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8th Nov 2002, 05:41
Went by the old Road Kill Grill, near Pickens, SC the other day...
Anybody recognise it ???

8th Nov 2002, 05:52
I've never seen the road kill grill before, but I have seen some pretty distubing images of road kill. would share them, but I don't think they would be apropriate.

8th Nov 2002, 13:40
LOL, no, I haven't seen that one. Looks like seating is pretty limited, eh? :p

8th Nov 2002, 13:50
I aint seen nothin' like that before but it gives me an idea for the Xmas BBQ:D

8th Nov 2002, 18:43
Is that an actual restaurant?
Wonder what their steak is like :eek:.

9th Nov 2002, 04:40
There's more seating - on the right is part of a whole row from a movie theater - LOL !!!

Steak - well... maybe possum stew... :D

It's actually a real hangout, across from Bob's Bar (which has a roof) some of the local hell raisers have some pretty good barbecue there (I hear)...

9th Nov 2002, 21:35
Mmmm road kill, mmmmm possum stew, I'm soooo hungry right now, I'd eat anything!

11th Nov 2002, 04:54
I should've brought home a doggie bag for ya !!!

Do you have doggie bags in England ???

You can take home food you haven't eaten, "for the dog", but everyone knows it's actually for your lunch later...

11th Nov 2002, 12:50
LOL! Yeah we have doggie bags ;)

12th Nov 2002, 04:39
Interesting, I wonder how old that tradition is... did people wrap up food in their handkercheif B4 plastic ???

12th Nov 2002, 05:07
Maybe they just stuffed it down their pants!

(I don't know where that came from, best just ignore it)

12th Nov 2002, 09:34
Originally posted by Prelude
LOL! Yeah we have doggie bags ;)

In certain places however the doggie bags are only available to dogs with a unique accent.

13th Nov 2002, 04:34
You guys are really getting off the wall - however, stuffing steaks down the pants is a common way for college kids to get dinner... LOL :D