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1st Nov 2002, 23:22
Hi UPA braves! Me and my daughter
s (yeah daughters) are stuck at the ground zero level.
Taking a look to the MAGGIE's walkthrough and to all the thread concerning the level I realized that we did ev'rything but... Entering the lab, picking up the circuit, starting the terminal and watching the media-file bring to nothing... there is NO UPA lifter. We found just a big steel door closed and no objects to interact with... what happened?

2nd Nov 2002, 08:40
You need to talk to the Leader. He should be outside by where you knocked the truck down. Look around he should be standing next to a big mound of dirt. The Leader has the key to open the steel doors. It is possible the monsters killed him in which case you will have to start from a previous game before he was killed.

2nd Nov 2002, 18:25
Thanks runtime, but
We already used the leader's key...
We used it to enter the lab...
do we have to catch an other key?...
However, near the locked gate that introduced us to the lab there was a RED light with a socket. The light turned green, after using the key, and the door opened. Should a UPA lifter be inside the lab sited after that door? We have found just the terminal by witch we looked at the Doc's profile... nothing else but another door WITHOUT any kind of socket in the nearby.

2nd Nov 2002, 20:47
Hi ncintio, welcome to our forum. :)

Once Minoko has accessed the panel, view the movie...don't forget to read the mail. By reading the mail this will open the door nearby

Hope this helps. :)

3rd Nov 2002, 05:14
use your torch. the leader is in a dark spot. Spent a long time trying to find the guy.

It's another problem on the "wrong direction elevator" problem most of us had on the first level (control telling you the elevator is to the right, while infact, being to the left).

4th Nov 2002, 17:57
I remember that minoko (my major daughter) read the email after watching the doc's profile but i don't remember if she did it in the same very moment.
We will try again restarting a previous saved game.

I will let you know... bye and thanks.


9th Nov 2002, 01:40
Yeah, got the same problem... (PS2 version)...read the mail, then it does nothing...view the video, nothing...I see the door, but there doesn't appear to be anything I can do to open it...


9th Nov 2002, 05:06
its a long and painful level. I went in circles for hours at the middle point. I finally just used codes and made the rest of team go thru hazerdous areas (that amber can withstand).

Ofcourse.. I'm not even sure if its this level.. I haven't played PE for a while. Got "No One Lives Forever 2" game a while ago and got hooked on it.

10th Nov 2002, 10:38
I saw Loky experiencing our same problem.
We tried restarting the level from the beginnin and playing checkin the 'walktroug" Maggie posted in the FAQ step-by-step. Ther's no way of opening that door (PS2 version). The only way to pass the level is "skipping the level" via the cheat menu.
There is a trick to play to activate it. It is described in another thread and we used it succesfully.
Have a nice game...

11th Nov 2002, 06:03
times like these i enjoy my pc :)

11th Nov 2002, 09:52
I agree...

12th Nov 2002, 20:27
Pleased to hear that you have managed to move on in the game, ncintio.

Enjoy the rest of the game.:)

14th Nov 2002, 04:00
PC's are the ultimate video system :)

You're not limited by 1 company/type of media. (Xbox games only for Xbox, GC only for GC, etc..).

You can also upgrade :) Which can't be done for consoles (you'd need to trade it in or keep it and buy the newer one).


(excluding macintosh cause I never used one so I don't know if imo its a good 4 gaming or not. but I've seen alot of games out for windows and not out for macintosh (and none out for macintosh and not for windows, wich really has to bite people with a mac :( ))