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3rd Nov 2002, 22:46
i'm on Hlyden City 15% and i've blown up the glyph thing and when it opens all there is, is water with one square in the middle and i need to know what to do from there...could somebody plz help me

3rd Nov 2002, 23:57
***Beats head agains wall for not having played BO2 for a couple of months.*** Ouch...

I haven't played through that part in awhile. Could you describe the area a bit more? :o

4th Nov 2002, 00:32
nevemind i got past it thanks for trying to help though! :D

4th Nov 2002, 00:38
And here I went and beat my head against a wall for nothing...LOL ;) :D

Oh, and...


4th Nov 2002, 01:27
ok i'm on 50% in the hlyden city and i'm at this part where your in a room with that one monster that you CAN'T kill! and i go up this ramp and there is two levers i pull them and nothing happens..what do i do?!

4th Nov 2002, 01:44
Eh? Big room? You mean where you are on a catwalk above the demon, and there are all these doors you can't go through??? If it is, to the further-most part of the room - on the catwalk - you can see boxes blocking a path below. Jump down and over those boxes before the demon can get to you; I'm pretty sure he can't follow.... or.....wait..... I think....:confused: I forgot; it was a while ago for me....

Just describe the room more, if you haven't already beaten it. Maybe then I'll know what you're talking about.

4th Nov 2002, 05:00
if this is the part im thinking of, then near these switches should be glass, and a human and hylden are on the other side, correct? if so you need to flip the switch that opens this device thing which should be in front of you behind the glass wall, then take control of the human, flip a switch and release the demon in that room, after the demon kills off the human and hylden it will come in your direction and look at you from the glass wall (dont worry...it cant get through) you need then pull the other switch when the demon is near the center of that device you set earlier, and itll kill the demon and shatter the glass. Im pretty sure thats it, i havent played BO2 in a while so it might be slightly different from what ive typed. Hope this helps :)