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Goose Master
9th Nov 2002, 16:38
What is the best DVD special? I always like dvd special editions because there always full of good stuff like how they made the film and things and mostly have a good looking case to. I used to think that Terminator 2 had the best because of the amount of documentries and the metal case made it so good. That was untill i went out and bought 'The Book of the Dead' (Evil Dead in other words) and my view on the subject changed just by looking at the front cover! The cover to the book of the dead is shaped like the book in the film and is covered with skin (not really but its ment to resemble skin, dont know what it really is) like the original book. The evil dead is one of my favoruite films of all time but this didnt affect my choice. The dvd had loads of extras all good and not at all boring and included pages in the book of the dead and pages about the evil dead movies. What do u guys think is the best dvd so far?:)

9th Nov 2002, 16:55
I like The Godfather-trilogy very much ... it has a special fourth DVD with nothing but extra's showing you how all three Godfather-films were made. Very interesting stuff ... :cool: :D

Goose Master
9th Nov 2002, 17:42
Yes i have the godfather trilogy on VHS the extras and interviews are after each film on mine. 25th anniversary edition its called. Have you got the one where they took the begining of godfather part 2 and put it on the begining on number one making it chronological? I thought Robert De Niro was in the second one but changed my mind when i bought the box set but now i realised he was. The box is made from leathery stuff and only has The Godfather Trilogy writen on it with the pupet strings and hand. Also they didnt include credits either just stops at the end of a scene and comes up with the blue warrenty thing, the next part continues straight from where the other video left off.

9th Nov 2002, 17:46
Blade and Blade 2.

They contain more in-depth info and interesting tidbits than I have seen on any other DVD....a lot of which cram stuff on just for the sake of it.

The documentaries which accompany each 007 DVD are noteworthy too...some of the most interesting doco's I've ever seen put together.

Depends on what you look for I suppose...were I a fan of The Godfather movies I would imagine myself to be in heaven with its box-set.
Working in the industry to a degree myself, I find the explorations into the various crafts involved behind the scenes to be most enjoyable.

Looking forward to the extended LOTR DVD's this coming week, too.