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4th Nov 2002, 06:01
Whenever I play the game,every few minutes the game will screw up,say if I'm running up a hall and I let go of the keys to stop running,my guy will just keep running anyways.I usually gotta move the mouse around alot and keep pressing different direction keys in order to fix it.Any ideas as to what I could do to fix it??:confused:

Old Man
4th Nov 2002, 09:27
I've always assumed my mouse button has gotten stuck and pressed the same key repeatedly until I stop moving.

4th Nov 2002, 16:01
I've had this happen but how to fix it isn't always the same. Presumably you have tried reloading the same game save. Try loading an earlier save or restart the mission to see if the problem still occurs. Occasionally a game save will get corrupted and the effects are varied. I've had game saves that on reload will freeze me in the game right at the start (can't move, can't change view) or even crashed the game back to the Windows desktop.

If you are using a cordless mouse and/or keyboard, make sure the receiver is not blocked by anything metallic. Check the batteries, too; when they get low, peculiar things can happen. There usually is a connect button on the receiver and under the mouse or keyboard. Press all of them, including the reset buttons under the mouse and keyboard, to make sure they are in sync.

If it is keyboard movement keys that seem to be getting stuck, check if ALL movement keys behave the same way. If not, might be time for a new keyboard. The key may not be coming back up all the way (i.e., getting stuck) or its switch is bad.

Are you using a generic driver for you mouse provided by Windows, like the "PS/2 mouse"? Or are you using the driver supplied by your mouse manufacturer? If so, is it the latest driver version?

It could be a program running in the background. You didn't way which Windows version you are using and there are different ways to check what programs get loaded at startup and if some programs are loaded as NT services.