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4th Nov 2002, 21:10
Of course, in all the mix up in the KTF wars, I think I fail to give Dracoraptor the credit he deserves for being one of the primary founders of our RPG's


Anyways, since this topic dropped some time ago, i've decided to post it where people can see it:

Dracoraptor's Guide to Role Playing on the StarTopia Boards
As you all (Don't) know, I am the inventor of the RPG, starting with the KTF Wars. Which were, shall we say, unofficial. However, the style is considered RPGing style. If you don't know what an RPG is, let me explain it to you, earthling. An RPG, or Role Playing Game, is a game where everybody plays one character and acts him out during the game. More specificly, StarTopia's RPGs are Play by Post. Which means we post them on a forum, rather then a MMORPG or E-Mail RPG. And the genre, is Sci-Fi. To add to that, there are two types of RPG we play here. StarShip Wars, and Station Life RPGs. I will explain both in excruciating detail, and guide your lowly carbon based molecules through strenous reading. If you have weak eyes, than this is not for you. I say, not for you. And if you cannot use spell-check, the exit is on the left...

StarShip Wars RPGs

StarShip Wars RPGs are the big war-like RPGs with all the explosions, lasers, whatever. But they are more that. the early ones were very un-ruly, and actually orginated from station-life RPGs, although now, they are governed by Game Masters and such. Despite the increased rules, they can still get out of hand. So here is the guide what not to do and what to do. First off, the most important rules is to never, ever, control the outcome of your action by controlling someone elses fleet. This is a big, no-no, and is tolerated with sub-zero tolerance. This is what led to 99% of the unruly RPGs. The second rule, No super-fleets. One really big ten mile long ship is good (That is, if it can't destroy a whole fleet with its massive super-weapons). But a whole lot of them, plus a million fighters and so on, is unacceptable. It ruins game-play and such. Another good thing to remember, is don't try and be invincible. We don't like that kind around here.

Again, try to control your own fleet and talk with only your character and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) only. Example...


Me:"Helm, turn the ship fifty degrees and head towards the hyper-bouy".


It is highly recommended that you put the currently speaking character's name in bold, with a ":" after his/hers/its name. It is also recommended, before typing anything, to spell-check it. This is so we don't have to heavily modify our translators to figure out the strange, mis-spelled language that is not spell-checked or heavily coated in errors. Now to actions, when posting actions, it is recommended that you post them like this.


<The ship turned fifty degrees starboard and slowly moved towards the small hyper-bouy.>


Notice how the text is in itallics and surrounded by a "<" ,and a ">". This is to avoid confusion with a speaking character and such. This also states what is currently happening. Now to combat, this is unacceptable...


Me:"Deploy the fighters!"

<The fighters deployed out of the hanger and tore the enemy fleet into minced meat.>


Not only does that show lack of creativity, it is unfair to the apposing side. And yes, this is a democracy, not communism. We all get our fair share in a RPG, even in fights. The previous quote, should be something more like this...


Me:"Deploy the fighters commander!"

<The sleek, red fighters came screaming out the hanger in formations of five fighters per group. They charged at the enemy, taking a few, but loosing some of their own. The battle raged on in confusion, fighters and laser-fire everywhere. The capital ships even had some fighters run into them!>


See, much better. I will explain more later.

7th Nov 2002, 08:54
Arctic Wolf posted this...

I have an idea of fleet size. And only 1fleet per player to keep things from going out the window and down the road.

1- Capital/Falg Ship, Most advanced ship in the fleet.

3- Heavy Battle Ships, Slow and hard to manouver, can take lots of punishment, and deal a lot of punishment too.

5- Medium Cruisers, all-rounder, good speed and manouverability can take some fire.

8- Small Frigates, Small and fast, great manouverabilty, hull easily compromised, no armor. Great for hit and run tactics and taking out support craft.

2- Hanger/Support Craft, carry 50 fighters. Produce spare parts to re-equip fleet on the go. Slow can't manouver well, little armor and easily compromised.

8th Nov 2002, 03:34
The proper wieght class system should be:


Dreadnaught (EDIT:My Dreadnaught is actually a battleship, but Dreadnaught comes before battleship in thechart, so dont get the ship and the size class confused)

Heavy Battle Crusier

Battle Crusier

Heavy Crusier

Medium Crusier

Light Crusier

Heavy Destroyer

Light Destroyer

Heavy Frigate

Light Frigate

Heavy Corvette

Light Corvette

50 fighters is way to small!

8th Nov 2002, 08:50
The way I like it:

Flag Ship







Everything else

8th Nov 2002, 19:36
Davidg: Thats far to complicated! No one wants to remember that. Lets just stick with mine. 2 Hanger/Support Craft can support 50 fighters each for a total of 100 Fighters.

JSWY: On the quote of my fleet size please add the following on the end;

Fighter: Small, one-manned, light craft. Quick and manouverable with Dual Laser cannon and four torpedoes.

8th Nov 2002, 21:50
You don't have to remeber the system! It jsut takes terms like "cruiser" or destroyer and further classifies them allowing for more specificness when describing a ship. 50 fighters is too small for a single ship! Dreadnaught has a hanger 4 kilometers long, and 2 wide. If a fighter is 10 meters long, and 10 wide, 300 rows of 100 fighters(30,000 ships) could be stored in racks in the ceiling with room for catwalks and cranes. I assume a carrier would also have immense hanger bays, and carry simular numbers of fighters. Your fighters may be larger, but mine are compact, and powered by reuseable batteries, saving space so I could fit many more than []ififty[/i] in a hanger.

9th Nov 2002, 01:21
Tough :p

9th Nov 2002, 10:30
Does the rules allow me to use a bigger stationship(half station half spaceship) if i dont use anything else but 50 fighters. I dont even use a normal station???

I was thinking of using a svery slow but pretty powerful stationship. Short stats here:

size: 5 miles in all directions(a sphere formed ship. That would work because the maximum is 11 i think. Tell me if im wrong).

Crew: Me human and five unknowninans. Also many cyberbots(my own invention) that do everything at the ship.

Weapons: Melter, Piercer and dimensional phasing lasers(they ignore shields and hull but can only be used 10 times in each RPG).

Other: Shadowcloaking system.

10th Nov 2002, 01:12
Does the rules allow me to use a bigger stationship(half station half spaceship) if i dont use anything else but 50 fighters. I dont even use a normal station???

No. A station is stationary, it can't move. So a Station ship is just silly. And only Hanger/Support Craft can carry fighters. If you want a huge slow, yet powerfull ship it is either a Heavy Battle Ship or your Capital Ship.

....Senor the Salthog

10th Nov 2002, 18:42
That's just loony, a battleship or super battleship could most definatly carry fighters and other small craft, why shouldn't they? The star destroyers and super star destryers have their own wings of fighters, and enourmus hangers to store them. A carrier is just a stripped down battleship with larger hangers.

10th Nov 2002, 22:53
Originally posted by Davidg
That's just loony, a battleship or super battleship could most definatly carry fighters and other small craft, why shouldn't they? The star destroyers and super star destryers have their own wings of fighters, and enourmus hangers to store them. A carrier is just a stripped down battleship with larger hangers.

Davidg Has a point, I left Carriers high on my list as they are capible of holding a large number of fighters/corvettes/small craft and have quite heavy armour. They are also laden with anti-fighter defences. However, they are slow and to move any distance at all fast, they need to use their hyperdrives, and of course, they take time to charge.

12th Nov 2002, 20:55
Hmm, Okay then a Havy Battle ship can carry 1 Squadren of Fighters. And a Spaital Ship can carry 2 Squadrens.

A squadren is i think between 7 and 10 craft. And a Corvette is a car by the way. Also the reason the Hanger/Support craft can only carry 50 Fighters is because they need storage room for fuel and parts. Power Generators, Crew Quaters not to mention space for the factories. Have you actualy read my descriptions?

17th Nov 2002, 17:04
Arctic Wolf is right, for every fighter, there needs to be a living quarters, a fuel source, a hangar bay, ammounition and spare parts. Since we still havn't set a limit on the numbers of ships of each class, we can still have large fighter battles. On the note of Carriers, these ships are designed to carry large numbers of fighters to the extent that other ship board systems are compromised on. Carriers do have anti-fighter weapons but these need to be manually operated as they lack computer targetting control. Their Navigation systems have to read from the Capital ships and their engines, although large, provide little power. On the good side, they can provide large numbers of fighter cover (Around 200 Fighters) and have good hyperdrive systems.

A Corvette is a type of ship that fits in above Fighter Class and Below Frigate Class. Quite often used as support vessels due to low manouvrebility and high armour :D

17th Nov 2002, 22:20
Well, I've gone over the fleet thing and and going to Right it out further. I hope it pleases, and please send any comment through PM so as not to clutter the Thread. It's not finished yet but I will add more tomorrow.


Here is a list of all types of ship, and a brief of each.

Capital Ship: This is the most varied and powerfull ship any race has. It represents their Ideology, their life and their culture. Like a flag represents its nation, so to does a capital ship. For some, like the Gors, their Capital Ship is the ultimate war-vessel, while some, such as the targ, keep theirs small and use them as spies and information gatherers. Sometimes Capital Ships can double up as support craft and can carry between 14 and 20 fighters, depending on their races squadren size.

Heavy Battle Ship: The Heavy Battle Ship is realy a weapon Platform, used by Targs, Dragonians, Salt-hogs and especialy Gors. Their hulls reinforced with Armour Plates and Elaborate Repulser Shields. With an aray of Weapons at its disposal, such as Matter Firing Cannons, Beam Weapons and Torpedoes. It provides standard quaters and facilities to those living and working aboard. Because of thier Huge Size these ships move quite slowly and cannot manouvers well. It's weakspots are Rear Engines, Fuel Lines and its Main Power Room, often located on the underside of the ship.

Medical Grey
27th Nov 2002, 00:59
Hey, come post rules on my new one Davidg!
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