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2nd Nov 2002, 00:33
On Thursday 31/10/2002 (yes, Halloween!), I went to see two movies in the cinema: Halloween: Resurrection (the weakest of the entire series; the third episode excluded) and XXX (The American version of James Bond and a good one too).

A few years ago, I started a personal film list of my own. I went to see two movies a week in the cinema and an average of five films per week in total. For the fun of it and to eventually keep things ordened, I started putting them in into Microsoft Excel. My personal film last was born and a couple of years later (don't ask me how many), I reached the big 000 (read: triple 000)

That's right! For anyone who's even remotely interested, I just saw my 1000 film. Well actually: I've probably seen more than a 1000 movies, but officially ... my film list counts now exactly 1000 movies. I know: I'm a (film) freak, but a very sweet one ... not to worry! :D

Is anyone here as crazy as I am and keeping some sort a list of things or anything related?

If not, ignore this thread and move on to the next one ... :( ;)

THE True Lara
2nd Nov 2002, 00:40
...you keep a list?! :eek: :(

I wouldn't be able to even begin to make a list of all the films I've seen!

2nd Nov 2002, 01:43
The beginning was most difficult. I mean, you have to start from scratch and there are so many films you've already seen. But everytime you remember a movie, you open the file and copy (manual or the actual copy-paste) the required information from www.imdb.com (which we all know is THE greatest film-site in the Whole Wide World) :)

2nd Nov 2002, 04:13
congrats! my list contains less than 5 movies seen in the theater. :D

2nd Nov 2002, 08:45
I don't keep a list, but I have over 1,000 movies at home on VHS, DVD and Laserdisc.

2nd Nov 2002, 10:27
omg!!! Congratulations!!! Seeing 1000 film is like...wow! And having more than 1000 films at home, thats also like...wow!

Raider Sunrise
2nd Nov 2002, 15:01
Hehe congrats Godfather!! I don't go to the movies a lot, the last one I saw in a theater is...ummm...Star Wars: Attack of the Clones I think.

2nd Nov 2002, 15:05
congrats godfather :D

Originally posted by Godfather
I'm a (film) freak

meee too. i love movies. they're great! my mum thinks i should go into the acting buisness :cool: ...maybe someday :D

i dont have a list of all the movies ive seen but i do have all of my movie stubs from 1998 till now :p the last movie i saw in the thearter was jackass.

2nd Nov 2002, 15:27
Good on ya Godfather way to go!

3rd Nov 2002, 13:16
btw: I didn't start this thread coz I wanted to show off or something ... just in case someone thought I was utterly proud of reaching the big 000 and thought I had seen more movies than anyone else. :o

But it's nice to have a list which becomes more and more complete; you know.

btw: (if you're not interested, you can not read this) I'm thinking of starting my own Academy Award-list. You know: as a protest against the real Academy Award Association who has forgotten great artists such as Alfred HitchcOck, Martin Scorsese, Harvey Keitel, Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, Jim Carrey, Quinten Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, sir Charles Chaplin, ...

None of them EVER got an Oscar; except Chaplin in 1929 at the very first Oscar-night, but he was given a special award for his film "The Circus" instead of a best actor-award which they originally wanted to give to him, but because some of his films contained heavy stuff (for that time), they didn't wanna take any risks and gave him one of the less important oscars. Anyway, they always have been playing darts when giving away Oscars. (Like Morgan Freeman once said: "It's like playing darts. They blindfold a man, put him in front of a wall with many names pinched on it and that man throws the dart and whomever gets pinched by the dart, wins the award).

Anyway, do you think it is crazy to do this (whenever I find the time, because I've been meaning to do this for a very long time already) or is it just another way of spending (read: wasting :D) your time?

C ya!

3rd Nov 2002, 17:20
On the subject of '1000', I just recently clocked up 100,000 miles in my driving life, and don't I feel tired. :D

3rd Nov 2002, 20:42
lol i have seen about 15 films at the cinema (5 of those are the same film )

4th Nov 2002, 18:58
so what is the film that you've seen 5 times?

4th Nov 2002, 22:56
Originally posted by **angelic**
so what is the film that you've seen 5 times?

Well, I wish it were The Godfather (since I think this is the greatest movie of all time), but I know almost for a fact that I've seen T2 more than any other movie. And now that I've got it on DVD, it'll only get worse. I think I've seen T2 (without exaggerating) about 10 times.

The weirdest thing I have ever done was watching Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 after each other in the cinema. At the time the third and final one was released, they organised this special trilogy. I think it started at 8 o'clock and lasted until 2 or even 3 o'clock. When I finally came out of the cinema, my eyes were like flululouluoufloufouf (read: tired of watching a white, huge screen and my eyes actually had to adapt to the realistic view again rather than the film-view in that dark room)

THE True Lara
4th Nov 2002, 23:11
Originally posted by Godfather
I think I've seen T2 (without exaggerating) about 10 times.

I never saw my favourite film at the cinema :(, but in the past 15 years I've watched it at home 487 times. I've had to buy it on video again 3 times, because I keep wearing it out!

5th Nov 2002, 08:36
Which one is it?

Orson Wells said he learnt all he ever needed to learn about film-making from watching John Ford's "Stagecoach" 37 times.

Its not unusual for me to have seen many a film well over 10 times.

Saw "Aliens" 3 times at the cinema, 14 times on VHS, 5 times on Laserdisc and twice on DVD...think I'm slowing down a bit now.

THE True Lara
12th Nov 2002, 10:33
Originally posted by DaveJ
Which one is it?
Alright, I'll tell you on condition that you do not deride, laugh or say anything nasty about it.

It's 'The Princess Bride'


I can't help but love everything about it. It has no special effects, not huge Hollywood stars, no big budget, no sex, and no gratuitous violence. But it is, funny, intelligent, romantic, and it taps into that part of me that will always dream. And yet for some reason it's seen as a bit of a childrens film, which is a crying shame. It's been my favourite film for the past 15 years, and it'll never be replaced. I don't care if no one else appriciates it the way I do, that's their loss.

And you know, as yet, I haven't seen 'Stagecoach' once :( One day, perhaps.....

12th Nov 2002, 11:51
I love "The Princess Bride"!

One of the wittiest and warmest films I have ever seen.

12th Nov 2002, 12:37

12th Nov 2002, 13:30
Just what I needed. A seed planted in my brain to list the films I've seen.
I'll never forgive you for this.
For your punishment, you have to back to your list and notate
the number of times you've seen each movie.

All kidding aside, I gotta agree with the above professed Princess Bride fans.
Extremely fun movie.

Now when it comes to Jaws, my wife and I are comepletely telepathic.
Somehow we always know when its on or about to come on.
And we always get magnetized into watching it.

Repeat performances?
We both watch the Nexxt Generation Star Trek movies repeatedly.
And I tend to watch the Toy Story movies repeatedly.

Good show Godfather!!

12th Nov 2002, 20:28
Originally posted by DaveJ
I love "The Princess Bride"!

One of the wittiest and warmest films I have ever seen.

You all forgot one very important thing. I never saw the film (I'm planning to), but I know the music of "The Princess Bride". It's awfully beautiful and it's by one of my all-time fav. artists ... Mark Knopfler!! ;)

13th Nov 2002, 03:50
"My Name is Enigo Montoya, and you killed my Father....Prepare to die!" :D

Loved that movie too.........(Princess Bride)

13th Nov 2002, 04:11
I had such a crush on that guy!!!


Corr gimme gimme gimme!!!

THE True Lara
13th Nov 2002, 10:07
I still do! :rolleyes: :D
-First man off the telly that I wanted to rescue me... *sigh*
-You know I was going to boycot the 9th series of the X-Files until I found Cary had joined the team....