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2nd Nov 2002, 03:33
i havent worked on my level in a while, and soon ill be back at it. i need help with something though. i want to create a zap arc that only shocks garrett a little. my previous experiences with this left me with a dead garrett. lets say i want it to take away 3 hitpoints when you come in contact with it. can anyone help with this? the reason i only want this to shock a little is becuase im designing something that has a lot of these electrical lines...so i also need it so that you can get close to it but only have it shock if you touch it....

edit: this is for dromed 1 if that makes any difference...

2nd Nov 2002, 03:52
Take a look at TGold the Mages Tower. If you remember, when He goes to pickup the Talisman it zaps him. I think the same thing happens in TDP in Strange Bedfellows if he forgets to read the prayer correctly before picking up the talisman.

3rd Nov 2002, 02:43
aye good idea mate :)