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4th Nov 2002, 05:50
EULA = End User License Agreement

This is the "terms of use" for games, forums, free service (such as email and webspace) and the likes.

Do you read them or do u simply click next, next, next, next...

4th Nov 2002, 06:00
next, next, next, next...


4th Nov 2002, 06:11
Same with me.

Although, the first one from software, games, movies and email I read.

I also started to read a 2nd one from each catagory only to notice it was basicly the same.

I just use common sense :D

To be honest, at first, I was "tempted" by the "warez" for the fact that i didn't need to pay monney and the fact that my parents would've never bought it for me so they told me to "go look for it on the internet" (nice to know family values :) ).

But now that I'm getting monney, im more than happy to pay for them :)

But I doubt warez will just "go away". In an episode of "The District" the police chief mentions and 62% of the internet websites are of.. adult nature and warez.

It's not like they can surf the entire web and back. :(

Thats a big problem in today's world. There's no way for authorities to keep tabs on the internet.

4th Nov 2002, 06:27
In an episode of "The District" the police chief mentions and 62% of the internet websites are of.. adult nature and warez.

I'd believe that, even if it was mentioned on a television show. Sort of makes the Net a sad thing, if it's true.

4th Nov 2002, 18:58
If the "fact" isn't true, then its a strechted truth.

You gotta know that adult content and warez assume most of the internet (as in a huge percentage).

If it aint 62%, (would be funny if it would be 62+7) it has to be above 50% .

Like come on! You do a search for SETI (Nasa's Search for Extra-Terestrial intelligence) and you get lots of results that have to do with adult content and aliens. :(

It's annoying. Whats worse is that some students (below adult age) need to find certain topics on the internet, which turn out to be adult content. Its not only illegal, but immoral.

It would be imposible for the authorities to remove such content as it would be imposible for authorities to stop cd-copying and music ripping (converting cd tracks to MP3) and stuff like kazaa.

They use a "we are not responsible for the content you download legal stands" and they're safe from the law :(

I only download music from tv themes. You can't buy those :(

Ack! topic is going off track!! em.. em.. em... oh!

EULAs are there for a reason. It starts off as a do and do not do list but it can be twisted to fit the company's secret deals. (like "we are not responsible...").


5th Nov 2002, 07:15
I think Jeeves is a pervert.;) It seems like every time I look something up on "ask", I end up with a list of porn websites. It's humiliating. Makes you feel weird just for wanting information on "video game action figures" or whatever.

Nah, I think most EULAs pretty much cover the same ground. "Don't make more than one backup copy, don't do this, don't do that, you are responsible for blah, blah, ***yawn*** etc, etc," so I really don't pay much attention to them. I probably should... ;)

5th Nov 2002, 18:21
Whenever I search for stuff that slightly resembles adult content, Jeeves brings me to a page with the link to "naughty search" :/

I can't remember what I was looking for :(

I haven't used jeeves for so long. I use google. I like the "I'm feeling lucky" search option :)

6th Nov 2002, 07:05
I can look up something that I would never imagine even remotely relating to an adult website and, sure enough, Jeeves will kick up at least a couple of kinky websites in the search--if not an entire list of them. Blech! I just end up using Google, too.:D

6th Nov 2002, 18:19
I find webcrawler and yahoo to be terrible when it comes to searching websites.

I looked for the same thing on a few websites (Searched for startrek) and yahoo & webcrawler brought up more questionable materials.

7th Nov 2002, 09:45
Whoa! That's news to me! Then again, I don't really use either of those much... Kinda glad for that now.:D

If anything, I usually use Google (most often), Altavista, Excite, Hotbot, Search, C4, or Mamma. I usually manage to avoid the onslaught of icky porn using them. At least, I haven't noticed it, if it is there... :D

7th Nov 2002, 17:40
I use google and hotbot (but i kept doing typos on hotbot.. what letters are near the t and ull see what I mean...) so I just assigned it to my search button on my super secret high tech keyboard! :)

8th Nov 2002, 07:14
Originally posted by mrdefender
I use google and hotbot (but i kept doing typos on hotbot.. what letters are near the t and ull see what I mean...)

Huh? :confused:

Sure wish I had a super secret high tech keyboard. I'm jealous! ;) :p :D

8th Nov 2002, 17:39
It's so awesome! But If I tell you, id need to kill you afterwards :)

actually, its just one of those keyboards that have lots of extra buttons on it. Such as... "search" "email" "favorites" "shopping"
"volume up" "volume down" "mute" "pause/play" "Next track"
"prev track" and so on..

So I assigned "http://hotbot.lycos.com/" to my search button.

9th Nov 2002, 07:02
Originally posted by mrdefender
It's so awesome! But If I tell you, id need to kill you afterwards :)

Oh well, I don't really want to go back to work on Monday anyway.;)

Actually, I've got all the extras you mentioned on your keyboard. I've just never bothered to use them. :o :D

9th Nov 2002, 17:56
They're very useful (if you can customize them). Most of the buttons are actually something else.

For example, My Community starts the windows calculator (since it isnt placed in the same spot as windows me- (Windows ME+ means Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. So... Windows ME- would mean Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 ( :eek: )).

9th Nov 2002, 20:55

The mind truly boggles. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/fragend/fragend009.gif


9th Nov 2002, 21:33
I always enjoy a good mind bender

Or is it thought twiser?
Brain teaser?
Enstein burner?
Neural Scanner? Oh wait. That's startrek.


I always enjoy a good puzzle :)

9th Nov 2002, 21:40
Well, I like puzzles as much as anyone, until they make my head go http://www.smilies.nl/yellows/boom.gif!


9th Nov 2002, 21:42
really? Atleast your not like Humpty Dumpty

9th Nov 2002, 21:52
Nah, I wouldn't crack or break. I'd just sort of **SPLAT**

9th Nov 2002, 22:04

who would clean up the mess? ;)

9th Nov 2002, 22:35
Good question. Any volunteers? ;)

10th Nov 2002, 01:21
runs and hides

10th Nov 2002, 02:01
Be brave! Grab a mop. :D

10th Nov 2002, 05:20
whats a mop?? Oh! It's one of the primitive cleaning devices isn't it??

I just use a phaser on level 30 and it leaves nothing behind :) (no, litterally. NOTHING is left :) )

10th Nov 2002, 05:24

Uhh, maybe I'll just try to clean it up myself.


10th Nov 2002, 05:29
u sure? I can call scotty. He can have a maid or two beam down..


10th Nov 2002, 05:32
Nah, I'd better grab the spatula and get the stuff myself. I might need to use it again, y'know?:D

10th Nov 2002, 05:36
I can have the non-mess beamed up to the ship if you want. No trouble. I can have Neelix make a Leola root stew.

10th Nov 2002, 06:23
Huh?! :eek:

No, no, that's quite alright. I'll just stick everything back in its approximate previous location and fix myself up with a bit of duct tape. That ought to do it. :o


10th Nov 2002, 16:22
My EMH has a portable holo emitter. He can help you.. :)

10th Nov 2002, 21:41
Now why didn't you mention that before I used the duct tape! I can't get the stuff off now! :eek: :o


11th Nov 2002, 02:51
Doctor, report to transporter room 3 for messy detail :)

11th Nov 2002, 03:35
Oh, I think even the doctor is above cleaning up this much of a mess. :o :D

11th Nov 2002, 05:36

11th Nov 2002, 08:25
What? Does the Doc do your dental work or something? ;) :p

Coz he sure does mine pretty well. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/grinser/grinser018.gif

11th Nov 2002, 08:26
Oh, and I found this for you, Defender...


11th Nov 2002, 18:10
No. My Doctor doesn't do dental work. He abostlutley refused.

So I had to program a dentist :) You should see his bedside manners ;)

ahhhh. That's a cute canadian smile :) Thank you :)

12th Nov 2002, 04:02
Oh, man. I don't read EULAs at all. I always get paranoid when I click on the "Do you agree?" button. I feel like I might be selling my soul or something.http://www.tag-board.com/smilies/shocked.gif

12th Nov 2002, 04:50
Nah. Only project eden has that clause.

Oops... :D

Don't worry about it. Youd need to sign it for it to be legitimate.

EULAs are more like terms of use. They don't "attack" people, they "attack" companies, groups and such that copy and sell the game/media.

(by attack, i mean legally pursue)

12th Nov 2002, 05:38
Shame on you http://www.buzzlife.com/bz/mssg_brd/images/smilies/smash.gif for giving me a scare like that.

12th Nov 2002, 17:54
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. stow stopow stop iow stop it!! ow ow ow ow.

:confused: what happend :confused:


13th Nov 2002, 07:08
You ok, Defender? Here's some bandages for you...


13th Nov 2002, 07:27
Oh, man. Am I good or what?

You think they'll ever show the hammer pounding on your head and zooming in, really slowly, on CSI, Defender? http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/grinser/grinser021.gif

13th Nov 2002, 20:12
Actually, there's a scene on the comercials from TNN (CSI commercials, obviously).

You see Grissom using a crowbar on a head. (It's a manakin head but he's trying to figgure out something in a case).

14th Nov 2002, 03:27
Now they're copying my moves. :rolleyes:

14th Nov 2002, 03:54
Nah. They changed it just enough to avoid legal stuff. It's not with a hammer, its with a crowbar :)

14th Nov 2002, 04:08
Now they're copying Lara's moves. :D

14th Nov 2002, 18:57

15th Nov 2002, 04:54
Oh, I forgot. You don't play Tomb Raider, do you? There was an incident w/ a crowbar in TR: Chronicles.

15th Nov 2002, 08:57
Hey! I just bought TR: Chronicles a few weeks ago. I haven't tried playing it yet, since I heard that it wasn't exactly one of the better TR games. I just wish I could find any of the other TR games (for PS, I mean). They just don't seem to exist... :eek: ;) :D

16th Nov 2002, 02:11
Really? I'm thinking of buying the new game thats comming out I don't know when. The box looks like its the TR movie.

16th Nov 2002, 07:16
Yeah, I'm looking forward to that one, too. Meanwhile, I wanted to find some of the earlier TR games, but I just can't seem to locate them anywhere! :(

16th Nov 2002, 09:39
Tomb Raider for playstation? Most of the tr games were designed for ps1. Go to amazon.com and do a search for tomb raider in video games. You'll find them all right there. Chronicles is the least liked of the series. You might want to start w/ the 2nd or the 1st games in the series. You can get the first three games as a trilogy for the price of one.

16th Nov 2002, 11:21
I just happened to pick up Chronicles coz it was cheap--apparently for good reason. I would like to have some of the other TR games, though. Guess I'll hunt them down on Amazon. Thanks for the suggestion.:D

16th Nov 2002, 13:31
All for Playstation 1:

Tomb Raider 1-3 (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006ZCD2/qid=1037452394/br=1-63/ref=br_lf_vg_63//102-5156536-5065758?v=glance&s=videogames&n=509868)
Tomb Raider 4 aka The Last Revelation (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00001ZT9E/qid=1037452394/br=1-66/ref=br_lf_vg_66//102-5156536-5065758?v=glance&s=videogames&n=509868)
Tomb Raider 5 aka Chronicles (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004U1R6/qid=1037452394/br=1-65/ref=br_lf_vg_65//102-5156536-5065758?v=glance&s=videogames&n=509868)

You also have the gold versions, which is basically bonus levels for 1-3, but they weren't made for playstation 1.
Enjoy. ;)

16th Nov 2002, 17:25
Polar, do u really think that they'll make a new game for a "out of date" system? PS2 has been with us since 2 years I think...

I haven't seen any new games for PSX. Every company came out with a new generation console. :( I got my N64 a week before the GC came out. It blew up a few weeks later (it shut down and never turned back on ... )

16th Nov 2002, 19:30
No, I don't think they're making any more TR games for ps1. Chronicles just got lucky.
That actually happened to your n64? Mine's been around forever, but I don't actually use it. I only have two games for it (pokemon stadium and another one called quest something). Those are the only games I have b/c I traded my old super nintendo for the n64, and those are the games that my friend gave me.

16th Nov 2002, 20:21
I Had Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Both Zelda games (Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask) and James Bond Goldeneye.

I played mostly SM64 and Majora's mask. It's the first nintendo game that used "time". 1 game minute was actually an hour in the game. so 24 minutes is a day, 1hr and 12 mins is 3 days.

This is why time flies when your having fun :D

17th Nov 2002, 04:14
I did it! I did it!! I did it!!!

After weeks of looking for it, and mentioning it here, I finally found a TR game today!! I got TR2. Hope it's good...http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/aktion/aktion033.gif

It's just weird how it happened to be at the store I went to today (brand new!) when I've had a near impossible time finding any of the TR games elsewhere. And there was only ONE copy!! Woohoo!!!


17th Nov 2002, 04:26
claps his hands

congrats :)

You know.. it will be worth 10000K after a year if you leave it in its original wrapping :D :rolleyes:

17th Nov 2002, 04:50
Oooohhh, that just sucks, then.

Rook contemplates...

***play the game***
***save it to resell in mint condition for biiiig money***
***play the game***
***save it to resell in mint condition for biiiig money***

Well considering that I've already screwed up whatever it might have been worth by unwrapping it almost as soon as I bought it, I think I'm gonna have to just play it. Of course, I'll by mourning all the while for the financial ease that might have been if I hadn't been so eager for a new game, but I should get over that... Or not...


;) :D

17th Nov 2002, 15:04
I'm so happy for you! Welcome to the TR community! If you ever need any help, don't ask anyone for help or check out any walkthrus. Trust me, it messes up the experience in the end.

17th Nov 2002, 19:35
So far, I think the controls on it are messing up the experience well enough...:eek: ;) :D

17th Nov 2002, 22:42

What is it with you and the controls? :D

I had enough hard times trying to figgure out how to make the gamecube controller work. Its like the n64 one but its not.

They completley assigned new tasks to the "C-pad" (yellow arrows in n64). Its not just camera positions anymore :/

17th Nov 2002, 22:57
Well, it always takes me awhile to get the controls down on a new game. I imagine it would for anyone. But I'm still stuck in my Legacy of Kain series groove where things run smoothly and go where they're supposed to. The controls on TR2 just seem wacko so far. Maybe that's coz it's almost six years old, but knowing that doesn't make the experience any less frustrating. :D

And I think I did finally get a pretty good handle on PE's controls. :p


18th Nov 2002, 01:54
I'd imagine so.

I only play PC games. And most of em is WSAD.

18th Nov 2002, 02:11
I think, if I could kill the butler, I'd be a lot better off right now. ;) :D

18th Nov 2002, 03:14

18th Nov 2002, 04:04
He's this little dude that follows you around and basically gets in the way all the time at the beginning of the game. Right about the time you're trying to concentrate on getting familiar with the controls, he comes along. So far he has absolutely no use, except to royally infuriate me--which he's doing pretty well! :mad:

I wish I could just beat him up. :D

18th Nov 2002, 05:22

18th Nov 2002, 05:25
That's about all he says when you run into him, too. :D

18th Nov 2002, 05:28
Like the buttler in Mr Deeds :)

18th Nov 2002, 05:34
Haven't seen it yet. Adam Sandler bugs me for some reason... ;) :D

18th Nov 2002, 06:26
His voice is annoying (imho) but its an ok movie.

18th Nov 2002, 06:36
Yeah, he does have a rather annoying voice. But that's just one reason I don't much care for him. I've just never been able to get into his movies for some reason. I mean, I've seen the Wedding Singer, but that's about it...

18th Nov 2002, 07:03
I saw Happy Gilmore (He plays golf to pay off his house or mothers house that his dead father built). and Mr. Deeds.

And I think he played in Big Daddy. So maybe that one too..

18th Nov 2002, 07:05
Oh and I have seen Happy Gilmore, too. I like the part where he punches Bob Barker. ;) :D

18th Nov 2002, 07:07
I'm suprised he's still alive. How long has he been hosting The Price Is Right?

18th Nov 2002, 07:11
God, it has to be at least 20 years. I remember watching that show when I was reeeeally small. He was probably hosting it well before then. :eek:

18th Nov 2002, 07:18
Too bad its the same old games. :(

Best be off. Its 2:05 am here. I need to get some sleep.

(its been over an hour :eek: :eek: ).


PS: Riddle me this! What's always comming but never arrives?

18th Nov 2002, 07:30
I'll take a guess and say the future?


And that horrrrrible harp music is back! Sweet dweems!! ;) :D

19th Nov 2002, 00:40
close. its tomorow (same thing)

Tomorow never arrives. Its always comming but when it does "arrive" its no longer tomorow, but today :)

19th Nov 2002, 07:13
Well, if you bend the rules a bit, the future could have been a right answer. :p

19th Nov 2002, 22:51
thus the "same thing" comment :)

20th Nov 2002, 09:22
I don't read well... ;) :D

20th Nov 2002, 20:56
here, take my glasses...


21st Nov 2002, 08:20
Wait a minute! Are those prescription glasses? I mean, I can see, but everything looks all woozy...:eek: :cool: :D

21st Nov 2002, 19:29
They're just my posting glasses :) They're not prescription. they just have a small magnifying lens in it. :)

22nd Nov 2002, 07:11
Ooohh...Oh, OK. That's better. I think the fuzziness has cleared up, or I'm just getting used to it. But now all the words look freakin' HUGE!!

:eek: :D :p :D :eek:

22nd Nov 2002, 18:19
takes out his extra pair of posting glasses

There's a little gear next to the ear thing, it adjusts the maginification... Observ..

You can have it smaller
You can have it larger
and you can have it HUGE!!!!

Not to mention the font option on the glasses. :)

The Arial Font
The Times Font
The Courier Font
The Century Font

I stole 2 pairs of glasses from James Bond :)

23rd Nov 2002, 06:50
***Rook fiddles with the little gear***

OOoohh, that's pretty COOL!!!


23rd Nov 2002, 21:01
Don't push the red button. Never push the little red button.

It has dire consequences if you push the red button.

Pushing the Red Button will page Micheal Jackson :eek:

23rd Nov 2002, 21:38
:eek: :eek: :eek:

***is suddenly verrry careful about operating glasses***

:eek: :eek: :eek:

24th Nov 2002, 01:52

Did u see the news bit where Jackson holds his new born over the rail in an apartment building (i think he was 10 stories high) with a bag of some sort over his head.

There's alot of talk, apparently, about social services taking his kids away. (I would agree with that.. if u do that to ur kids).

24th Nov 2002, 03:59
Gad, that's horrible. But then he's a pretty scarey guy anyway, so it would hardly surprise me. :eek:

24th Nov 2002, 06:31
Im not one to criticize on apearances, but he looks like a girl :( (his face).

From the same newsbit, it showed his face and he looks like a she..

24th Nov 2002, 10:30
It's a shame he did all that to himself. He was a nice looking guy 20 years ago. :o

24th Nov 2002, 20:28
really? I wouldnt know. I wasn't born 20 years ago. :/

From since I can remember, he always looked like a girl (for the past 10-14 years)

24th Nov 2002, 21:51
I don't know when he really started fiddling with his looks, but I think it was in the mid-80's or so, so it's not surprising if you don't recall him back when he was actually a guy. Take a look at the cover of the Thriller album sometime. He didn't look half bad back then (not that I expect you to agree ;) :p). I just wonder why anyone would want to mess around with their looks that much... :confused:

25th Nov 2002, 04:32
I'm guessing he had a "female" attack. Worried about how old he looked. (no offense, but I dont see a guy worring about looking 2 years older than he is..).

Well. Except for jackson. I guess he just wanted to keep looking young and she ended up young :) err. he.

He looks like the joker with those big red lips. I think he puts lipstick on or has a medical condition or something..

25th Nov 2002, 04:38
Well, I think he had a couple of nose jobs (I think they had to do more than one coz they botched the first one--not that more than one ended up helping), and cheekbone augmentation, and God only knows what else. He does look like the Joker, though. LOL

And the last word, I believe, is yours... :D

25th Nov 2002, 20:19
Where's batman when you need em ? :)

Oh! That's right. He lost everything he cared about so he left Gotham city. Batgirl and Huntress (and the psychic girl) are protecting Gotham now.

Damn it.