View Full Version : If I wanted to have a discussion about government debate topics...

RaidRs Revenge
3rd Nov 2002, 05:35
Could I do it in here? I just wanted to get permission first. If any moderators wanted to email me about it, please email me. it should be in my profile, and if not, maybe you guys could find out what it is...lol...i dont just wanna give it on a message board.

3rd Nov 2002, 08:22
there once was a government based topic, 'dutch judgement', in eidos community chat(?), it went on for quite a while, so i think it's ok

3rd Nov 2002, 10:55
Political discussion is not generally acceptable at these forums. Remember, Eidos forums are generally for topics on Eidos games.

We do allow generalised topics in the Community Chat forums (including this forum), however any topics such as religeous/political etc. that could lead to a heated debate, would not survive long. ;)

John Carter
4th Nov 2002, 02:38
Try your discussion down in the Community chat forum (Gerneral, that is). See if it survives, you won't know til you try. All other rules of the TOU apply, in other words, don't condemn something that is subjective in vitriolic terms, watch it get locked down as it degenerates into a sleaze-fest, and then be all put off that your gems of wisdom and truth and free speech are being unfairly suppressed.

What Data says is true, mostly. I note that some "political" threads are locked or remove and some aren't. I don't touch 'em myself, which presumably accounts for why USA-bashing threads are generally allowed free reign while anybody-else bashing threads get locked/removed.

If Red or Grey don't like a thread, it's gone, bottom line no argument, and that is as it should be. All such threads are forbidden by various provisions of the TOU, so any that survive are due to tolerance or failure to detect. In other words, if your thread goes away down there, don't complain about the unfairness of it all, since none of them are technically allowed anyway.

All attempts to politicize Lara Croft in the TR specific forums will be ruthlessly and brutally suppressed by me if I see 'em.