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1st Nov 2002, 03:42
Well, every game has a thread about this, usually... so here's ours. Please someone tell me if there's already been a thread about this. I searched, but didn't find one.

I was pretty bummed that 5-button mouse support isn't enabled, given that my 5-button optical-eye Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer was purchased shortly after I got Hitman 1, and almost every well-developed game that's come out in the last 2 years has 5-button support. Not being able to use my two thumb buttons for Use and Drop have kinda slowed me down. Anyway, here we go. Feel free to copy this list directly into your post. I'm always curious to know how people actually physically play a game. I've been a keypad man ever since 1992 when I first played Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. WASD always seemed sloppy to me, but I can understand the argument. So, I'm babbling. Show us your binds!

The List:

Move Forward / Backward:
Strafe Left / Right:
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run :) ):
Lean Left / Right:
Drop Item:
Open Inventory:
Perform Action:
Zoom In/Out:

Here's mine:

Move Forward / Backward: Keypad 8 / Keypad 2
Strafe Left / Right: Keypad 4 / Keypad 6
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run:) ): Up Arrow / CAPLOCK / God, no.
Crouch: Keypad Plus
Sneak: Keypad Enter
Lean Left / Right: Keypad 7 / Keypad 9
Fire: Left Mouse
Reload: Mouse 3 (pressing down on the scroll wheel)
Drop Item: Keypad *
Open Inventory: Right Mouse
Perform Action: Keypad 5
Holster/Inventory: Keypad Period
Zoom In/Out: Mousewheel Down / Mousewheel Up

1st Nov 2002, 04:10
My claw shaped hand binds:) :

Move Forward / Backward: Up/Down arrow keys
Strafe Left / Right: Delete/Page Down
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run ): Not set / Right Shift (yes, toggle for run)
Crouch: Keypad 4
Sneak: Right Ctrl
Lean Left / Right: Insert/Page Up
Fire: Left Mouse
Reload: \
Drop Item: Backspace
Open Inventory: Middle Mouse
Perform Action: End
Holster/Inventory: Right Mouse
Zoom In/Out: Scroll Wheel

I'll probably tweak them a little bit once I get into the game some. I've just been admiring the church, shooting the clay pidgeons(that happen to be some sort of golem, 'cause they move).

6th Nov 2002, 05:19
Move Forward / Backward: Q/M
Strafe Left / Right: A/L
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run ): A
Crouch: F12
Sneak: Computer Power Button. (I managed to reprogram it. Way cool.)
Lean Left / Right: Left is right, right is left.
Fire: !
Reload: Enter.
Drop Item: Start/Flying-Windows-Button
Open Inventory: Double tap Tab
Perform Action: PgUp, on the numpad
Holster/Inventory: G
Zoom In/Out: F7/F1



Move Forward / Backward: Up/Down(I know this is lame, but I've gotten used to the directional keys. )
Strafe Left / Right: Left/Right
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run ): Up
Crouch: Ctrl
Sneak: +
Lean Left / Right: 7,9 (NOT ON THE KEYPAD. Just kidding)
Fire: ~. Oops. I mean left click.
Reload: Home sweet home.
Drop Item: - (Again, NOT ON THE KEYPAD. Just kidding, again.)
Open Inventory: Right Click
Perform Action: Enter
Holster/Inventory: Space
Zoom In/Out: Mousewheel

6th Nov 2002, 13:36
Move Forward / Backward: W,S
Strafe Left / Right: A,D
Run / Always Run (and, if you ever use Always Run ): ALT, Caps (I never toggle)
Crouch: 4
Sneak: CTRL
Lean Left / Right: Q,E
Fire: Left Mouse
Reload: 1
Drop Item: F
Open Inventory: Right Mouse
Perform Action: Space
Holster/Inventory: R
Zoom In/Out: Mouse Scroll

As you can see, I kept my settings from Codename 47 with the 1 as reload and 4 as sneak.