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7th Nov 2002, 21:28
I'm now thinking about importaint locations for any of our RPG's, some are from some of our previous RPG's so i'll try to explain ;)

Waystation Zeta-Plural MKII - Duh, where we are now, pretty simple. A waystation orbiting the planet Mucky Foot which in turn orbits the Class-D star Eidos, somewhere in the Gaem system (Home of the Greys). Full of really nice people and a few crimnal underlords *Coughs*

Waystation Zeta-Plural - Our original home, destroyed by a solar maelstrom from Eidos, now it lies in ruin, guarded by a dreaded 404-ERROR Bot.

Plenone, the galactic core dyson sphere star - This was where Ghyron toppled the Galactic Government which ruled from this sphere, myself and Arctic Wolf, aided by many others who had been outlawed throughout the galaxy, faught here to remove Ghyron. The Dyson sphere still remains, along witht he old galactic core computer system, rumored to still be active after all these years. This star is surronded by...

The Plenone Graveyard - An area that streches about 50 million miles into space form Plenone. This is the resting place for the many ships destroyed in the great war. Numerious pirate orginizations operate here. Junkyard scavengers have placed static defences to guard their patches and one pirate orginization has managed to find some way of controlling the derelict spacecraft.

Earth/Terra (Firma)/Sol 3/That damm place full of tasty humans/Garbage World...etc...etc... - The birthplace of Humanity who control a number of the surronding star systems, including Sirius, Alpha Centurai, Ross 159, Canis Minoris, Altair, Barnard's Star, etc...
Are highly technological and don't like people intruding on their boarders unless they're friends. Allied with most major (Startopian) races.
The planet itself has a population of about 10 billion now, after mass emmigrations but the planet is still extremly expensive to live on.

Dragonia Prime - Home of the Dragonians, one of the galaxies more diplomatic races, however, they are still a major military power. Their world is a place of astounding beauty and is always worth a visit. Many battles have been faught within this system.

The Aurora System - Aurora 2, an ice planet has a small waystation, the base that was known to have existed down there has gone, all that is there now is a single multi-dimensional relay transmitter.

The Arcturus Rift - A mysterious spacial anaomoly. It is considered by some as a holy place, scientists call it a simple wormhole. It has been known for people to enter, punch some co-ordinates into their nav compters and come out where they wanted to. Of course, there are others that have not been so lucky...

The Resetti White Hole - Situated in the middle of another Junkyard, near the star of Beta Hydrii. This spews out wreakage like a volcano spews out lava. It is so called as the waves it emitts are known to cause catastropic computer failures.

The 42nd Dimension - There is nothing much to see here, one star, one planet, orbitted by two moons, each with one station. Both are labbled simply with two letters: GM.
This is the bizzare home of the two residing GM's, myself and Arctic Wolf. If called upon by anyone in normal space, we can assist if necessary.
Other information unavalible.

There, post if you think any more should be added :D

7th Nov 2002, 23:40
Thyoria-Grekka System : A Quadrinary ( four stars) system in the center of Targ Space. Clik is the capial of the empire, and the 4th planetin the Thyoria-Grekka system, It is heavily populated and it has a massive orbital base. Clik is a O Class planet (80% of surface covered by water), but it is five times larger than earth, it has low density keeping gravity near earth standard. Thyoria-Grekka Prime is class A (7,500 - 10,000 *k, light blue) Thyoria-Grekka B and C are class G (Sunlike), and Thyoria-Grekka D is class M (Red Dwarf). The Targ are not great diplomats, but have a great space navy at their disposal, so Beware!!!!!

Clik Facts:
Dominant Species: Targ
Population: 50 billion
Government: Royal Imperialisim
Orbital Facilities:
1 taurus Station
48 Medium Shipyards
20 large shipyards
2 Dreadnaught Yards
900 orbital defense base (manned by crew of 200)

8th Nov 2002, 00:29
The star system of Miackce (Galactic sector 37,144 - about 1195.50 ly from Sol) - An unknown alien race is nested here, detail is limited, there is at least one alien space station in orbit and some sort of defense satelite placed next to a hyperspace inhibitor.


I should point out at this point that i'm only putting this in as a bit of a laugh. Miackce in 37,144 is the secret location of the Thargoids from popular space trading game Elite for the BBC Micro.

Sorry thats be rambling on again...Anyways, caution is advised when passing near.

Eta Casseopia - A large Terran naval base, fortunatly, the many shipyards offer cheap ship repairs and replacements.
Galactic Sector: (0,2)
Light Years from Sol: 19.03
System Type: Binary System
Primary: Type "G" Yellow Star
Secondary: Type "M" Red Star
Government: Democracy
Economy: Capitalist
Population: 10,000,000,000+

8th Nov 2002, 14:52
The ruins of unknown - Once the capitol planet of the unknownians(me) but got destoyed by the evil MR! Now its just a great field of asteroids and strange shadow creatures. It is rumored to contain a secret worm hole leading to Earth(MR? came throught that) but noone has ever even tried to enter the asteroid field in a long time because of the shadow creatures that is rumored to live there. Once there was a mining company that built mines on the asteroids to get the strange shadowstones that can create a shadowcloak system, but everyone of the miners dissapeared and is rumored to have been turned into shadows themselves.

8th Nov 2002, 20:52

The fourth planet in the Eep Ok Nok system. Fore some strange and unkown reason is has a perfectly circular orbit and does not tilt on it's axis, therefore has no seasons. It takes 477 days to orbit around it's sun. It has 3 Moons, 1 is an ensnared asteroid that has been hollowed out and is used as a munitions factory. The other two had been fitted out as defence platforms, with hangers and weapons. Also spnning around the planet is an Ring Station that spans right the way around the planet, mostly a place to live and work it also operates a funcional Planetary Shield.

The planet's surface is 91% water. 41% of that if frozen. The planet is cold and icy. From the two middle-zones to the "temperate" equator the land is highly forested. The land at the poles is white and baron, though mineral rich, geologist have barely touched the surface.

Cities on Arctanius are glittering mazes of white-metalic sky-scrapers. Built under sealed Geo-desic domes. They are linked by high-speed Meg-Lav trains opperating at 1000kph. The Capital is Imperia Complenix, it is locatred in the southern middle-zone and has the largest population on the planet.

Quick Facts:

Population: approx 7,347,634,000,000
Average Health: Excellent
Average Life-span: Immortal(Ageing gene-switched off)
Literacy: 100%
GNP: 1,084,743 Billion
Government: Socialist State
Dominat Species: Arctanian, Terran, Grey

10th Nov 2002, 23:12
Isphos - A collapsed planet in the Miphae system, the gravity caused by the implosion has kept the debris to a localised area. A cival war is currently being faught between an isolated human pirate group and a faction of Gors.

Andolze - The current home for the Amjorans, a breakaway Turrakken group. They have not been seen since the Great War. Nearby travellers have noticed large quantities of EM waves coming from one of the planets. Nobody has explained them, most think the Amjorans are dead, sand anyone who enters the system doesn't often come out.

Bebece, Galactic sector (74,0) about 596.02 light years from Sol - Situated near Polaris (76,0), this is the main system where all Galactic transmissions are relayed, there is a considerable military presence, mostly owned by the Gors, who like shooting things. It is very difficult to enter this system, it is protected by hyperspacial inhibitor fields which have the power to halt hyperspace travel. Only the arrays are on the surface, most of the complexes are underground. Surface defences are considerable. However, if one looks hard enough in surronding sectors, rumors are rife that their systems are relativly inprotected and there is a rumored wormhole from somehwere that leads somewhere inside the system.

11th Nov 2002, 21:10
Ross 128 - A large prision colony system for all races, it is located deep within human territory, Galactic sector (1,0) and a permit is required for entry.

11th Nov 2002, 21:30
The Void- A strange anomaly that create entrances to it every 10 days. Its seems to be a doghnut shape from the inside but is visible from nowhere outside it. The only escape route is through one of the entrance when it is open. However . people are not cautioned agaist it and it does contain 2 stations which are rumered to have strange plants inhabiting the biodeck. There is only one animal native to the void and are shapeshifters of a sort. They can only change into 2 forms. A monkey like creature with blue skin and light, which is how they travel between ships.

11th Nov 2002, 21:47
This is really taking it out of Elite now...

Witchspace: A traders nightmare, a hyperspacial malfunction often causes people to end up here. Scientists are still trying to find its dimensional range, currently they believe that it is somewhere between 22 and 26. This space does have a station in it, a sort of ghost station which helps the traveller who is lost. Travellers who have made it out have reported that a band of Targ pirates have found a way to access this dimension using a special engine. No ships have ever been captured and it is widely believed that this band of people have establshed some sort of ghoust station, similar to the one that already inhabits this space. It is advised to always take care when Hyperspacing to avoid misjumping.

Wormhole Travel - Not a location but wormholes are regular occurances in the galaxy, the problem is finding one that opens on set intervals, these are quite rare and are often populated with Hole Worms (:D), who don't take kindly to intrusion by other craft.

12th Nov 2002, 00:24
Ixphelos Alpha Orbital Platform, 42nd(D) - The current residence of JSWY, fitted with numerous bays for large, capital ships. The GM Hypernova is docked frequently at this base. It contains within, many banned weapons, planet destroyer devices, star collapsers, etc. The station itself has been seen in normal space before, when approached, it vanished through a dimension rift, thus it is now genrally thought that the whole platform has an interdimensional drive.

P.S: Of course, I'd only use this if there was a serious dispute between players, and maybe to keep the galactic rumoe trade going :D

12th Nov 2002, 03:17
Station Alpha 473

This medium sized station is the private mansion of Admiral Davidg. It orbits a blue dwarf star in Sector 002(Targ Navigation). The station is smaller than a waystation, but it is still a substantial installation. The interior is similar to a Targ ship, cool sleek silver and chrome with nice holo art, and comfortable furniture. There are accomodations for approxamitly 200, but it is usually just Davidg, a small scuzzer force, and an elite guard unit.. the station is heavily armed and armoured, and has docking ports for spacecraft of all sizes. The station has its own hanger, and a small wing of fighters.

12th Nov 2002, 08:19
If you are ondering about all these (X,Y) thingies, i'm using the Human galactic sector system. Sol is the center of this grid (0,0) and surronding stars are also here. Each Grid square is 5x5 Light Years. Alpha Centuari is in (0,0), Sirius is in (1,0), Polaris is in (76,0) and the Pleades are in (32,32). The centre of the galaxy is around (-1300,-1400). I need to correct some of my listings here so far :D

24th Nov 2002, 17:01

Industrial planet in the outer rim of the joeno system
Features: Biggest Tower ever built reaching ou to all 5 of its moons

Dominant Species: The Spanish Salthogs

5th Feb 2003, 17:59
Originally posted by JSWY
If you are ondering about all these (X,Y) thingies, i'm using the Human galactic sector system. Sol is the center of this grid (0,0) and surronding stars are also here. Each Grid square is 5x5 Light Years. Alpha Centuari is in (0,0), Sirius is in (1,0), Polaris is in (76,0) and the Pleades are in (32,32). The centre of the galaxy is around (-1300,-1400). I need to correct some of my listings here so far :D

Ehmm...you can't measure space with X and Y coordinates. That is only possible on a surface map.
You need to specify the Z coordinate as well, otherwise things might go bad...like...really, really bad.
Try playing a 3d shooter without Z toggling to see what I mean.

5th Feb 2003, 23:08
Thankfully, Z Co-ordinates arn't as fiddly as the X and Y ones, we do live in a reasonably flat galaxy, I like surface maps anyway. If you're a budding RPG adventurer type, you have some sort of device that gets you round this small problem (3D Surface map)

6th Feb 2003, 15:07
Yes its relitvely flat (relatively), but the distance can still be hundreds, if not thousands of lightyears between the "bottom" star, and "top" star on the "disc"..so it really makes a huge difference. But then again, it's just rpgs...

6th Feb 2003, 23:01
It only gets to thousands around the Galactic Core, where the stars are far more bunched up, if you ever got to the galactic core in Elite then you really were lost...

6th Feb 2003, 23:18
I am quite aware of that. Although I didn't say the distance would be in the thousands *everywhere*...I recall saying "hundreds, IF NOT thousands". Note the two capitalized words...if not. I trust you can interpret this into (hundreds, although can be thousands). By the way, did you know that every star radiates a kind of unstoppable particles, that passes through everything in huge quantities? Now, if these particles were to have any mass, no matter how small, they might cause a massive (now what's the word...cant remember) anyway, big boom that will basically destroy the entire universe. Dont ask how, it's very complicated. I have enormous difficulties understanding it myself. Another potential destroyer is two huge black holes that exist by the core of each galaxy are drawing dangerously near eachother. Sooner or later they may cause a total apocalypse that also will destroy the universe...depressing, eh? Not really, since we still have several billion years to go as of now. If we survive that, we have a red giant of a star to worry about. As it expands near the end of it's life, it will probably swallow most of the inner planets, and condensing the others. I certainly wouldn't want to be here by then. I believe it was several billion years till that happens as well. But no matter what, remember that nothing lasts forever...really...nothing at all. So you can keep on fiddlign with your lightyears all you want, in the end all will be nothing, and nothing will be all there is.

6th Feb 2003, 23:23
I'm perfectly aware of coming oblivions its just where we live, the galaxy is so thin, got any better places to live? I'm all for a Quintuple system, 5 stars gives a kinda cool sky, now to find one with a planet as well

<Searches our galaxy>

6th Feb 2003, 23:28
Heh...good luck on that one :p

17th Feb 2003, 21:07
Gorn System:

The Gorn system is a neutral system in the Targ/Kasvagorian Neutral Zone. The Gorn System consists of 3 planets, two Class K, similiar to Mars, and one Class I super giant. They orbit around a class K, orange, star. None of these planets are inhabited, but there is a small waystaion used for trade between the Targ and the Kasvagorians, run by the Grey, that orbits the second planet.

Gorn System:
Dominant Species: None
Population: 2,000 (Waystation)
Government: Neutral
Currency: Energy
Planets: 3
First explored: Antiquity
Hyperspace Capable: N/A