View Full Version : PS4 Pro Crashes are still alive and kicking(v1.06) - My findings

6th Jan 2017, 22:41
So, over New Year weekend I did some pretty solid RoTR gaming. My experiences with the crashing were as follows:

1. Disabling internet connectivity in the title and the Sony OS did nothing to prevent crashing.
2. Crashes occur more frequently in 4K mode
3. Crashes occur slightly less frequently in High Frame Rate mode
4. Crashes don't occur in Enhanced Visuals mode (why is this called such? It's the most jaggy mode. There's no AA).
5. Crashing still occurred after re-installation of the entire game.
6. I do not crash in Tomb Raider Definitive, nor in Uncharted 4, nor in SW Battlefront(my most played games, other than RoTR). And I just recently beat Uncharted 4.

This was my experience all weekend long. I managed to complete the game from beginning to end over two days, experiencing incessant crashing while in 4K and High Frame Rate mode. This is odd...I would have assumed the crashes would be less in High Frame Rate mode above all other modes, but it crashes nearly as frequently as 4K. I have only got it to crash once on me in Enriched, and I dedicated an even amount of time gaming in all modes.
Crashing occurred quite often while the game was saving, and I was sure my saves were going to be bricked.

7th Jan 2017, 23:26
Same problem with PS4 standard.. rly thanks you for this ******* bad patch. We buy a game and we can't play with it... ahahah joke ?