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1st Nov 2002, 05:31
Hi! This is probably a really stupid question that will get me shot at! But I'm using exclamation points anyway to give the illusion that I'm incredibly perky about it anyway! If you haven't figured out what the question is yet, you're a tard! Anyway...is there going to be a Startopia 2?

1st Nov 2002, 07:48
Short Awnser No :mad: Long Awnser no, unless some multimillionaire donates Millions to mucky foot to make startopia 2 :(

1st Nov 2002, 16:42
Why is this? Did Startopia not make enough money? I mean, it's obvious that most anyone who bought and played it loved it...so doesn't it stand to reason that the game was a success, just not hyped well enough? And that Eidos/Muckyfoot should create a sequel and just hype the crap out of it?

1st Nov 2002, 18:05
The critics and all who bought Startopia loved it. However, Eidos gave them bugger all to market it with and so hardly anyone was able to find out how fantastic it is.

This led to crappy sales figures and the rest of Eidos money get put into churning out another Tomb Raider game.

A great injustice......

2nd Nov 2002, 07:44
But does this necessarily mean that there will never be a sequel? Have we gotten confirmation on that from Muckyfoot or Eidos? The game is still selling for 19.99 here, which means it's selling pretty good still. Most games that are over a year old are either 9.99 or 5.99 by now.

2nd Nov 2002, 08:21
Actually we have got comformation of that and where is over here exactly? To be honest I think they have turned out 1 ( or 3 ) too many tomb raider games but eventually they'll run out of ideas. Hopefully soon. :rolleyes:

2nd Nov 2002, 11:58
They will never run out of ideas, the only way the Tomb RAider franchise will cease is when it stops making money. And can anyone see it happening in the near future?

Although I have just had a revelation, this is a question to Mucky Foot; can't you go to another publisher to try and get Startopia 2 made? Or is that it is yourselves that do not want to create a sequal or expansion?

4th Nov 2002, 04:08
Lara Croft will make money as long as she shoots people and has big boobs. Period. Could you possibly link me to the message where you got that confirmation (if it is on a message board, that is). Over here is Texas, US.