View Full Version : Kirov Park Spoilers

LiL Goten
2nd Nov 2002, 21:45
Post your methods of maddness here:

Silent Assassin:
All u need is the sniper rifle with one bullet and the anesthetic. Go in the first sewer drain when no one is looking and run very fast all the way to the radio tower. When you get their knock out the guard there with the anesthetic (this part is a little tricky but very possible).

After that do the obvious, and climb the tower and wait for the right moment when your targets are standing one in front of the other. Then BANG, they both drop, no one hears, make your way back the way you came, and your finished. :D

LiL Goten
2nd Nov 2002, 22:06
Opps sorry, didnt see the sticky for posts like these lol, Since this is a different method to the one in the sticky, maybe zap can add it there, thanks