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Medical Grey
3rd Nov 2002, 07:39
Capital Ship:
The Raptor.
Length:11 miles.
Width:8 miles.
Weapons: 100 anti capital ship turrets, 4 beam cannons, 1000000000 anti fighter turrets and one planet destroyer cannon(cloaked).
Crew:50000000 greys,40000 salt hogs,45000 turakkens, 500 sirens and 100000 gors.
Vessels: 4 Minion class trading barges, 50000 Shamas class fighters and 200000 Deliverance dropships.
Engines: Triad Phulex pattern hyperspace generator (capable of sppeds of warp 9) Tiplex 4000 subspace engines(Capable of 50000 kilometres per hour)
Special: Cloaking device, Anti plage beam emitter and heavy communications array.

5 Sahkas heavy cruisers:
Size: 6miles by 3 miles.
Weapons: 2 beam cannons,4000000 anti fighter turrets, 1 heavy missile launcher on 360' mount and 50 anti capital ship turrets. Note features advanced combat armour and overpowerd weapons systems.
Crew: 5000000 greys, 4000 salthogs.
Ships: 500 Acolyte heavy fighters.
Special: Cloaking devices.

3 Archangel class Super heavy destroyers.
Size 9 by 6 miles.
Weapons: 1 planet destroy, 3 beam cannons and 4000000 turrets.
Ships: 10000 Acoylte heavy fighters.
Crew: 100000000 greys.
special: cloaking devicve.
As Captain Grey was sitting in the command bay, he noticed a strange illegurality on sensors.

3rd Nov 2002, 10:07
Breakaway Faction Sunrise Lead Ship:
New Dawn
Length: 3 miles
Width 1 mile
Weapons: 50 anti fighter turrets, 1 beam cannon(all cloaked)
Vessals: 3 trading barges, 300 fighters, 5000 dropships
Engines: Grekin 200 subspace engines (capalable of 70000km/h)
and Triad Phulex pattern hyperspace generator
Special: Cloaking device and heavy communications array.
Crew: 5000 grays, 400 salt hogs, 600 turrakens, 50 sirens, 9000 gors and 1 human

As the ship New Dawn dropped out of warp after detecting the capitol ship close by...
Sunrise: Whats that on sensors.
Sensor team: We don't know captian. We don't seem to have any record of it being here nor what is is.
Sunrise: Put the whole ship on yellow alert and contact the capital ship, ask them if they know what it is.

4th Nov 2002, 03:20
Karmaraman Fleet Defense Capital Ship:
Length: 1 mile
Width: 1 mile (circle shape)
Weapons: 200 Anti Fighter Turrets, 5 Pulse Laser Cannons, 1 Anti Portal Weapon (portal weapon cloaked)
Crew: 3000 Karmaramans, 400 Grays, 100 sirens, and 500 Kasvagorians
Vessels: 1 Trade/Transport Ship, 100 fighters, 2000 escape pods(2 personel per pod)
Engines: 75 Mk3 Multi-Pocket Launch Rockets(only used when exiting/entering planets atmospheres), 100 Duel X-14 Starboard Trypton Rockets(capable of 30000 km/h)
Special: Can create spiritual crop circles allowing spiritual enlightment of all Karmaramans increasing morale and shield generator capable of taking 5,000 Pulse Laser hits

After the ship, Karakus, has exited planet Orbalitus's atmosphere, their radar detects a faint signal coming near two capital ships.

Me: Soon my plan of putting crop circles on every planet in the universe will be fulfilled. Only 359,248 to go... Darn...
Radar Specialist: Uh, is this one of our crop circle energy fields?
Me: No, we haven't eve gotten near that galaxy yet.
Radar Specialist: Then what is it?
Me: How should i know? Could be a dead ship, unknown energy field, whatever. It could even be a Targ on vacation.
Navigator: Want me to put a course there?
Me: .... Sure, just go back here if it seems like it's an enemy.
Navigator: Ok commander.

After a few simple clicks, the Karakus heads slowly in the direction of the unknown signal...

Medical Grey
4th Nov 2002, 07:11
As commander grey hailed the ship, he heard a strange noise coming from a segment of the ship.

4th Nov 2002, 11:36
Its nice to see new talent, although there's currently no passion. To keep these going we need fresh, original ideas that keep a plot flowing smoothly ;)

EDIT: Not to mention that Medical Grey's ship violates all our current RPG rules, reduce its size.

BTW, you are not the RPG king you think you are, I thank Kermit the Frog and KrazyKermit for starting our first RPG proper. We tried to keep within the bounds of decency in our second RPG (somewhat), it ran out of control eventually, thats the normal rule of the universe. We nearly lost Dracoraptor permantely recently, we need to keep to some sort of standard.


4th Nov 2002, 18:23
This is just terrible! When one posts actions in an RPG they should be pucuated properly. IE: Commas go in numbers bigger than thousands, their should be lines seperating each speaker, or speakers names should be in bold. It is just common courtesy.

A one mile by one mile ship could not hold 4000 crewmen! Even targ! 70000km/h is way too fast for a ship to go! And why does everyone have a cloaking deviece, thats a Targ thing! Grrrr!!

4th Nov 2002, 20:18
Sunrise sets the ahip on course to the nearest black hole and escapes in one of the fighters.

Breakaway Faction Sunrise Fighter:
Weapons: 4 pulse rifles
Crew:1 human
Engines: No Idea. capable of 1000 km/h
Special: Atmospheric Shield: allows the fighter to be relitivly agile in a planets atmospere

Medical Grey
5th Nov 2002, 07:14
Look, i am not a newb. I was here before the update and was the creator of the new rpg. Plus i have no reference of maximum ship size. So please just humour me. I even got my rpg in the archives that time.

5th Nov 2002, 08:52
It was something like 1x1x1 (Miles)

And also, not superwepons and no cloaking devices unless they worked properly according to the rules (Which i'm attempting to find...):rolleyes:

5th Nov 2002, 19:58
somebody should post the rules as a sticky thread for newbies and idiots.

6th Nov 2002, 21:04
Originally posted by Davidg
And why does everyone have a cloaking deviece, thats a Targ thing! Grrrr!!

Since when? :p

7th Nov 2002, 08:46
DavidG thought the cloaking device as a Targ Product. I think the cloaking device can only be fitted into certain ships in the fleet i.e small ones and should not function not as a complete invisiblity device. Cloaked ships should be detected by special radar systems.

8th Nov 2002, 14:57
I have always used a shadowcloaking system on my ship. It makes it invisible and unhitable but when its on i cant use any weapons or move the ship. Its only used to hide in a area and then remove the cloak and begin to shoot at nearest enemy. The cloak is also unusable when close to a star because of the light that is generated. Special light lasers also remove the cloak.

Meddling Grey
9th Nov 2002, 00:48
The Cloakbreaker:
The Cloakbreaker is a large, ship-mounted device designed by Greytech Industries (Me. :)). It is inefficient in its use of power, draining nearly 29% more than it actually should when activated, but it is nevertheless in high demand by some of the more paranoid races. It is, in essence, a large on-board factory, constantly manufacturing space-probes 1/10th of a millimeter long out of common industrial materials. When the device is deployed, these probes are shot out into space, saturating a fairly wide area with the tiny probes. Each probe sends a custom signal back to the main computer located in the Cloakbreaker. If one of the probes alters its course, the link is broken, and the computer registers this in its memory. There are a number of things that can break the transmissions sent back by the probes: Gravitational fields, impacting solid objects, changes in course, and/or being destroyed. The importance of this is that light-bending fields either refract the transmission, scattering it and alerting the computer, or alter the probe's course, an effect that causes the probes to spin wildly out of control and break the link, again alerting the computer. Because the probes all send out randomly computer-chosen transmissions, they are almost impossible to fabricate, and any ship successfully doing so would then give itself away through its power emissions. Whatever happens to the probes, the computer immediately alerts the ship it is stationed on, displaying the coordinates of the anomaly in question. Expensive on the industrial goods, entire corporations have sprung up around supplying races like Targs and Kasvagorians with the materials needed to run their Cloakbreakers. Cloakbreakers also come in various models, with firing arcs of 25 degrees to a full 180, allowing selective scanning for a low-E choice or maximum coverage for the filthy rich. Currently the patent to the Cloakbreaker is held by Stellarhogs Inc., and can be purchased from many of their space-based ship contruction platforms.

[WARNING - Cloakbreaker devices have difficulty operating near high-gravity areas, such as planets or moons, and are entirely useless in areas with even minimal atmospheres. Powerful solar radiation should also be avoided, as it can cause the probe signals to be interfered with, or may in high quantities make the probes malfunction.]

This has been a message by your friendly, neighbourhood Meddling Grey.

P.S. Oh, and just a note for you Davidg: Most Americans don't use commas between their numbers. Most British people do. Canadians do sometimes, and sometimes don't, and occasionally vary it on the same page to give things an interestingly souped-up flair. :D Not sure about other nationalities, or even if I'm right about British and Americans, but at least I know I got my good ol' Canada correct. :)

P.P.S. 1x1x1 miles, JSWY? ARGH! Its a Borg cube! Run for your lives! ;)

9th Nov 2002, 03:37
Acctually we do use commas in numbers, or at least we're supposed to.

10th Nov 2002, 22:56
Yeah, the largest ship possible by ship size regulations is a cube ship.


12th Nov 2002, 20:58
I thought it was 10X5X2? When did this change?

13th Nov 2002, 00:05
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
I thought it was 10X5X2? When did this change?

I did, I got sick to death of superlong ships, so I reduced it. Of course its still open to debate :D