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6th Nov 2002, 06:04
Well i gotta say this has been on my mind for quite some time, and i apolagize if this has been discussed months ago.

When fighting Magnus, there is that huge statue of Moebius. Far enough its a place in which time stands still and Moebius was the time-streamer. But considering that the Hylden builder was exiled to the place, how can Moebius been connected to it? The Hylden were around way before Moebius's time. Perhaps this is somehow an indication that the time guardian can travel back in time.
i emphasis back as in sr2 moebius seemed unaware that the timeline had been altered by Raziel's refusal, he seemed confident. I guess what i'm saying is that i never thought moebius could c back in time let alone travel back in time. Ahh, all the possibilities, so i'll stop now.

Umah Bloodomen
6th Nov 2002, 06:29
Being the time streamer enables Moebius to pretty much bend/transcend time as he wishes. Even after his death, (which Moebius forsaw as he does with other things) I would assume that an incarnation of Moebius (somewhere before the events of BO2) would be able to transcend to the time of BO2 (as well as the different timelines in general).

Seeing that it has been confirmed that the events of BO2 occur on an altered timeline, perhaps Moebius didn't fall to Kain's Blade (BO1) afterall and went on to become a more predominant member of Nosgothian society, as well as strike up allegiances with the Hylden (who most likely placed the statue of Moebius in the courtyard of the prison as some sort of tribute for his contributions to the Hylden cause). I am currently unsure of when this allegience was actually put into play (during the events we have witnessed so far in the series or in Nosgoth's early prehistory - before/during the Ancient/Hylden war).

With the revealation of BO2 occuring on the altered timeline, there are so many new possibilities concerning the events of BO2. (Another major one being the appearance of Vorador).

I can sense re-speculation on my part, as well as a few other forum members' parts concerning BO2.

6th Nov 2002, 06:43
That place bugs me. I don't quite get it - the eternal prison stopping, playing, reversing, and/or fast forwarding time???? What's up with that? It makes things complicated, esp when you think about how or why the Moe statue is in there. Hell, for all we - or I - know, the prison could probably be the exact same way, 'time' and state when Kain found it, as for when Moe was there *or at least existed as the influence.* That brings to mind the fact that Moe might not have ever set foot in that place; just because his statue is there, doesn't mean that he went there, right? I mean, they could have simply learned of him and decided to build a statue of him - probably memorilizing him for his work against the vampires :p .

I dunno... I'm babbling again....sorry.

9th Nov 2002, 22:37
Perhaps the Eternal Prison exists outside of time the way that the "Nexus" is in Star Trek: Generations. Even though Captain Kirk and Captain Picard entered the Nexus in totally different centuries, once inside the Nexus it was as if they both arrived at the same "time".

Time does not exist in the Eternal Prison, so no matter when you enter the prison, you always wind up in the same "time" within the prison. Changes made within the prison will be "found" by anyone entering the prison, regardless of "when" they came from. So if you go into the prison and build a statue, the statue will be seen by anyone who enters the prison, regardless of the time period that the newcomer is coming from.

For example, in real life I look just like the twin image of the grandfather that I am also named after. I never met my grandfather because he died when my own father was just 7-years-old, but I have seen several photographs of him, and he looks just like me.

So I can enter the prison in 2002 and build a statue of myself and then leave. Then my grandfather can enter the prison in 1902 and discover the statue that I have left behind, even though from his point of view I don't even exist yet. So now he is wondering why a statue of himself is doing in the prison (since he doesn't know about me). And if I go back and enter the prison again in 2011, I will find my grandfather with a confused look on his face, looking at my statue. Because time doesn't exist in the prison, I will enter at the same "time" that he is looking at the statue because as long as we are both inside the prison, "time" will exist as one for both of us.

Hey, that was probably confusing, but I'm not a good explainer.

13th Nov 2002, 19:25
Actually, Darakari, you have yet to stumble onto your own time machine which you use to travel back in time and you get stuck there. That picture of your grandfather is really you.


16th Nov 2002, 05:22
Maybe it's not Moebius at all, maybe all the past timestreamers all look the same.

18th Nov 2002, 02:23
I don't need a time machine.

I just need to find an entrance to the eternal prison.

3rd Jul 2007, 12:00
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