View Full Version : Final Fantasy: What game did you spend the most time?

4th Jun 2012, 11:20
Topic above. Seriously, I'll post my current time games:

Final Fantasy X: About 120 hours (forgot)
Final Fantasy XII: 615 hours
Final Fantasy XIII: 258 hours
Final Fantasy XIII-2: 564 hours
Dissidia Duodecim: 189 hours

I spend much of the time in XII. It's one of my best games to play, and the characters and places are really unforgettable! XIII-2 is my best game thought.

4th Jun 2012, 11:22

5 years.

Not quite that much in game-time, but I can't remember how much exactly, been so long since I last played.
Probably over a year in play-time though.

4th Jun 2012, 11:25
WOAH. That was way really high.

4th Jun 2012, 11:56
VII: I think it was like 92 the last time I played it.

VIII: Think I was around 75.

X: Around 550 hours. My PS2 died, so I can't check it.

X-2: Over 300 (On my 100% file)

XII: Around 30. I never actually beat it.

XIII: 150

XIII-2: I'm at 78 hours right now. I finished the story, but I still have some extra stuff to do.

I've spent a lot of time on these games...

4th Jun 2012, 13:24
In terms of portable games, I tend to have the bad habit of leaving the machine on and running while I get distracted with something else, so some of those times are a mite over how much time I actually spend on it. I've apparently logged around 445 hours on Dissidia and 250 hours playing 012, for example.

A lot of the older Final Fantasy game saves that are played by my family, notably VII and IX, have easily gone over the maximum 99:59:59 that the game clock can keep track of, since they tend to be completionists and do everything that they can.

Other oddities:

About 20 hours each playing demos of FINAL FANTASY Type-0 obtained from the Japanese SEM, these are Natsubi (summer demo) and Zero-Shiki (release demo).
Roughly 150 hours playing KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep in total.
66 hours on Dissidia [duodecim prologus] FINAL FANTASY.

4th Jun 2012, 13:44
Forgot, I played Kingdom Hearts BBB for roughly 33 hours. Got bored by it, and I never played it again.

I loved Dissidia Duodecim. The Ad Hoc party for PS3 to battle off with your PSN is so good. Tend to use a lot of Lightning in there.

4th Jun 2012, 14:07
Yeah XII has the most for me for a console game, I don't even know how much of that game took my life haha.

But yeah, been playing XI since NA release, my main has 1583 days on it lol XD so... about 37,000 hours or so lol

Jebus. *no life* LOL

4th Jun 2012, 14:16
I can't tell you the exact hours, because I lost my saves in an unfortunate event, but I think I spent the most in FFIX and then probably FFX

4th Jun 2012, 21:54
No exact hours, but FFXI - a few years

FFXIV - since patch 1.19 was implemented

FFIV DS - Replayed it so many times that I had to start a New Game after running out of the 3 New Game Pluses you get. So at least four times.

5th Jun 2012, 01:24
It's sad but XIII-2. Over 300+ hours. There are just too many monsters to max out and build. And I thought the Sphere Grid was time consuming, to max out. -.-

5th Jun 2012, 08:30
Here's the list of some FF games I spent so much time playing them: ^_^

1- Final Fantasy XII = 375+ hrs ^.^

2- Final Fantasy XIII = 250+ hrs ^.^

3- Final Fantasy XIII-2 = 300+ hrs ^.^

5- Final Fantasy IX = 250+ hrs ^.^

6- Dissidia Final Fantasy = 350+ hrs ^.^

7- Final Fantasy V = 175+ hrs ^.^

5th Jun 2012, 08:56
Final fantasy X don't know how much hours

5th Jun 2012, 09:07
Wait, I TOTALLY FORGOT something.

I played Final Fantasy Tacticss: War of The Lions in 245 hours

Final Fantasy VIII is about 3 hours. My PS1 broke.

5th Jun 2012, 09:24
I don't remember how much time I spent in my games, since most of them are from PS1 but I think it must be more than 150 hours in this order

1. Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) played 2 times to get more involved in the plot and get better items

2. Final Fantasy IX: Loved the theme of the world and Vivi (hated part that you can't re-enter cities in disc 4)

3. Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos lusec vihcos...

4. Final Fantasy VII: It got me when Aeris died :-)

5. Xenogears: A little dark story but I think not much distant from religious reality in some times

5th Jun 2012, 13:16
I probably spent the most time on Tactics and XI. I've had so many playthroughs of the former though so it's hard to tell. Otherwise, I know I spent a lot of time on VI; I've probably played through that at least 10 times.