and take out the station. One alien race trying to destroy a station is bad enough, but three. Well, do you think we'd be able to survive Chuk?"
"We've got a better chance of surviving being thrown out into space without a spacesuit then surviving a three race attack." stated Chuk.
"Then we can't allow anyone to get hurt." Said Wayne, his inner Gray instincts coming out. "I'll go restart the scuzzer, because we can't let whoever it is that planted this to get away with it."
Just then, as if responding to Wayne's comment, a light came on the bomb in the scuzzer's hand. Then all of a sudden, a voice was heard. Someone from earth would have said it sounded like the late Vincent Price, but then no one from earth was there, so the four just thought it sounded weird.
"Well well well, so someone is trying to stop me from destroying this way station. Well the great attractor can tell you that it's not going to happen. I took too long planning this out, and nobody is going to stop me. Just try to disarm the bomb, here, i'll make it easy for you."
With that, a small pannel opened up in the front of the bomb, and there were two wires. One red, one green.
"OOOOO, christmas colors." remarked Chuk, but no one laughed.
"All you have to do is cut one of the wires. One wire will set off the bomb, the other will disarm it. And oh, by the way. You have 30 seconds. Good luck, the great attractor, out."
"Which one should i cut?" asked Wayne, tensely.
"The Red one" shouted monty
"The Green one" shouted BZ
"Take the money!" shouted Chuk
"Wait," said wayne "This is too easy. I don't think this guy would just give us a fair chance to disarm the bomb. I bet if you cut any wire it explodes."
"Are you out of your mind?" shouted BZ
"20 seconds left!" said Monty
"Look, what about we don't cut any wires, then mabye the bomb won't go off?" asked Wayne
"I don't think that's the way it works dude." shouted Chuk "Whenever McKasgaGiver has a bomb, it's always the blue wire."
"THERE IS NO BLUE WIRE!" Screamed Wayne in disgust
"10 seconds" said Monty, clearly sweating.
"Cut the red one" said BZ
"Cut the green one" shouted Chuk
"Wait, what am i gonna cut them with?" asked Wayne
This puzzled all of them. They wondered why none of them had brought wire cutters. It had never occured to them to bring them just incase something like this happened.

"Damn you insects" Shouted the voice from the bomb that sounded strangely like Vincent Price "I told you to cut a wire to disamr the bomb. Of course, cutting either wire would have set it off, as would have cutting both wires, but what do you do? You cut nothing! I am not pleased. The Great Attractor is not in the least bit ammused. I will be back, and then no one will stop me!"
With this, the scuzzer turned back on, and gave the bomb to a mk2 to send to the recycler.
"Well, that was fun, let's go get a beer." said Chuk.
They all agreed that a beer was defanetly what they all needed, and they walked off twords section 13 and their favorite bar.
They would all need their beer's. For they knew it was going to be a long hard day for all four of them, but they never could have guessed how hard it was going to be.
.Chapter 2!!!!!!!!
The four friends treged over to their favorite rec bar. They walked in and found a table, it wasn't hard because there wasn't usually anyone in here, which is why they liked it.
They sat down at their usuall table, and put in their usuall order: Two snargle fizz's, a jung-hung, and a pan-galatic gargle blaster. The owner of the bar, a little karma named Spacey Moonbubble, strolled over and talked to them.
"Urgey, urgey urgey urgey, urgey urgey urgey" said Spacey
"Yeah" said Monty "it's been a long morning."
"Urgey?" Asked spacey
"No, we were disarming a bomb" said Wayne "We weren't anywhere near the space dock this morning."
"Urgey urgey. Urgey urgey urgey."
"No thx, one is enough." Said Chuk
"They didn't!" excalimed BZ
"Urgey, urgey urgey, urgey urgey!"
"Well see if I ever use a love nest ever again." Said BZ.
"Urgey, urgey urgey"
"Well, ok then. See ya tomorrow Spacey" Said Wayne
"Ok, bye" said spacey.
"Poor guy, with his broken translator" said Monty "good thing ours are still working, else he'd just sound like gibberish."
Just then a small space vermin ran through the doors of the bar. Chuk took out his blaster and shot the pest into oblivion.
"Target practice!" said Chuk with his huge gor grin plastered on his face.
BZ, of course, busted a gut at this.
"Well, we better get back to work" said Wayne "we don't want to get docked in our pay."
Just then, as the four were finsihing their drinks, a salt hog walked into the bar.
"Hey look" said Chuk "it's a new guy, let's invite him over."
No sooner had this been said, then the hog came over to their table.
"Mind if i sit with you guys?" it said.
"Well, we were just going, but you can have our table." Said Monty
"Ok, thanks" It said "And by the way, my name is ughhhhhhhhhhhh"
"Your name is ughhhhhhhh?" asked Chuk
"No, my name is ughhhhhhhhhhhh" the salt hog said, clutching it's chest
"Must have had the dine-o-mat special" said Chuk
Just then, the salt hog colapsed onto the floor of the bar, curling up in the fetal position, clutching his chest.
"I don't know what this is," Wayne thought to himself "But this in no way can be good."

CHAPTER 3!!!!!

"Get him onto the table, i'll try and see if i can help him." Shouted wayne
They shoved him on the table, and wayne stood over him.
"Well, he's in a lot of pain, i can tell that." explained wayne.
"Great job doc, what other brilant deductions are you gonna make?" Quiped Chuk
"Spacey, we need some grays from Sick Bay down here, go get some!" Shouted Monty
"Urgey, urgey urgey?"
"No, we don't want another round, WE NEED GREYS!" Screamed Monty
"Ugggggggggggg!" yelped the hog, as he writhed in pain on the table.
Suddenly, a bulge appeared in the salt-hog's garments, over his stomache.
"Oh tark, oh tark, o tark" was all BZ could muster at the moment.
Then, the hog's shirt ripped open, and a small black claw poked out of the hole.
"RUN!!!!!!!!" Screamed Wayne
Everyone in the bar, which was five people ran outside, just in time to see the salt-hog take his final breath as the Skrasher burst from his chest.
"URGEY! My beautiful urgey!" sobbed spacey.
The four aliens took out their guns and started blasting away at the skrasher, but it seemed to have no affect on him. All arround them, sirens were going off, allerting the station to the presence of the beast. Aliens came running from all corners of the station, lazers drawn, ready to take down the monster. The steady stream of lazers seemed to be hurting the monster, but not enough to stop him from destroying the bar.
The room exploded in a shower of sparks, and then, the monster was loose. Knowing it would be dead soon, it ran. It headed straight for the nearest wall, to try and rip a hole in the ship, so as to destroy it's attackers.
Many people do not know this, but adult skrashers can survive in space. They also can survive the re-entry into a planet's atmosphere because of their hard outter shell. The lack of oxygen doesn't kill them, but puts them in a state of suspended animation. When they can breathe again, weather it be on a planet or in a ship, they come back to life and continue their destruction.
The skrasher made it to the hull, and began to claw it, and as it did, more alarms began to sound.
"Hull breach in progress, hull is down to 75% strength" stated a computerized voice over the speaker system.
The bulkhead doors on either side on the sction began to close, all the civilians began to run to try to make it out before they were without oxygen.
"Hull down to 50% strength"
All the while, the skrasher continued to claw, and the employees continued to fire the lazers.
"Hull is at 25% strength, warning, hull breach iminent"
"Oh tark," shouted Wayne "I'm to young to be thrown out into space." And with that, he picked up a piece of trash from his stachel, and threw it at the monster.
The skrasher turned arround, to see who had done this, and then his life expired and he colapsed onto the floor.
"Good job everyone" shouted a high ranking gor. He then radioed back to SC that the scuzzer was dead and that the hull needed repairs.
In about 10 seconds, the bulkhead doors opened, and a team of scuzzers swarmed in to fix the hull. The security forces dissipated as they went back to their normal jobs. All that was left was the skrasher, the scuzzers, and the four friends.
"Never a dull moment on Waystation Omega-6" cracked Chuk
The four laughed, but it was a nervous, "I've come face to face with death twice today" kind of laugh.
If they had known how many times they would face death that day, they wouldn't be laughing.
Chapter 4: Part 1!!!!!!!!!!

For a while, they just stood there. They didn't know what to do, so the four of them just stood there, looking at the scuzzers repairing the damaged hull, and looking at the Turraken scientists put the skrasher body onto a gurney so they could take it to the lab in section 7 and do an autopsy (don't ask me why gray's don't do autopsy's, they being the ones who are medically inclined, hey, i said don't ask me!)
Finally, one of the Turraken's came over to the four friends.
"Hello? Any one home?" asked one of the heads, while the other one was scribbling on a notepad "I'm one of the scientists here, and we're taking the skrasher body away to be autopsy'ed. I think it might be a good idea for you four to come along, since you were the first four on the scene of the attack"
The four snapped out of their trance-like state, and nodded their heads.
"Good, then follow me"
As they followed the turraken, they saw Spacey being consoled by a Gor officer, telling him he would be compensated for the damage, while Spacy just wailed in half-Karmaramaese and half-common with his broken translator, staring at where his bar had been.
Ten clicks later they were in the station's only science lab, located in sector seven. Wayne hated the science lab, because there was too much white. The walls were white, the equipment was white, the lab coats the scientists wore were white, even the floor was white (which was very very rare on Waystation Omega-6, and Wayne should know, he was a janitor there) and all this scared him. If the Turrakens had happened to be white skinned, then Wayne probably would have gone insane, and from the looks of it, the other three weren't having a plesant stay either.
They were all four, standing there against a wall, watching the body of the skrasher rotate in the big machine in the center of the room as all the lights flickered on and off on all the machinery in the room.
After about two cycles, the body disappeared, and the turraken that was at the machine in the center came over to them.
"Well, it seems we've discovered something quite intresting about this skrasher." announced one head.
"Quite right" said the other "Encoded into the creatures's DNA, there seems to be an audio message. This is quite unusual, because none of the other Skrasher bodies seem to have this trait. We're working on decoding the message."
"Decoding complete" announced one turraken from the other side of the room.
"How delightful" announced the turraken standing close to the four friends "This way".
With that he led them to the central machine, and pressed a series of buttons.
"YOU FOOLS!" shouted the same strange voice that had come from the scuzzer-bomb earlier in the morning. "You ABSOLOUTE QUELOODS! First you destroy my scuzzer bomb, now my specially engineered skrasher has been killed. You shall pay dearly for this inhabitants of Waystation Omega-6! You have not heard the last from the Great Attractor. Well, you might have heard the last from me, if my next plan goes according to plan then you'll all be dead, so you can't very well hear from me when your dead, so this is possibly the last time you'll here from me, if things go according to plan then OH WHAT THE TARK AM I GOING ON ABOUT? YOU'LL ALL BE DEAD SOON, SO I DON'T CARE IF YOU HEAR FROM ME AGAIN. Ta-ta!"
With that the voice stoped.
"That's the whole message" explained the turraken, with a large ammount of fear in his voice
The other Turraken in the lab seemed as frightened as their co-worker, if not more so.
"Well, you gotta give the dude credit..." said Chuk.
The others looked at him the way one looks at someone who has just said something utterly insane.
"Well, he's persistant!" he finished.
That seemed to shock the stunned scientists out of their state, and once again, the lab was filled with the usuall noises.
The four walked out of the lab, all worried about the latest threat.
"Well, we suceeded in stoping him the first two times" said Monty "And we might be able to stop him again, but eventually he will win."
This frightened the four, but they knew that they had to try.

: Chapter 4: Part 2!!!!!!!!
"Ok, so we know this dude is gonna strike again, so what's our next move?" Asked BZ.
"There's nothing we can do" said Monty "we can only wait and see what happens."
"Mabye we should tell SC about this, so that they can help out." said Wayne.
"I agree, for once, this is way over our heads." explained Chuk
The other three nodded their heads in agreement, and headed off to SC to tell the captain of their prediciment. On the way, they passed a confused looking gor.
"Hey, can you guys help me out?" asked the Gor.
"Sure, what do you need?" replied Chuk
"Well i'm new here, and i can't seem to find Security Control, i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction." explained the Gor.
"It just so happens that we're on our way to SC as well, so you can come with us." offered Monty.
"Hey, thanks." said the gor.
They all continued on together, but Wayne was sensing something wasn't right. He pulled Chuk a little ways away from the others to talk to him.
"Hey, there's somthing not right about this guy." wispered Wayne "he's just too happy and cheery, i don't know any other gors that are that happy and cheery."
"Well what the tark am i?" asked Chuk "Chopped Plutonium?"
"Ok, ok, so mabye there are gor's out there that aren't crass and ill-tempered all the time, it's just this feels really fishy" replied Wayne.
"Oh, you just worry too much grey-boy. Everything is ok." explained Chuk.
"Chuk is right," thought wayne, "but there is something still fishy about this Gor".
But he didn't have any more time to think about it, becaus they were at their destination.
The five walked inside, the captain came up to greet them, well, mabye greet isn't the best word.
"I told you idoits never to come in here without authorization! And what do you do? You waltz in here, and with a Civilian no less! I can't believe they let you carry lazers." Ranted the Captain
"Actually, i'm a new recruit here sir, they were just escorting me here so i didn't get lost, don't take it out on them." responded the new Gor.
"I see, in that case, welcome aboard recruit." replied the captain to the gor, then he turned to look at the four friends with a menicing glare "As for you four, don't you have some trash to pick up?"
With that the captain walked away with the new Gor.
"Well, we really need to come back here more often, i haven't had one of the Captain's pep-talks in such a long time." Said Chuk, lathering every letter with scarcasm.
"Yeah, let's go" said BZ.
With that, the four turned to walk out, when Wayne stopped them.
"Hold on, that Gor seemed like a nice guy, and he even stood up for us, i'm gonna go see if he wants to have some drinks with us." said Wayne.
The others noted their agreement, and Wayne walked back twords the Captain and the New gor.
He had just rounded the central machine, and saw the two hulks standing at a controll pannel. Wayne figured he'd better wait, lest he receive another "pep-talk" from the captain again. So he watched the two conversing about the scenes on the screen. Just then, he something shiney in the new Gor's hang caught his eye, but he shruged it off as his eyes playing tricks on him. But then he saw it again. He rubbed his eyes, and saw that the gor was holding a lazer blaster. At first he didn't care, because this was SC, everyone carried a lazer, but then he found himself staring at the gun.
Then it hit him, why would anyone have their gun out? All the workers were given a inviso-holster to conceal their weapon, but this gor didn't seem to have one. That meant that he wasn't a recruit here, but he had a gun. What did that mean?
Wayne drew his lazer, and trained it on the spy, then he pulled the trigger.
The gor colapsed forward onto the monitor.
"What the tark just happened?" Screamed the Captain.
"He was an assiassan, sent to kill you, sir." explained Wayne.
"Your in trouble now." muttered the Gor, as he got up and trained his lazer on Wayne. "and if any of you other gors decide to help your little friend, then he gets it between the eyes!"
Just then, three lazer blasts threw the gor into the wall of the SC. Wayne looked up and saw Chuk, BZ and Monty with their blasters drawn.
"We heard some lazer fire, and we didn't wanna miss out on the party!" said Chuk
The gor got back up, but by this time, everyone in the room had their lazers on the gor.
"You can kill me, but The Great Attractor will get you all in the end!" Shouted the gor.
With that, everyone fired.
The gor didn't stand a chance. For the second time that day, the four friends watched a dead body get put on a streacher, only this one was taken to the recycler.
"Well, i have to say thank you." Said the captain, coming up behind the four. "You really saved me today, i was wrong about calling you idoits."
"Well sir, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to us." said BZ
"Well, don't take it to heart, now GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!"
Then they were shoved out of the SC, and were back on the Teck deck.
"Well, how long do you think it will be untill The Great Attractor strikes again?" asked Monty.
"I don't know" said Wayne "But we have to be ready!"

Here's Chapter 5

The four friends were walking twords section 3 on the tech deck, from section 4 and the SC they had just come from.
"Hey, you guys wanna hear a joke?" asked Chuk, trying to lighten the mood after they had faced death for about the fourth time today.
"Do we have a choice?" asked Monty.
"NO!" yelled Chuk. "Now what's the diffrence between a ultra-lamp and a Gem Slug?" he asked.
But he never got to finish the joke(it was a bad one anyway) because just then a giant tube came up through the floor of section three.
Alarms went off everywhere, the regular lights went out, and the emergency power red lights came on. A computerized voice announced a message over the PA system.
"Hull Breach in Tech Deck Floor, section 3. Repeat, Floor breach on Tech Deck section 3. Artifical atmosphere decreasing, bulkhead doors closing."
With that all the inhabitants flooded out of section three as the bulkhead doors closed.
"What now?" asked BZ.
As the bulkhead doors shut, the four saw a few heavily armed aliens crawl out of the giant tube, and took over the section's buildings.
"Oh tark, we're being invaded!" shouted Wayne.
"All security forces, report to SC #3 in section 4 ASAP!" shouted the voice of the captain over the PA.
"Well at least we don't have far to walk." Pointed out Chuk.
The four jogged over to the SC, and waited outside to watch the giant screen because the inside had been closed off from lack of space. As they stood there, hundreds of aliens from arround the ship came and stood there to receive their briefing, en masse.
After a few clicks, the captain's image came up onto the screen, and the entire crowd saluted him.
"Men, we have a state of emergency here. Tech deck section three has been take over by enemy forces who punched their way through the floor of th station. We're not sure how they got past scanners, but i'm guessing that some of the targs were not at their posts. I know who those people are, and after this conflict is over, they will be dealt with, sevearly!" announced the captain.
Several of the targs stooped down in shame, trying to hide their faces.
"Currently, the enemy has made no contact with us, and we have no idea as to why they are here....." said the captain, when he was interupted by another gor who whispered something in his ear.
"I see" said the captain to the gor. "I have just been informed that a video message has been sent to us by out friends in section 3. We are going to play it now."
With that the captain's image was replaced with an image of a dark figure sitting down staring at the camera with a Meamu in his lap, which he was stroking. The outline of the figure was not clear because of the bad lighting, so the race could not be determined.
"Is it on?" asked the figure with his Vincent Price like voice "Oh, it's on! You IDOIT! why didn't you tell me it was on? Ah, greetings inhabitants of Waystation Omega-6. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Great Attractor, soon to be a galicticly known ultra-terrorist. I say soon to be known because as soon as i destroy this station, everyone will know of me! Muh HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now i am willing to make a trade. If you make no offence against me, and just send me the Gray responsible for foiling my previous plans. If you do this, then i will allow the people of this station to escape with their lives. And i do sugest that you listen to me, because i really am in a bad mood today and i will beat your forces into a pulp. Thanks in advance! Ta-ta! ....... Ok, are we off? Thank god, i'm getting cold without any lights on in here. Some one get me a pan galatic-gargle blaster. What? What do you mean we're still recording? YOU IDOIT! I SHOULD TAKE MY ARM AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR"
With that, the feed cut and the captain's image came back up on the screen.
"So did you see that episode of Tarkhole last night? That Johhny Grasknichville is one funny mother......Oh, i'm back on. Any way troops, as you can see, we're up against a mad man. I know of no Gray that is supposed to have stopped his plans. We will start a full frontal assault in half a cycle, be ready. That is all." and with that the captain went off the screen, and some one started playing PONG on the screen.
"Dude" said Monty to Wayne "He know's who you are, and he wants your behind. I'd really hate to be you."
"Thanks for the support Monty." Replied Wayne. "So what the tark am i supposed to do? I'm not gonna go surrender, but i don't want anyone else to be killed because of me."he said with a large sigh. "Why did i even wake up today?"

Chapter 5: Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Muster points were being set up all against the walls of the section as the security turrets were being set positioned next to the bulkhead. The massive army of Waystation Omega-6 was gathered, and all were ready to kick some alien buttox. All that is, except for four.
"Why the tark is it always me?" Asked Wayne with a hint of anger in his voice. "I wanna know what i did to deserve this!"
"Hey man, mabye your just having a bad cycle." tried Monty, trying his best to sound comforting.
"Well then i guess i've been having a bad cycle for the past 512 million galactic rotations!" Screamed Wayne with loads of anguish in his voice. He then proceeded to have a good cry.
If you've never seen a Gray cry, then you are truly missing out. To the grays, the cry is a sacred and time honored tradition, not to be made fun of or take likely. But to the rest of the galixy, it's one of the funniest sights in the known universe. This poses a moral dilema. The grays cry, but then get laughed at by all their friends, as well as any passers-by. The grays then are humilated and ashamed that their traditions are subject to public ridicule. They then usually talk to the nearest monk and become a penitant so as to not have to suffer being laughed at ever again. I would describe the sight to you, as it IS gut bustingly funny, but it is extremely hard to describe. Any attempt on my part to try to describe it would not give it justice. It's one of those "you have to see it to believe it" jobs.
In any case, this posed a great question to Wayne's three friends. Do they stay and inevibitly laugh at him, causing him to shun society and become a religious convert? Or do they leave him in his time of greatest need, and chance loosing a dear friend because of their.........um........errr......horrible friendship....atiude? Yeah, that'll work.
Chapter 5: Part 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne broke down. Thw whole section was filled with the sound of his large sobs. Everyone turned and laughed. Everyone in the entire section laughed at this hillarious site. Even Chuk, BZ and Monty could not help but laugh. It was extremely funny, but they knew that it would probably cost them a dear friend.
Then as soon as he had started, Wayne stopped.
"Well that felt good, i think i can go on now." said Wayne.
"You mean you're not going to go away and become a penitant because we all laughed at you?" asked BZ.
"Nah" shrugged Wayne. "I've been laughed at before, one more time isn't going to make any diffrence to me. Besides, even if it did, the monks would never convert me. I can't get within three nanoclicks of a temple. I tried to go there for some religious comfort one time, and somehow the temple crumbled as soon as i stepped in it. From then on, the monks react to me as if i carry some realy contageous disease."
"Whoa, that's pretty weird." said Monty.
But the friends had no time to chat anymore, because just then, a parade of security scuzzers paraded by, on their way to the locking mechanism to break open the bulk head doors. The four friends followed the line of scuzzers, and stopped short of the locking mechanism by about 3 clicks.
"Well, anybody got any thing to say that will boost our sprits?" asked Wayne.
"I do!" exclaimed chuk.
"Don't say anything!" replied the other three in unison.
At that moment, the doors slowly began to open, and the four friends drew their weapons, and readied for battle.
"Well, here i am" thought Wayne to himself "facing death in the eye for the umpteenth time again today. I really should get hazard pay for this!"

Chapter 5: Part 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The bulkhead doors slowly opened, and as they did, the security towers stationed along side the army of Waystation Omega-6 began to boot up.
The strange thing was, there were no aliens to shoot.
The doors opened up to a scene of utter destruction. The many rooms that had made up the section were now half destroyed, all shutdown because of lack of power. Bodies of dead aliens were strewn about everwhere, many with gaping lazer blast holes in them.
The horror of the situation was too much for many of the warriors, and they ran off to a dark corner to vomit in peace.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the giant doors clicked into place, and the captain's voice was heard over the intercom.
"All right troops, it looks like there won't be any need for most of you as there is no one left here. All but the front two lines of troops are allowed to return to your normal activities. Those of you in the front two lines are to search the section and make sure that there are no invaders left, as well as look for survivors. That is all." announced the captain, with just a hint of sorrow in his voice.
"Why aren't they bringing in the security scuzzers to secure the section?" asked BZ.
"Because the captain wants to make sure that the place is clear." explained Monty "It's line 45, code 1478320.5 of the Universal Terrorist Laws for Dummies. Didn't you read it?"
"Well of course" replied Chuk "it's just that i skipped over that part because it was a little boring. Well, so i skipped that chapter. Ok, so i didn't read the book, sue me all ready!"
"Well, we better get going." announced Wayne.
The four walked into the deserted section.
Wayne immedeatly wished he hadn't been in the front two lines. The urge to vommit was intense, and he had to muster all his strength to keep it subdued. The scene was like one out of a bad space movie. Lights flickering on and off, illuminating the dead, lifeless forms strewn about the section. Various diffrent colored bodily fuids from several races mixed together and created a puddle of brownish-greenish liquid which smelled of turpentine and fish-paste and was everywhere.
The four friends strolled over to a nearby destroyed sickbay, and pried open the now energy-deficient doors. They walked inside, and now all four of them had to hold back urges to puke. Bodies were piled everwhere with large gaping holes in their heads.
"Looks like this building's empty of life, let's move on." Said Monty.
They all turned arround, and as they walked out, wayne remarked "If only i had known what dis-arming that bomb would do, then i probably would have just set it off then."
Suddenly several heavily armed gors appeared, seemingly out of nowhere behind the four, and they grabbed Wayne and started off twords the opposite end of the section.
"Hey, where are you taking me?" Screamed Wayne, to no avail
"We have the Grey sir." said one Gor into a wrist-com.
Chuk, BZ and Monty ran after the gors, but they couldn't keep up, as they were struggling to avoid dead bodies, debris, and pools of bodily fluids.
"HELP!!!!!!" shouted Wayne as he was taken arround a corner and out of sight of his friends. With his shout, one of the gors shoved a gag into his tiny Gray mouth.
It was dark, so Wayne could not make out where they were going. Suddenly, he heard the bulkhead doors closing, and he wondered what these monsters had in store for him. He didn't have much time to think about it though, because he was then thrown down on the floor, and knocked unconsious with the butt of a lazer pistol. Everything went black for Wayne, and it would be a while before he woke up.

Chapter 6: Part 1 !!!!!!!
"Ugggggggg, anyone get the licence of that ship?" graoned Wayne as he slowly regained consousness. "Man, i wonder how long i was out for?" he asked to no one inparticular.
"Aproxmately 5.83 cycles" said a voice.
"Oh, but i disagree, i counted 5.829 cycles." said another voice.
"But i rounded the number up, so as not to confuse our groggy friend over there" said the first voice.
Wayne rubbed his eyes and sat up. He looked arround. He surmised that this was a berth, pre-invasion, but now there were no sleeping pods, the walls were heavily damaged, there were even some holes here and there. He saw a broken chronometer on the floor in the far corner, the pendulem now ceased by lack of energy. What he didn't see was who the voice belonged to.
"Hello? Who's There? Where are you?" announced wayne, more then a bit nervous.
"Well, to answer your questions in the proper order" said the first voice "Greetings, We're here, and Right behind you!"
Wayne slowly turned arround and was confronted by a strangly familiar looking Turraken.
"So we meet again?" said the second head.
"Oh don't confuse him. He's just come to after a long while, and you have to go and mess with his head! I really wish that you would lighten up sometimes!" shouted the first head.
"QUIET DOWN IN THERE!" came a gruff voice from outside the berth door, followed quickly by several bangs on the door.
"Ok, will one of you, preferably the one on the left, tell me what the tark is going on?" asked Wayne, bewildered and overlaoded by the entire ordeal.
"Ok, i'll tell you, but only if my other half will have the decency to keep quiet!" said the first, directing the end of the statement less twords Wayne, and more twords the other head.
"Well, well, well, now who's the one who should lighten up?" replied the second.
"As i was about to say" started the first "I am Bob, my devoid-of-brain-matter companion over to my left is Rob. We, well, actually, I met you earlier in the day when you took the skrasher in for an autopsy."
"Oh yeah" exclaimed Wayne "I remember you."
"Oh joy, oh rapture." announced Rob.
"Will you put a sock in it?" asked Bob, quite irked.
"Well, you don't have to go postal on me Bob! Jeeze, what crawled up your rectal cavity and died?" replied Rob.
"To correct you, my annoying friend, it's OUR rectal cavity, and i beleive it was your manners. I'm supprised that it's taken you this long to realize it's gone." Quiped Bob.
"Hey, will you two shut up? You gonna get whoever is on the otherside of that door angry, then he's gonna come in here and assult us with whatever weapon he's carrying." said Wayne.
"Ok, as i was saying" said Bob "We met earlier in the Lab. And I was so intruiged by the whole 'Great Attractor' bit that i got worried by it, so we came up here to rest."
"Wait a minute." Said Wayne "Why are you using both I and We?"
"Mostly because Rob over there was too lazy to work this morning, so he decided to sleep all morning. The thing that most people don't know is that Turrakens don't have eyelids, so it looked like he was awake and working, but it was all me." explained Bob.
"Well the only reason why i was sleeping is because Mr."I'll just have one one more drink" was up half the night washing away his sorrows with pan galatic gargle blasters." replied Rob.
"Oh? So i have a drinking problem now huh?" asked Bob "Well if getting drunk one night a month is a drinking problem, then mabye i do. But let's bring up your problems. How much money have you spent on sirens in the last month? Better yet, in the last week! And i don't even want to get into your addiction to medical supplies, do you know how much that stuff costs per crate?"
"I HEAR YOU TWO IDIOTS FIGHTING AGAIN, AND I'M COMMING IN THERE AND BUSTING HEADS!" snarled the guard's voice from outside the door.
The three were quiet for a few minutes, after that, Wayne spoke.
"Please, continue."
"OK. Anyway," continued Bob "We woke up after the invasion was over. We walked out of our sleeping chamber into this room, then the chamber proceeded to crumble from lack of energy. We walked out of the berth, and were confronted by a couple of Gors. I think the were tired of killing people, so they threw me in here. About a cycle after that, the doors opened up, and they came in and threw you in here with me. Then a little later you woke up, and you remember the rest."
"Well, that was mildly intresting" announced Wayne.

Finnish if you want to.

10th Nov 2002, 18:45
That seems a whole lot like a story someone else wrtoe about a litter grey a longtime ago.

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Exactly that is what i said above. GET THIS RIGHT I NEVER WROTE THIS STORY! But i can't find the old version of it on the forum!

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Why were they not moved where are they now?:confused:

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