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3rd Nov 2002, 13:23
My computer has got two cd-rom drives. The first one works perfect. That's my E-drive (C and D are the actual hard drives). The E-drive is for playing DVD's and CD's and stuff.

But it's the second cd-rom drive that doesn't work. This is my F-drive and I use it for copying CD's. I haven't actually copied a cd ever since I discovered the problem (coz I don't wanna waste a cd over this), but since this F-drive isn't capable of reading a normal music-cd anymore (or even a game-cd such as Max Payne or Tomb Raider III), I begin to think that it might be broken.

I'm awfully desperate since I've been preparing myself to copy some great stuff (mainly beautiful pictures and sound of films, etc ...) to some cd's and when I finaly wanted to do this, everything seems to go wrong!

Please help me!! Moderators, Computer-geniusses ... anyone who knows something about computers. Just tell me what to do or what information of my computer I should give you, so you could find out what the problem is. If it is really broken, I've gotta get myself a new one ... :mad:

Is it possible that I gotta open up the computer (which I would really hate to do, but if it works it's gotta be done) and check for any wires come loose?

Please help me! I'll be waiting impatiently but with great respect for any given answer.


3rd Nov 2002, 13:34
What happens when you put a disc in?
Nothing at all?
Error messages?
Is Auto-play engaged?
Does it need cleaning (dust on the lens?)

Is it a CD-RW drive for writing/burning discs?

3rd Nov 2002, 16:50
As well as DaveJs suggestion, the sure fire way of determining whether the drive is faulty or not, is to exchange it with a drive that is functioning correctly.

If the other drive works ok, then it is possible the original drive is faulty, however if it still does not work, exchange the ribbon cable over and see if that works.

Whatever you do, eventually you will have to open the case I am afraid. ;)

3rd Nov 2002, 16:59
Originally posted by DaveJ
What happens when you put a disc in?
Nothing at all?
Error messages?
Is Auto-play engaged?
Does it need cleaning (dust on the lens?)

Is it a CD-RW drive for writing/burning discs?

Yes, it says on the outside of the cd-drive CD-Writer Plus and I use it for writing and burning discs (with the program Ahead Nero - Nero burning Rom)

When I put in a disc, a green light start to flicker (which indicated that it is trying to read the disc), but then it suddenly stops flickering. Nothing happens no more. No error messages ... nothing.

I've done a little test by using my two cd-drives at the same time with a different cd in each of them. In the E-drive (DVD-Rom) I place Faith Hill and in the F-drive (CD-Writer) I place Céline Dion.

When I now go to Windows Explorer, I see that the icon of the E-drive has changed in a little cd with the shape of tune on it and it starts to play Faith Hill automatically. I can also take a look at all 12 songs by clicking on the E-drive. I think this is quite normal.

When I wanna do the same with the F-drive (which didn't start Céline Dion automatically), I get the error message: Place a disc in station F: and I have the option to cancel. When I press on that the little window with the fault message disappears again. When I wanna take a look at the properties of the CD-rom station F: it says the following:

Properties for CD-rom Station F: Could not read table of contents from the disk. I press ok and the little window disappears again.

Thanks for trying to help me, DaveJ!

Any help from you or anybody else is more than welcome! We all know how frustrating it can be when your computer doesn't work. And we also know how great it can be when the problem is solved.

One more important question: Last week I did something to my computer that I swore afterwards I would NEVER do again; since it doesn't solve anything. I had some serious problems reading a certain DVD and after a three-hour *trying-to-fix* of the problem, I got a little frustrated (it had already been a very bad day) and I smashed my computer a couple of times. With my fist I hit the computer about three to four times somewhere on the DVD-rom. The computer didn't fall over or something. Nothing serious happened, but is it possible that due to this hitting on my computer, something inside broke or got loose and I'm into serious problems?
Or is this simply due to a program that I haven't installed yet?

Please help me ...
Thank you very, very much!


3rd Nov 2002, 17:12
Originally posted by Godfather
I got a little frustrated (it had already been a very bad day) and I smashed my computer a couple of times. With my fist I hit the computer about three to four times somewhere on the DVD-rom.

I'm surprised your computer is still talking to you after that Godfather :D Me thinks I should report you to the RSPCA, [i]The Royal Society for Personal Computer Aggression. :p

3rd Nov 2002, 17:21
I think it might be the lens/laser thingie. I had a laptop that had the same problem sometimes. I think it was b/c the lens thingie was out of place, due to my having dropped my laptop a couple of times. Lens tend to get stuck sometimes. I also have an old cd player that does that several times, but what I do is push back the lens thingie (w/o touching the actual lens) to the starting position, and it works every time. To do that, you're going to have to open up your pc.
Maybe that'll work for you.

3rd Nov 2002, 18:37
It could just be that your F drive just has good taste and refuses to play the Celine Dion CD as a protest.

Try popping a CD lens cleaner in there, and go to Control Panel/System/Device Manager and do a right click on the F drive in there to see if it says "This device is working properly".
If it does, you have no loose wires.
If it doesn't, get your screwriver out.

3rd Nov 2002, 19:21
I opened up my computer and I saw a world of wires. Knowing that I only have a limited knowledge I promised myself to NOT touch any wires.

But then suddenly I noticed that one wire was indeed loose. Now I have found out that there are two grey wires with a flat, black head (on each side) which eventually lead to the both drives. One of them was stuck. I put it in and nothing changed, but my question to you all is:

If I should change these two grey wires (one of the DVD and one of the CD) could it be that they both work then?

If nothing works here, I'm gonna get that Cd-player out and bring it to the store again to ask some question and maybe get myself a new one. Dammit! :(

Thanks anyway for your answer and I'll still be looking forward to a quick reply on what you think is best to do now that my computer is opened up. C U soon (I hope!

3rd Nov 2002, 19:41
There are a lot of wires in your PC that currently go nowhere...they are there for future upgrades you may wish to add yourself.

Now do the Control panel check as I suggested and be quick about it...my tea's going cold and my brandy is turning indifferent.

3rd Nov 2002, 20:08
ok. Worst case scenario = if I don't find such a lens cleaner, can I do it without any? Can I just go to properties and so forth and check it like that?

3rd Nov 2002, 20:15
Ok. I just checked it and the status of the device says that it works perfect. So no loose wires, right?

I've got another idea and I would like to know what y'all think of it.

I think (I'm not too sure, but I think) that the problem started from the moment I improved my computer.

You see: on my computer I have this little thingy which is called repair system under programs and so forth. I had a few problems last week and I didn't wanna repair them myself, so I went back to take a saving point of the computer in the past and uploaded that saving point, so that I would get my computer the way it was back then. That's when the problem started ... as I said before ... I think!

Would it be helpful if I did the same thing only now to take the status of the future of my computer? So, instead of taking September I would take Oktober the 30th again since at that day I didn't have this problem?

Sorry for the trouble!

3rd Nov 2002, 20:40
If the lens is dirty it has to be physically cleaned by you.

The lens cleaner looks and plays just like a CD, but usually with tiny soft brushes on the underside. They are very cheap and readily available.

3rd Nov 2002, 21:19
I wanna thank everybody who wanted to help me. A close friend of mine (no, not that close :D) is going to help me out. He said that it could be something with the wrong wire attached by me coz I found one wire unattached coming from the motherboard and it something else: it could also be that it actually is broken. But he never had a single look at it yet and so he'll be able to say more about it when he's taken a look at it.

No offence coz you were all very good at helping me ... I mean that! But it's always easier to have someone physically helping me out than at a blind distance like the one we're facing here.

Thnx again!


4th Nov 2002, 08:48
If your search in control panel/device manager said "This device is working properly" there are no loose wires from it.
It wouldn't even show up as a drive in "My Computer" if the wires were loose/missing.

The wire from your motherboard is likely the spare that resides in EVERYONE'S PC for you to connect an additional hard drive, CD device etc to.

4th Nov 2002, 23:08
Apparantly, it's broken. I've taken my computer to my friend and he's taken a good look at it (and he's a very nice kind o' guy who's got enough knowlegde to tear a computer apart and place all pieces back in place, so he knows what he's doing ...).

Anyway, he said it was broken and there was nothing left to do. I'm gonna get myself a new one tomorrow. Pity ... I wonder how it happened though. Probably someone must have smacked it or OMG!! maybe dropped it? Grrrrr ... :mad:

Well, soon I'll have my own computer and NOBODY gets to use that one. Don't think that I'm a very selfish person ... I'm just tired of other people (read: other members of the family) messing up my computer.

I want a computer JUST for me, so I can be the only one who's messing up the PC. :D

Thanks again for all your information and effort.

C U ... bye now. :)