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10th Nov 2002, 04:37
i just saw and am going to buy the world acclaimed series ''Band of Brother'' . And I have to say that is 1 if not the best ww2 drama ever. I'm going to buy it as soon as i get paid...it's $80.00 over in the states for 9 dvds....very good deal.
But what do u think what's your fav. WW2 movie or drama?

10th Nov 2002, 05:19
Combat was a good series, but the show is so old that most of it is in black and white.

10th Nov 2002, 06:22
you should be able to get it for less than $80. And why are there 9 dvd's for 10 episodes?

10th Nov 2002, 08:09
My guess is that it's 9 cd's cause of all the directors cut, making of BoB and all the extra stuff no one really looks at. :D

10th Nov 2002, 15:14
Surely they don't need 9 dvd's for 10 hours of BoB and some extra stuff?

10th Nov 2002, 21:47
Originally posted by tek956st
what do u think what's your fav. WW2 movie or drama?

Hogans Heros :D :D

11th Nov 2002, 08:23
I like Saving Private Ryan:) a very good movie, not too much emotion ****. that I like. plain war movies

11th Nov 2002, 09:51
nah actaully 9 dvds is'nt a bad deal for $80.00... and i watch the documantaries and extra footage. It's interesting.....it tells you of famous veterans and their stories and their trials and tribulations. I luv ''Saving private ryan'' just as much as the next person, but if u see BoB then you'll see why it's so popular and you'll wanna buy that 1 too. just think of the producers and directors...Steven spielberg and Tom hanks...com' on.:D Can u name someone better? That's why I wanna buy the extende version of lord of the rings....for th 30 minutes of extra scenes and the extra footage and other stuff. But I've never seen hogans heroes. I've heard there are quite a few good war movies in general! I must rent them and check them out....my favorite 2 war time frames are ww2 and the vietnam war. I truly think those were the 2 most trying times. And the civil war too

11th Nov 2002, 11:43
Doesn't the BoB dvd set have the docoumentry called "We Stand Alone, Together" about the real men of Easy company?

11th Nov 2002, 13:57
Band of brother of course.i've saw it is only on 6 dvd's. combat is also not bad,but it is old as longshot said.it is still shown in tv up here

11th Nov 2002, 16:20
You can get it for $57 at amazon i read on another forum.

11th Nov 2002, 20:34
-yea they do have documentary called ... we stand alone.

But I don't shop online...never have, and seriously doubt I will. But thanx anyway.

Okay! Now for my next question....If you could go back in time to alter the course of any war in history..which war would u alter and why? (but remember the is'nt a genie so u can't take any weapons from the 21st century!)

-By alter I mean take a certain course of action that would have caused a certain coutry to win the war or lose the war. Something you may know now that they did'nt know back then.-

11th Nov 2002, 22:11
Originally posted by David
combat is also not bad,but it is old as longshot said.it is still shown in tv up here

Yep...History channel baby...best source for WW2 movies, show and general info :D

12th Nov 2002, 01:30
he he.here is is called history television ,but i think it is almost the same.i just find out that bob cost 115 cdn$.thts a huge ammount of money.will wait till it's get cheaper.

15th Nov 2002, 16:04
PLEASE don't get me started on the history channel... BAH! I said it!
*runs to wash mouth out with holy water*

On BoB, I think it ws pretty over-rated, except for the first one it wasn't until part seven there was a truly decent episode IMO.
All the normandy episodes felt like it was on a movie set, annd there was a WWII re-enactment going on, I felt like some stooge sitting in front of a TV. They also semed to folow a set pattern of small battle scene, X ammount of time talking, then one battle scene then an ending. You could almost set your watch by it. Up until The start of the Bastogne episodes that is.

The last four episodes were simply superb beyond words though.

As far as a drama about war goes, I quite liked the thin red line, a shame it came out at the same time as saving private ryan, if it had a bigger budget it might have been better still, one of the big things that made saving private ryan eel so "realistic" wasn't that it was any more realistic than other movies but the filmstock and techniques used, they simply treated the film stock like you do documentary reams, same for the style.

21st Nov 2002, 04:00
yep.thin red line could sure get more famous.i even find it better then saving private ryan.and btw in all the times Damn holiwood movies will be more popular that as you say "lower budget movies"
in trl there is more stuff to think about

29th Nov 2002, 08:56
Funny, the price you quote in US dollars is so expensive, that is about $155 australian by some head maths, but in oz the box set of six DVD's retails for only 79.95 at K-mart, they have it in this weeks catalogue, but didn't have it in stock today, not until monday :(