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23rd Jan 2013, 13:05
Hi All

I'm writing this post to honor one of the best games ever made by IO Interactive (absorbed by Eidos Interactive and by Square Enix afterwards):
Its name was "Freedom Fighters". Unfortunately, This game has been forgotten so far.

I understand that probably nobody knows how to continue the story without dropping into mediocrity, but at least try. It was a great action-strategy game, and this one is the kind that really deserves a sequel.

Kind regards.

5th Mar 2013, 17:20
I signed up with this site just to agree with this post! The world needs something as unique and innovative as freedom fighters. First person shooters are honestly well on their way to becoming a broken record. The strategy involved with this game and its originality truly made it a great game! It's time to break it out of hibernation!

15th Mar 2013, 00:04
Make a new game with all the movies about Russia like red October coming out you need to remake this game or make sequel

18th Dec 2013, 03:14
till this day. every time i see a game with red on the cover my heart lights up but i always get disappointed. ive played games like mercenaries and just cause hoping to get the same feeling and fulfillment as freedom fighters only to be crushed . freedom fighters is one of my top 10 games of my life. i too joined just to say this. that game was in its own class why would IO postpone it to make kane & lynch is beyond reasoning. i think its time for square enix to remake, sequel or whatever it take to bring this back. tell us what we need to do to convince yall that its worth the time and effort of square enix. ive never been disappointed my a square enix game yet. dont be a bungie lol