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31st Oct 2002, 15:11
Since it's Halloween I was wondering if anyone had any scary ghost stories (especially true ones :) ) they wanted to pass on.

The scariest thing that's ever happened to me is when a group of friends and myself played with a Ouija board once. Who knows whether someone was pushing it or not, but needless to say the glass was spinning way out of control and spelling out unrepeatable things. I didn't sleep all night...and the next night.

Anyone got anything spooky happen to them?

31st Oct 2002, 15:52
Here's a bunch of them.


31st Oct 2002, 15:58
Thanks MountainDewNut (interesting name!) don't know how I missed that. :o

1st Nov 2002, 08:56
Hate to see this thread being treated like one of those unwanted mobile phones in the TV ad.
This isn't a true ghost story, but it almost was.

The first company I worked for was an independent video production company, situated in the basement of a beautiful old mansion house in a quiet village.
There were 2 other companies in there, a firm of solicitors and another TV company, who made commercials.

We knew the house was said to be haunted by the "white lady" who some claim to have seen wandering around the entrance hall/main stairway. Others had heard the sound of giggling girls echoing around when there was clearly no-one else in the building.

Due to the nature of TV work, a lot of late nights and/or night shifts were often necessary. My friend Simon, who was our Graphic Designer, had to work alone through the night on one project.

It was a very cold and very windy November night...and at about 2am he heard distant doors slamming.
"Its just the wind" he told himself, turning up the radio.

Then a couple of minutes later the doors opening and closing were closer and louder...more definite....this time with footsteps and jangling noises.

Severely crapping himself now, he turned off the radio and dimmed the lights. The doors being opened were the ones nearer and nearer to him.

Finally he turned off all the lights, and hid under the desk.
The door leading to the basement was opened and he heard steady footsteps coming down the stairs near to his room.
Then he was aware of a bright light being shone in his face.

"Simon...what on earth are you doing under that desk?"

It was one of the guys who worked in the TV commercials company upstairs who had pulled an all-nighter too, armed with a torch and a big bunch of keys.
He'd seen Simon's car alone in the car park, but had never heard about the ghost stories.

There's still a puddle in that graphics room, I believe.