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2nd Nov 2002, 17:05
To say hello and tell everyone of my great news!! :D

I had a cello lesson about an hour ago, and found out the best thing that's ever happened in my life. :) I"m getting an $8,000 Cello Scholarship. :eek: My jaw dropped when I heard this. :) So that's what I've been doing lately in the two weeks I haven't been here. :p

How is everyone? :)

2nd Nov 2002, 17:09


Well good luck!!!!!!!!! And I'm fine thanks, you?

THE True Lara
2nd Nov 2002, 18:04
Ditto, that's fantastic Aquarius! :):):)

Really, really well done, congratulations!

All the luck in the world with that!

2nd Nov 2002, 19:00
Congradulations good on ya

2nd Nov 2002, 20:23
That's great! Maybe I'll see you at a symphony concert sometime?

2nd Nov 2002, 20:56
WOW!!! congrats!!!! you must be really good at it!

Kurtis Trent
2nd Nov 2002, 21:53
Thats great Aquarius!!! Im great thanks, congratalations again!!

3rd Nov 2002, 03:12
well that is very good new indeed !! congratulations!!:)

3rd Nov 2002, 04:47
Congrats Aquarius!

3rd Nov 2002, 05:53
Nice one Aquarius, wish you the best:)

3rd Nov 2002, 21:50
Well it was good to talk to everyone after a two week busy period.

But my free weekend is just about over, so I must once again return to the 'dungeon'. lol :p I'll try to stop in again next weekend if I get the chance, otherwise, see everyone Thanksgiving weekend. :)

P.S. Thank you for the congrats! :)

Au revoir!

3rd Nov 2002, 21:55
thats soo great!! CONGRATS!!:D:D come back to us soon!

3rd Nov 2002, 22:10
Hello Cello! :eek: Congratulations.

Say, can't you use about $7,000 and leave the rest for one big party with us to celebrate this Scholarship? :D

Oh ... and Aquarius? It's not my business but I hope for your sake that you are not married. You just said and I quote:" I had a cello lesson about an hour ago, and found out the best thing that's ever happened in my life." Not a smart thing to say when you're married :D ... good luck to you anyways.

3rd Nov 2002, 22:15
CONGRATULATIONS Aquarius - thats fantastic news - well done!!!! Good to see you, briefly!!!

Lil Lara
5th Nov 2002, 01:23
that's awesome!! thanks for sharing your good news and its nice to see you around every so often. :D

5th Nov 2002, 13:59
Originally posted by Drexel
There's always room for cello.


And Aquarius, that is very good news for you. :) Ummmmmm now what's always told to me? Oh, yes...."Don't spend it all in one space"....or something, ;)

5th Nov 2002, 14:05
Hey hey hey, nice to see you darling….*prelude looks around* oh he’s gone, oh well catch you next weekend I guess, congrats BTW :D

7th Nov 2002, 13:32
Congratulations Aquarius (about the cello schollarship)!!! That is so great!

7th Nov 2002, 20:23
Back again already! I had forgotten that I basically have a 4 day weekend this week. Well I had a half day of school today, but I skipped and was at a Leadership Conference all day. :p I had a really good lunch at that too........stuffed right now! :D I haven't had a lunch that good, ever! lol Mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken, corn, salad (although I really don't care for salad), breadsticks, and two (count them 2!!) chocolate brownies.

See, being active does have it's rewards. :p Aside from the food (but how can you forget food!?!?! ;)), I got to miss a lot of my really boring classes today. :p Woohoo! 4 day weekend with no homework!! :D

How is everyone this week? :)

I picked up my scholarship cello on Tuesday, and it's gorgeous! I love it so much! :)

8th Nov 2002, 05:09
That's great news about the cello scholarship!


10th Nov 2002, 22:31
congratulations!!!! :) :)
that is so cool

10th Nov 2002, 22:35
Bit late, but anyway, congrats! :)