View Full Version : All Stars and Final Fantasy

21st Jan 2013, 14:09
Have you guys heard of the new game from sony called Playstation all stars? If you have then do you think that in the future they could add characters from previous final fantasies or previous square enix games that were an exclusive for the Playstation.

21st Jan 2013, 17:57
New? Not that much since it was released on November. And this thread should've been on the Final Fantasy General Discussion forum since you're only mentioning FF on its title. Maybe changing its title, since you also mentioned other SE games, would make this thread fit properly in the General Discussion forum

21st Jan 2013, 18:32
So Is that a yes or no?

21st Jan 2013, 18:35
As of now, I haven't heard about including DLC characters. Even if they do, I have no interest in the game for now.

22nd Jan 2013, 02:51
All Stars look fun, but there's only a few characters I would want to play with in the current line-up. I'd also like to see some FF character reps make it into the game to get some RPG rep in there, and especially female character to balance out all that testosterone, lol.

Aside from my obvious bias, Lightning getting in would do well with promoting Lightning Returns, so maybe later in the year, getting her as a DLC character/scenario would be nice. I mean, it's why I see MGR Raiden and DmC Dante in there, despite their games being multiplat with Sony's direct competetor Microsoft (while DMC Dante and MGS Snake were pretty pure to the Sony brand).

After that, my second video game girl crush is Tifa from FFVII, and I know she has a strong fanbase even after 15+ years. In terms of FFVII, Cloud and Sephiroth are obvious choices of course, but I personally don't care as much for them as I do Tifa. As with Dissidia, a martial arts fighter just makes sense in a fighting game.

Maybe Yuna after that. She was pretty iconic during the PS2 reign, both summoner and gunner incarnations of her.

(Oh look at that-iconic female RPG characters for each PlayStation generation xD)

I don't know how characters get chosen for the game though. With DLC characters already announced, I guess there's more characters to come, but I don't know how the respective companies come to an agreement with this type of game...