View Full Version : Birthdays such fun

2nd Nov 2002, 15:52
So folks how do you like to spend your birthday. Also when it's a friend/family what do you do to make their day special.

I love going out with friends/family. Movies is always nice. Sometimes it's nice to have a quiet birthday especially if aod came out. Be nice. Go to the park doing simple things. This year I'm having a fancy dress party I'm going as an xmas pudding cause I love my food and I love xmas time. People have said I should go as Lara but one I look nothing like Lara and I just wouldn't do Lara justice.

For other people I usually buy people lots of gifts and take them out. Fun I love birthdays!

2nd Nov 2002, 17:17
(My birthday is just in 3 months now! I didn't realize it was already that close! :eek:)

I've always had a really big family dinner the weekend before my birthday. We usually go out to eat somewhere, usually expensive too, since it's a birthday. Mmmm.....Speakeasy.........

But then I do like to do something with my friends the weekend after my birthday. It's nice to have it both ways though. With your family, you find out what new things are happening in everyone's life, as you really don't get to talk to everyone as much as you'd like to. With the friends, you get to catch up on what's happened in one day. lol Or just act real stupid, and have a great time. :D We're experts at acting stupid. ;)